“Is Xinyi came here??”Bei Xueyin asked。

    “She stayed here at night.,You?,I know,Lin Feng is like her sister.。”Night cold and cold。
    “Dead girl,I didn’t say anything again.!”Becue。
    “Someone is walking,Lin Feng said,You can pick this,Can pick the one,Really pick,It is estimated that someone takes a knife to see him.。”Look at the Night Watching。
    “Dead girl,Dare to laugh my sister,Look http://www.eversmiling.com.cn at my sister, don’t pick you up.。”Bai Xueyin heard the words directly,Push the night cold。
    “Death,I am got from my points.。”Night cold looks at Becai Xueyin smiles:“Quality。”
    “Who was smashed into the points?。”Bei Xueyin let go of the night clearing:“All right,Get up,Horse change clothes,Take place,Let’s talk to this Hujia’s comment.。”
    “Ok,You are responsible for talking,I am responsible for finding a good place to eat。”Night Qing also stands up。
    “Ok,This lady is ready to see if this woman is beautiful.?”Becha is a charming smile on the face:“Give my husband to find a room!”
    Night Qing Wen Wen Ye’s straight black line,She has a weak feeling,Then shoot the shoulder of Bai Xue Yin:“Shedy,You are sure you are not dreaming?”
    Beckham Wenyi’s smile disappeared,Then her face with a serious color:“Cold,I am not http://www.guohuogou.cn joking,If you are in the future, Lin Feng has a child,I want to have one。”
    “spit!”Night Qing Wen Wei Wen Wei:“You will not be born.!”
    “Miss this lady does not want to be born,But can’t let him live in Lao Lin family,His hard work is not inherited!”Belle Road。
    “You now think about the problem.,Coming back from the Miao,Do not,You changed before going to the Miao。”Night cold looks at Becue Road:“Shedy,I know what is worried,But……”
    “Generation can solve,Second generation can solve,Three generations……Even later?”Belle Road:“I used to think that after I was in the nine demons.,My future generation will not bear this pain.,But it is not,Even I am going,Everyone in my future generations has my blood.,Have to bear such pains!”
    “so,You want Lin Feng to find some women.?”Night cold looks at Lin Feng Road:“Even pulling me?”
    “For you,I am not pulling,But you and Lin Feng like each other.,Why do I want to block??You are my girlfriend,The best sisters in your life,I hope that you have a good destination.。”Becue is honestly looking at Bei Xueyao:“Including I didn’t realize this problem,I am not opposed.?”
    “All right,I believe you!”Night Cooky:“Hey,to be honest,I feel that he likes you.!”
    “necessary,That’s because you haven’t broken the layer yet.,When you break through,Your relationship is more closely。”Becue is a smile:“come on,Cold,I am a silence.!”
    “Death,All day long!”Night Qing Wen Wen said with the ear of Belle:“But I received him.,Don’t cry!”
    “I don’t cry.。”Beckham:“All right,We can’t let people wait for a long time.,good-looking,Good quality,Excellent all give me my husband!”
    Talking between Beckham walked upstairs,Night Qing Wang looks at the back of the snow,A little sad,No one wants to share their own men in a woman’s heart,This is the same,She is too love Lin Feng.,Everything she does is considered for Lin Feng。
    Do not,Specifically,She wants to build a forest home for Lin Feng,She doesn’t want to make my beloved man to fight for death.。
    NS397chapter Hu Meier’s choice
    Zhongzhou Airport。
    Belle and Night Cold opened a red Ferrari came to the airport.,The two people wear a windbrow,Whether color or styles are,A pair of sisters who live off。
    The two http://www.hbhzyy.cn of the two walked into the waiting room.,Night cold hands holding a big name,Write the three words of Hu Meier。
    When both people just walked into the waiting room,A hot,Long phase ordinary girl is going to two,Just when the girl saw Bei Xueyin,She is surprised。
    “Hu Mei?”
    Becue also noticed the girl who came over,She can’t think of my college students Hu Mei.,The two people can’t talk about it.,But it is also a familiar。

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