Putian City organizes party members and cadres to concentrate on watching the red film "Changjin Lake"

    Southeast Network Putian November 18 (this reporter Li Jianjun internship reporter Chen Chen Huang Yi Jowen / Figure) On November 18th, the first part of the Ministry of Propaganda Department of Putian Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the second part of the municipal party committee Organize party members and cadres to visit Putian Wanda Studios to carry out the theme party day activities, concentrate on watching the red film "Changjin Lake", further promoting the education of party history and learning and educating, motivating party members and cadres love party love.

    The film "Changjin Lake" is based on the Battle of Changjin Lake in the Second Battle of the United States and Aid DPRK. It tells the Chinese People’s Volunteers in the extremely cold and rising environment, and the righteousness has no refund to fight, with steel will and the heroic fearless battle spirit. Finally capture the touching story of Changjin Lake Battle.

    In the film, the revolutionary ancestors on the party and the unlimited loyal touching deeds, and the indestructible revolutionary beliefs deeply impressed every watching party cadres. "It was because of the bleeding sacrifice of countless revolutionary martyrs, he exchanged today’s home country peace.

    With the peaceful age, we have to cherish the happy life, remember the martyrs, and pay tribute to the great Chinese People’s Volunteers! "The Putian Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Putian Municipal Committee said. The development of activities also invested new power for the future work of party members and cadres.

    Hoshiko, the cadre of the municipal party committee, the office of the municipal government, said that it is necessary to carry forward the older generation of revolutionary people, and go forward, dedication to death, unforgettable, 砥 砥, in the ordinary position, the extraordinary performance.

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