“Please come in!”The Lion King motioned to the door to come in。

    I saw,The man at the door was blond,In a white suit,The noble temperament is always revealed between the eyebrows,Is the deputy captain of the Golden Lions、have“National Service First Sniper”Azure blue。
    And after the blue,Followed a young man。The golden rose looks over,I saw him with broken hair,Wearing a colorful limited edition suit,Taking the broad steps that the six relatives do not recognize,After entering the house,Took off the bright sunglasses,A rich second-generation dress。
    “This is the club’s second largest shareholder,Longlin Industrial Mr. Long’s son——Long Xiyue……”
    “know,The new star of the Golden Legion!”Mei opened her sharp eyes twice and said。
    “Hahaha,Own family!I just didn’t expect Master Long,So young,The future is limitless……Limitless!”The Lion King is polite。
    “Everyone call me‘Dragon fruit’Just fine!In the future, please seniors to cultivate!”Long Xiyue bowed to the lion king,Not because of humility,Just because Long Xiyue feels that the Lion King is the fifth strongest among the ten legendary players in the national service.!
    “this is?What do you mean?”The Lion King was taken aback,He is more straightforward,I don’t like the cumbersome and cumbersome aristocratic etiquette。
    “Is such that……”Azure Seeing the Lion King’s Reaction,Explained with a smile:“I watched the video you sent,It’s just a stuff that will make the next three abuses……But it just so happens,Young Master Long who came to me as a guest,Said he knew this person in this video……and so,I brought him here!”
    “Yo?Your news is pretty good!”The golden rose has thorns in the voice,Tie to the blue……
    Zhanlan immediately understood,Because I recently closed the training for the glory battle,Left out this wayward beauty。
    “Shirley,I am going to retreat,Not to disconnect……”
    “Oh?Not that no one sees?See him?!”The golden rose pointed at the dragon fruit。
    “Long Shao is different,He is already my apprentice!”Zhanlan explained。
    “That’s it……”The golden rose can’t attack again。
    Long Xiyue squinted at the opposite person wearing a golden leather jacket,Hot body,Korean girl with ponytail,Can’t help feeling,Amorous,Greedy。

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