The voice of the excitement of the wife,Let Yun Qin feel the end’Dawn’,Can’t help but also a force。

    As Yunqin’s big call,A loud and crisp baby crying,Sound throughout the house,Outlet is far from。
    Then the midwife is happy sound。
    “Have a birth.!!Congratulations,Congratulations!”
    Estimate,I heard the sound of the voice is happy.。
    “Very good!Small leaves are born out!”
    “Yeah yeah!The honey is finally there is a small master.!”Wenyo is also very happy, etc.。
    Zero zero and 壹玖,Lower,I licked my own small three,It is also happy to have a successful production of Yunqin in your eyes.。
    Delivery room,Yunqin has been blocked from the Qing Dynasty.,The body is also blocked,Clean up。
    After the birthmons, they will clean the small monkeys like a small monkey.,After wrapped up soft,Hold to the spirit recover a lot of cloud around Chin。
    “Congratulations gods,Congratulations to the king,Is a very beautiful little princess!”
    Narrate,Staring at Yunqin’s head, squatting,The seal of the small waves of live waves frowned,Some incredible。
    “You are sure is a girl?!”
    This little guy naughty in the mother’s belly,He is suspicious is a stinky boy,The result is now telling him that it is a delicate and soft cotton jacket.?!
    Received the mother to think that the seal does not like girls,I looked at the little guys who watched it and saw Yunqin.,I don’t know what to say.。
    Yun Qin loudly,Recourse the hand of a small guy,Dynasty:“You go out to lead。”
    I also saw the Changyuan that didn’t respond to the reaction.,Nothing to stay again,Going out to lead the reward directly。
    Waiting for a long time, a long time, I finally had a chance to come in and explore the newborn small leaves.!
    Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
    NS457chapter seal up......cotton
    “Sister is so cute!”
    Wake up next to Yunqin,I didn’t open my eyes.,Skin wrinkles also with a little red baby,I don’t have a heart-catching blink of my eyes.!
    The baby on the bed seems to understand the cloud.,The original package is excited to explore the little hand in the 襁褓,Dance in the direction of the cloud,Like a greece。 Wake up eyes,Explore the hand to pinch the small hand of the small fist。
    “Small leaves,I am a brother.!”
    Known small leaves,As if I really understand the cloud‘Self introduction’,No tooth mouth,Seems to laugh。The seal of the seal feels the heart.。
    “The honey is finally there is a little princess.!”
    “Little princess is delicate and soft,I will definitely be a good and beautiful in the future.!”
    “Really cute.!”
    In this case, you will,Still very happy, Yunqin this child is a girl,And welcome the birth of small leaves。
    but,soon,Seed Yan and others must regret it at this moment they think about the idea of small leaves.!

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