He Wei put his legs on the sand,The whole person lay down diagonally,Under the light,She has a very charming figure。

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    Drinking tea,Admiring beauty,Xia Jian seems to be in another world。
    A lot of beautiful women,But beautiful and successful,And there are not many strong women。Xia Jian was drinking tea,While thinking about this question。
    “Sorry,At the end of the day,I’m a little tired,Do you mind lying down like this?!”He Wei said softly,The demeanor of a strong woman in the past,I can’t find it in her in an instant,Now she is a gentle and beautiful big beauty。
    Xia Jian smiled and said:“It’s nothing,Come as you feel comfortable”In fact, Xia Jian was saying,Lie down if you want!Not to mention reclining,Even if you lie down,I don’t care,Can’t ask for it。
    “Your venture group’s Nanyuan tourism project is a big money-making project,I heard it will be completed soon,Will be open immediately,And the financial center is in full swing under construction,And your eastern building materials wholesale market,Looks good,I don’t know how you layout?”He Wei with one hand behind his head,Asked softly。
    Her action,Breathe when talking,She has a tall breast,Will tremble,The Xia Jian you see is Liushen Wuzhu。But when He Wei asked about the business,,Xia Jian still unambiguously withdrew his hurried thoughts。
    “This tour of Nanyuan,It depends on the size of the passenger flow,And the financial center,It’s just one thing,Don’t talk about it,As for this eastern building material wholesale market,I really haven’t thought about it,Ask Mr. He for advice”Xia Jian’s mind turned very fast,Kicked the ball in an instant。
    He Weimeng sat up,She stared at Xia Jian with a smile,I watched for a while and said:“I’ve heard about Mr. Xia from the Venture Group.,Self concentration is very good,I saw it today and it was well deserved”
    “Oh!I don’t understand the meaning of Mr. He”Xia Jian pretended to say modestly。
    He Wei sat up straight,Then I moved my bones and said:“I heard people say that the beauty in the startup group is like a cloud,But President Xia just sits on his back,Didn’t figure out anything about the subordinate sleeping,It seems that what is true or false”
    “Clear oneself,Turbid。Is it half a catty or eight taels?,I have this self-knowledge”Xia Jian said,Add some tea to He Wei’s cup。

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