Four people leaving the family,Rui Rui took out eight hundred dollars in your pocket,Give Zhao Ji and Song Xiaofan one person two,Give the six brothers four:“Six brother!These money to buy smoke!”

    “Small nine!What are you doing?!?”
    “Six brother!Hold!This is my filial piety.!Buy a few good smoke!”Rui Rui put the money to the six brother pocket,
    At this time, Zhao Ji and Song Xiaofen discovered that rumor gave them two hundred yuan.,This is almost five hundred oceans.,The two are silly looking at the six brothers Zheng Yao first,That means that the six brothers are we want.!Still!Still!
    Chapter 47 The ingredient must put!
    Zheng Yao first saw Zhao Ji and Song Xiaofen this virtue grinned:“Hey you two this start!Two hundred laws will make you like this!?”
    “Six brother!Not a French!Be a US banknote!”Song Xiaofan gave money to Zheng Yao first swayed,
    “What!?”Zheng Yao first saw it clearly after the US dollar.:“Since it is a little bit of a little bit,Then we’re welcome.!Still don’t hurry, thank you for your nine brothers.!”
    “Thank you nine brother!”Two people laughing and putting money,Such a sea, the nine brothers, please come!
    “Do well!In the future, the brothers make a fortune.!”Laughter,
    Zhao Ji and Song Xiaofeng are only stupid.。
    Zheng Yao first took a letter from Huizhong to him.:“Small nine!Gemini plans to have some eyebrows,This is the information I have sorted out.,We continue to investigate here,If you have a chance, there is a chance?,This plan is definitely what they plan to be implemented.。”
    “Row!I want way!gone!”Rui Rui received the envelope in the mouth and the high happiness and three people bid farewell。
    “FinishdLevel task,Reward skill package one!”System prompt audio,
    Qi Rui’s mind, get a primary gambling skill:“Trough!Primary skills!ThisdThe rewards given by the level difficulty task are too bad.!”
    Anyway, it is also a skill,Just just plan to go to Zhang Xiaolin181Number gambling to see,After the Qi Rui Society, I found that this collar is not so bad.,At least let yourself be familiar with almost all gaming types and gameplay,The previous rumor can be a poker only to fight the landlord.,Playing mahjong is old fried。
    Going back to the Far East Hotel Rui Rui and saw the message of Yi and Yanyang Kaiwei and American 佬,Seeing their meaning is quite urgent,So Qi Rui decided to see Kaywei tomorrow morning.。
    War carefully before going to bed, Zheng Yao first gave him a double-child plan survey.,According to the Six Brother,Seven children in the country in line with the twins loss of twins,These children are indeed funding,However, there are four anonymous,The person who secretly subsidized Qiaoyu has been found,Is a businessman named Feng Zixiong。
    Look at this name, I feel very familiar.,It seems that the traitor is in the spy battle drama,I thought about it, I would like to think that this person should be the father of the big blue carp in the spy battle drama.,He is a big traitor,Holding a spy newspaper in your hand!Many special skills!
    Six brothers Zheng Yao first doubtful strange thing is that this Feng Zixiong only funded Qiao Yu.,According to the previous inferior,Double child plan should be not a case,So Zheng Yao first inferred,Sustains this is for safety,Each funder in the Double Sub-plan is only responsible for a child,How to fund specific,How to let two children interact with the exchange need further investigation。
    East Asia Tongye Academy!Rui Rui thinks this spyware brow is tight,Because until now, I have not contacted their intelligence personnel.,I didn’t listen to the person who said.。
    Early next morning,Rui Rui, John·Li’s looks to see Kayiwei。
    “Mr. Li!You finally came!”
    “Mr. Kayiwei!Do you have anything to find me??”
    “Mr. Li!Through the channels, we have confirmed the Japanese military to launch a large-scale military action in the near future.!So our specialty department confirms that your information is true and credible.!”Kaisiwei said,
    “This is not very good!Besides, I don’t have to lie to you.!Because I am interested in your Oriental plan!”
    “Mr. Li!I will follow the promise,As long as the event is true, I will immediately let you participate in oriental plans.,Like you said,We do what we want to implement this plan is indeed requiring oriental cooperation.!but now!We want to know that the Japanese army will attack Shanghai while attacking Beiping.!This is important!Is there any information in this area??”Kayiwei said that she has already put a suitcase in front of it.,
    Kaisiwei has now fully believed John·Li’s intelligence ability,The British Specific Ministry is now very eager to know more more and more intelligence。
    Rui Rui and gently patted the box in front of the box,Some people think about it later.:“Mr. Kayiwei!It seems that you are sincere.!it is good!Since I have discovered our latest information about our latest and intelligence analysis experts to give you!”
    “Thank you Mr. Li!”Kai Ziwei said that he quickly picked up the pen and waited for the record.。
    “Is there a Chinese map?!?”
    “here!”Kai Youwei stood up to pull a cloth,A Chinese full map appears,Next to a world map。
    “Are it a devil!”In the heart, I went to the map to point out the map.:“With the strength of the Japanese, it will indeed attack at the same time.!According to our intelligence, the Japanese will be at home.、Tianjin and Hebei will only attack Shanghai,Because of Shanghai,Nanjing is their top priority,The Japanese that will be arrogant, believe that it can comprehensively occupy China in a short time.!Therefore, I will quickly build the North China Temple Army and Huazhong Dispredal North and South.!At the time!The Japanese Air Force will comply with combat!”
    Some words can still be said to these people,Because Soon Germany will stop assistance to China,In addition to the Soviet Union, China also needs assistance such as Yingmei and the United States.,When you remind, you should still remind it.。
    “Yes!According to the Japanese resources they can’t afford to fight!The strategy of their speed-war fast is correct!Mr. Li!Then do you think China resists a Japanese army??”
    “Although China is within a hundred years,But thin camel is bigger than horse,And the Chinese nation is a very toughness.!Japanese wants to quickly and comprehensively occupy China, it is an idiotic dream.!In addition, I want to remind you of the British!Japan is one of the members of the Axis Alliance!His ambition is absolutely more than China!It’s not just your colony.!Your local probably will also be greatly threatened!”
    “Since this,Why is the Japanese allies Germany strongly support China’s weapons and equipment?Because according to our intelligence you have just got,Germany has recently sold to China a large number of weapons and equipment,Equipped with two divisions!”
    “You should be more clear than me.!After a war, you have sanctions and block Germany.,Germany needs China’s resources,China needs German weapons,It’s that simple!”
    “Is there any other intelligence??”
    “Mr. Kayiwei!These intelligence should not be given to you.!This is to look at the money in this box, I violate the group discipline.!Single is the Japanese army to create the North China Assistance Army and Huazhong Distributable Army. This time you earn this.!goodbye!”Rui Rui said to leave the leather box。

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