“Do you see the shape clearly?”

    “Long,Not the common flying saucer shape in imagination,Spear shape,Such a strange aircraft,Can actually stay in the air for a long time,The reason why I call it a flying machine,It’s because this thing has obvious startup speed and acceleration,Zhao and I saw it for days in a row,I made a report to the higher level,Ready to stay and observe。”
    “So why did you go abroad again?”
    “Hit the jackpot。”Inadvertent brilliance flashed in the eyes of the old man,Sounds very humorous,Actually has an unspeakable and dangerous experience,“In other words, it’s lost。The aircraft disappeared two days later and reappeared,Circle the sky several times,And landed in a col in front of us,Zhao Zhao and I can’t wait to support,Lack of corresponding equipment,Must rush over。
    “The car was given to the comrade who reported,We are on foot,Look close,Looking at the mountain,We walked for a long time and finally reached the mountain,Seeing there are still a few miles,Take a big bend along the mountain and enter the mountain col,But Zhao is sensitive,He found something wrong in that area,All wasteland,But the color of the ground is obviously different,Closer to the mountain,The darker the color,And he is dizzy,Reminded by him,I was a little dizzy,Still flustered,So we discussed,Pause。
    “Running out all year round,Is in this business again,Experience tells me and Zhao,The mountain not far away is likely to have a strong magnetic field,Let’s observe it first。”
    Chapter nine hundred and sixty nine Wilderness Adventure
    Ouyang Tianpeng tells an extremely legendary adventure story,Things are getting weird,The red flying machine appeared again soon,Soon after flying out, it fell back to the mountain col,Its trajectory seems to have a certain pattern,Flying out and falling back in opposite directions。
    such as,The aircraft flew out from true north,It was due south when it fell back,Fly out from northwest,Then I showed up to the southeast when I came back,Why is that?Old man Ouyang and his companions have no way of studying,Can only guess based on known conditions,For example, the time between each appearance of the aircraft,There is also the length of the interval from appearing to flying back again,Unfortunately, there are no rules。
    There is another possibility,The aircraft is spinning rapidly around the earth,Seems to be determining the direction,It seems to be about the circumference of the earth、Dimension、Comprehensive survey of landforms,But this speed is too fast?No more than an hour back and forth,This is a speed that human aircraft cannot reach anyway!30Maher?50Above Mach?
    Or the key to finding the answer lies in that col?
    After all, I can’t resist the temptation,The two decided to continue to march towards Shan Col,Because the support team will take a long time,But this aircraft may disappear at any time,Ouyang and his companions finally set foot in the depths of the black wasteland。
    Go further,Windy sand is smaller,But the temperature is dropping,The weeds on the ground like flakes are also sparse,Soon it turned into bare rocks and mud,The sky above has the kind of blue that I have never seen before,It’s like a distorted color,The feeling of dizziness between the two suddenly increased,Walk to the foot of the mountain,Like drunk,Know there is a big problem,But going back is a waste of all previous efforts,I can only clenched my teeth,Fortunately, the destination is right in front of you。
    There is a circle in the col.,Tall black rock,The short ones are several feet tall,Up to tens of feet high,If you look down on the earth,These rocks are like gunpoints shot from the center of the earth,Very spectacular,There is a small flat land in the middle,In the center of the flat ground is a very strange stone platform。
    Ouyang and his companions looked at Shitai and were surprised,The whole black quadrangular pyramid stone table is cut like the finest cutting machine,Smooth line、Smooth surface,Angular,Only computers and tool rulers can draw such geometric patterns,Not a natural creation,The diameter of the stone platform exceeds 20 meters,How does such a big guy polish and cut?
    Pyramid is not standard,Because there is no tip,Ouyang suddenly thought of the red flying machine he saw,Slender type like a spear,Isn’t it the tip of a quadrangular pyramid that falls down backwards??
    Obviously Lao Zhao also discovered this problem,The two looked at each other,Look up at the sky with unreal colors,The aircraft has not returned yet,Bold conjecture,This should be the base of an alien spacecraft,Maybe they discovered by accident,May shock the world。
    The two strongly suppressed their inner excitement and horror,Avoid the towering rocks carefully,Walk into the flat,A heavy bloody breath came,Make the physical condition of the two old men who were dizzy and dizzy even worse,Zhao couldn’t help opening his mouth and vomiting,From food to sour water,The last thing that came out turned out to be blood。
    In fact, the two of them already smelled this blood after entering the col,Just because of dizziness,Some sluggish thinking and perception,Old Zhao insisted that it was the smell of rust,Ouyang does not object,After all, there are black rocks everywhere,Some places also show dark red,It may be because the proportion of iron sulphur and magnet is too large.。
    But at the moment Ouyang knows that,This is an out-and-out strong magnetic field,Ordinary people can’t stay,Must evacuate immediately,However, he just raised his head,He found a cave behind the four-sided stone platform,About less than two meters in diameter,There was a seductive red light inside,It’s like Alibaba’s gate with countless treasures,He realized that the cave is probably the core of this base,My heart is like a cat scratching,Eager to go in and have a look,Otherwise, who knows if there will be such an opportunity in the future?

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