“What a troll,A few coyotes bit the sheep while I was not paying attention,But okay,Everything else is saved,Otherwise, I won’t be able to pay the tuition next year。”Uncle Zhan said。

    The admission fee for the first year of How to Train Your Dragon Academy is free,But then the annual cost increases。
    This system,On the one hand, the students who do not have the qualifications to become a dragon animal husbandry are screened out,On the one hand, it is also charging high fees for those rich and powerful children who depend on the college and do not leave.,Supplement some resources for those grassroots students。
    “uncle,I may not be a Dragon Shepherd。”Li Shaoying’s tears haven’t been wiped off yet,I couldn’t help but drop a few drops。
    Classmates around,Or just keep advancing,Getting closer and closer to the dragon gate,Or you have already crossed the dragon gate,Become a true dragon shepherd,Only oneself stand still,Big Horn Bull shows no signs of advancement,Not to mention the young spirit bird I adopted。
    “Be confident,Remove the possibility。”Uncle Zhan patted Li Shaoying on the shoulder,Tao。
    Li Shaoying almost stepped on the mud,I staggered a few steps to settle myself。
    “I have raised cattle and sheep for more than ten years,Is the cow a cow?,Is the sheep a sheep,Can you be unclear?Big horns are special,But it is still a cow after all。”Uncle Zhan said。
    “uncle,You can really comfort me。”Li Shaoying burst into tears,Can’t stop,Can’t stop。
    “Let’s go back,It’s late。”Uncle Zhan said。
    First70chapter robber
    “I’m more at ease if you want to come back,Or be bullied outside,Don’t you feel uncomfortable in my heart?,There is nothing bad about herding cattle and sheep,Cow eating grass,You sleep,You wake up,It’s full,Go home and play with the child’s wife……”
    “uncle,Why didn’t you marry a wife?Aunt Wang seems to care about you,She happened to be a widow for many years。”

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