“Is there anything wrong??”

    “Isn’t it more and more farther away from Yiwu?How do I feel that Mr. Kampot is stepping us to the south,What are you trying?”
    “Replenish supplies in that small town,And then go back to Yiwu,This is the only way。”Kampot looked serious,And it makes sense。
    “You are so confident?”Quan Xingguo sneered,“Why not answer my question directly?”
    “I have no intention,Everything is God’s will,As a devout believer,I faithfully follow his guidelines,Don’t you think,Are we just wasting time talking here??”Kampot finished,I walked to the truck without any rush,Lifted his leg and got into the cab。
    Quan Xingguo looked up at the sky,The sun is already west at noon,Don’t look at the bright sun now,In the evening,It will be extremely cold on the Gobi Desert,Especially now the weather in November,No food and enough warm clothing,Will suffer a big sin,Unless you are lucky to ask the passing vehicles to borrow gasoline,Otherwise, the risk of going to Qingyuan Town will be greater。
    But he believes,Kampot won’t let him‘Run into’Of such a kind vehicle,I don’t even know what to do when night comes.,Quan Xingguo quickly weighed it in his mind,Decide to settle,I have to see what Kampot’s real purpose is。
    So one person got on the bus again,The car headed south towards Dabanshan,The situation is much worse than expected,Just drove less than fifty miles,The small broken truck broke down and broke down,Quan Xingguo got out of the car and fiddled with it for a long time but didn’t get it right,I wasted several bottles of water。
    Seeing the sun keep drifting westward,Had to decide to abandon the car and walk,So a group of strange hikers appeared on the desolate desert highway,Two of them in a row,Neatly formed,Walking posture and pace are very stiff,One by one,Quanxingguo and Kampot are naturally at the top,Ma Yuan and Ma Tian in the middle,The last is Xie Zhiman and Ma Hongqing。
    Just as Quan Xingguo expected,After abandoning the car and walking,It seems a lot normal on the road,I can see the traffic from time to time,at first,He and Xie Zhiman also waved to try to take a ride,But none succeeded,No cars will even stop,Can understand,Six strong men hitchhiking,Still in such a desolate and remote place,Any driver will be shocked,After repeatedly hitting the wall,Just don’t try。
    “Is this what you want to see?”Quan Xingguo suddenly twisted his hair and asked,But his face changed in an instant,Because in his vision,Kampot’s facial appearance has undergone significant changes again,It’s hard to imagine how this person is like a chameleon?Besides, the chameleon only changes the skin color,This guy even changed the shape of his facial features,If ordinary people have this ability,Isn’t the world chaotic?
    “I do not understand what you are saying?”Kampot shrugged,“The steering wheel is in your hands from beginning to end,The car broke down,Can’t blame me?”
    “The car broke suddenly,Isn’t it the guide of your creator??”
    Kampot suddenly stopped,Looked at Quan Xingguo seriously,Close eyesight,But there is chaos in the pupils,Quan Xingguo stared at Kampot without showing weakness.,There was a stream of fire in his eyes,Everyone stopped,I don’t know what these two are doing like cockfighting?
    Gradually,Kampot’s pupils have changed,The gray chaotic fog is dissipating,Black、Rings like threads appear gradually,More and more circle by circle,So densely packed that you can’t see the bottom,The ring is slowly spinning,The direction of rotation of each ring is different,But the overall feeling,It is a whirlpool,An unfathomable vortex。

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