Attack burst。

    The smile on Leo’s mouth does not diminish,Even put down the sword。
    If there is a gust of wind at this time,Let people see my white clothes fluttering。
    Everyone exclaimed,Unexpectedly, Leo didn’t raise his sword to block,Instead put the sword down,How calm and confident this is?
    This is an extremely powerful performance!
    Lost by everyone,Leo Baiyi……Not fluttering。
    Leo’s palm lightly moved,Then the whole person instantly came behind Zhuotianhou。
    The explosion of the sky monkey instantly became a joke。
    Because he can only hit the air。
    Everyone took a breath,Unexpectedly, Leo could escape so casually。
    “Is it only this level??Just like this, I dare to trouble my Buddha Chamber of Commerce?”
    Leo shouted,The words are full of pride and randomness。
    First78chapter General’s Wind
    Leo’s voice spread everywhere。
    Everyone felt Leo’s calmness and confidence,It seems that the Monkey is just an ordinary character。
    Even the Sky Monkey feels that he is too weak,Didn’t bring any pressure to Leo?

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