What to pay attention to when buying baby bath products

    What to pay attention to when buying baby bath products

    The delicate skin of babies needs to be taken care of, especially in severe air pollution and UV-burning environments.

    An important part of skin care is washing and bathing for babies. Different baby bath products have different formulas, but these formulas are mild, natural and can protect the tender skin of newborns.

      Precautions for purchasing bath products for infants and young children At present, the main choices are bath essence, bath milk, enzymes, and soaps. They are specially designed for infants and young children, which can better protect the baby’s skin.

    When buying cleaning bath products for your children, choose bath products without hindering your preferences.

    But first of all, you need to understand which products on the market are most suitable for your needs. Children of different ages have different needs for bath products. Newborns who have just been born have less activity and can be cleaned slightly.

    When you get a little bigger and have a slightly larger amount of activity, plus considerations such as perspiration and air pollution, you need to choose a bathing product with a cleaning effect.

      The following items should be paid attention to when choosing bath products. Manufacturers’ credibility: Generally speaking, choose bath products with a good brand and good reputation.

    Ask the experienced elders, relatives and friends in advance, and you can find more reliable brands from their recommendations.

      Second, the package is complete: Before purchasing bath products, you must carefully check whether the product package is complete and there is no damage or deterioration.

    As far as enzymes are concerned, be sure to ensure that the packaging container is intact when purchasing, because enzymes are most afraid of binding with the air, or they will deteriorate. For example, when the enzyme should be green but red, you cannot use it.

      3. Designed for infants and young children: Because the skin of an infant is different from that of an adult, never use adult bath products to clean the baby to avoid irritating the baby’s skin.

    Similarly, when purchasing baby bath products, be sure to identify products such as “designed for babies”, because these products are specifically tested for infant skin, and the quality is guaranteed.

      Fourth, clear labeling: The contents and cleaning of cleaning bath products must be clearly marked. For products with unclear labeling and vague descriptions, for the delicate skin of babies, it is not good to buy.

    Some products make their performance particularly clear.

      For example, there is a bath product labeled with the functions, ingredients and other natural ingredients of the product: · The function of the product 1, pure plant extraction to avoid allergies and erythema; 2, a plant-based formula that can maintain the baby’s innateNatural skin resistance; 3, containing plant moisturizing ingredients, soft and smooth after washing; 4, using pure plant formula of natural oils close to the human body, easy to decompose, environmental protection and no pollution; 5, no pigment, passed skin sensitivity testWith a slight fragrance.

      · Product 1, Coix Seed: Moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, calming effect, can relieve heat, moisturize and dry skin.

      2, peony skin: anti-inflammatory, activate the skin, have anti-inflammatory, activating blood, treatment of skin diseases.

      3, Cork: convergence, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory effect.

      4, Poria: drying effect, make the skin dry and reduce sweating.

      5, aloe: high-quality moisturizing effect, to prevent rough and dry skin.

      6, Angelica: promote blood circulation and moisturizing, can nourish, promote blood circulation, treat skin diseases.

      7, Tao Ren: promoting blood circulation, nourishing and promoting blood circulation.

      8, jujube: activate cells and keep warm, nourish and prevent skin allergies.

      9, loquat leaf: anti-inflammatory effect, moist, can cure eczema.

      · Some other natural ingredients: 1, olive oil, honey: can inhibit eczema and prevent inflammation.

      2. Perilla: Natural medicinal material with the functions of inhibiting dermatitis, skin allergies, itching, etc., with long-lasting moisturizing effect.

      3. Natural propolis: antibacterial, cleansing, moisturizing the skin, and promoting the regeneration of sebum film.

    Suitable for eczema and dry itchy skin.

      4. Vitamin e: cleans and moisturizes the skin.

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