Why is it easy for the elderly to be cheated?

    Why is it easy for the elderly to be cheated?

    Uncle Wang has retired for several years, and his body has some minor problems, and his blood pressure is a bit high.

    Not long ago, he attended a lecture on health knowledge organized by a health care product manufacturer.

    The lecture was very grand, with colorful flags on the venue and slogans and banners.

    Seniors participating in the lectures can enjoy free tea and snacks.

    During the lecture, some unknown experts vigorously publicized the damage caused by cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases to people, making people feel that if they are not treated immediately, they will soon become ill.

    At the same time, those “experts” suggested that after eating a certain health food, in addition to the high blood pressure, blood lipids would decrease, and immunity would be improved to prevent many diseases.

    “Experts” said that old friends participating in the event can get a small bag of gifts for free, if you like, you can buy on the spot, there is really no money to buy, it does not matter.

    As a result, the elderly people who participated in the lecture paid for it, and some of them planned to give it as a gift to relatives and friends.

    Uncle Wang saw that everyone had bought it, and he also enjoyed the solemn hospitality of the manufacturer. He never bought it, but he also doubtfully bought some.

    But after eating home, Uncle Wang found that the antihypertensive effect of health products was not as magical as the “experts” said.

    Everyone in the family said that he must have been deceived.

    Uncle Wang was very puzzled. There were so many seniors attending the lecture that day, and some were still retired senior intellectuals. How could everyone be deceived?

      Dr. Wang Dahua, an expert on elderly psychology research at the School of Psychology, Beijing Normal University, said that some health product sellers have just caught the psychological weakness of the elderly.

    Compared with young people, old people have the following three characteristics.

      First, from the perspective of cognitive ability, the elderly often lack the critical spirit when receiving information.

    Usually people believe what they say, especially from “authoritative” experts.

    Therefore, the sellers of health products often pull the banner of the tiger bark tree and ask some so-called experts to talk about the so-called “international leading theory” and “high-tech products”.

    Of course, some older people are more stubborn and are less likely to accept new information.

      In fact, the information processing ability of the elderly is relatively weak, especially when a lot of new information is suddenly obtained.

    Some health food sellers have seized this weakness of the elderly and bombarded them with information.

    “Experts” often talk about some of the professional knowledge that makes the elderly do not understand or understand, and exaggerated the harm of some diseases, making the elderly feel that the problem is serious, and it is not enough to buy medicine immediately.

      Third, the face concept of the elderly is relatively heavy.

    Studies have found that older people have stronger self-esteem and love face more than young people, and they are eager to get ahead of others.

    Some seniors feel that I have participated in other people’s activities, enjoyed the services provided by others, and would not feel good about buying some home.

    As a result, some sellers take advantage of this and use small favors to win the elderly.

    Of course, this is also related to the fact that the elderly are weaker and more greedy for money.

    There are also some elderly people who feel that everyone believes that they do not believe that they are out of date. Under the influence of herd mentality, they are deceived.

      So what measures should be taken to prevent the elderly from being deceived?

    Dr. Wang Dahua said that we should start from multiple aspects and give appropriate reminders to the elderly.

    First of all, from the perspective of the elderly themselves, when you buy things, you must be calm and think twice.

    Because of their weak ability to judge information, it is best not to rush to make decisions.

    When encountering flicker and persuasion from others, it is best to dodge for reasons such as “I can’t be the master.”

    In fact, family members and relatives and friends must remind seniors often that those so-called authoritative experts are not credible and should not be superstitious about the so-called “authoritative”.

    Participate carefully in health lectures organized by health product manufacturers.

    Third, treat face issues properly and do not buy for face sake.

    In addition, the elderly must avoid traps that surround others.

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