When will my child have his own medicine?

    When will my child have his own medicine?

    A few days ago, neighbouring Tian Yan took his child to the pediatrics of the county hospital to see a doctor. After taking the medicine, he saw that it was smaller than the fingernails of the little finger and should give the child 3 portions.

    She asked the doctor: “How do you divide this 1/3?

    Is there a small dose?

    “The doctor shook his head helplessly.


    Tian Yan told his neighbors: The child was ill last time. After the doctor prescribed the medicine, he asked her to “divide one pill into 8 portions and take one portion per meal.

    “Later she pulverized and crushed it into powder, and then laminated it with toothpick little by little into 8 parts, which really frustrated her enough.

    In fact, most parents have encountered similar issues in which Tian Yan incorporated adult use into Xiao Xiao’s feeding.

    Doing this, according to the World Health Organization, “is equivalent to conducting a drug test on the child” and let the children be “white mice”!

    The consequences can be imagined.

    Data show that adverse reactions to chronic medications have occurred in children.

    9% of newborns are as high as 24.

    4%, only 6 have evolved.


    Blind children due to improper use of medicines are now increasing at a rate of more than 30,000 per year; 70% of children in hearing dumb schools in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and other places are disabled due to improper use of medicines as a child.

      Because of this kind of children’s medicines, children have to take adult medicines when they are sick. Not only is the trouble caused by division, there are other hidden dangers.

    Children are a special group of people. They have their own physiological and metabolic characteristics, and are not a reduced version of adults. Many adult medications cannot replace children’s medications.

    Children’s organs are relatively immature, vulnerable to damage, drug metabolism is low, and drug absorption is significantly different from adults.

    The accuracy of the dosage is also important for the treatment effect of children.

    At present, many parents of children need to use scissors to separate the medicine in order to comply with the doctor’s orders. However, the scissors often break down and become fragmented, even without knowing where they are going. Therefore, parents have to smash the powder into powder or put the capsuleThe medicine powder is poured out and divided into portions. It is not known that this approach will cause the drug coating layer to lose its protection, taste blocking, and controlled release. Some enteric-coated tablets will damage the gastric mucosa.

      The root cause of the current situation of children’s medication is the lack of drugs.

    Data show that children with cancer account for about 20% of the total number of patients with the disease, but currently there are more than 3,000 pharmaceutical preparations, less than 5% of which are used for children. More than 6,000 pharmaceutical manufacturers are specialized manufacturers of children’s medicines.It is said that there are very few, especially the professional children’s drug manufacturers who have many scientific research backgrounds and can independently develop new drugs.

      Why are children’s medicines so scarce?

    The reason is that children’s medicine research and development is difficult, the development cycle is shortened and the profit is relatively reduced.

      Children are the flowers of the motherland and the future of the world. We should stand at this height and understand the development, production and sales of children’s medicine.

    It is hoped that government departments will be aware of the problem of medication for children.

    It is said that the British government has enacted a series of measures to encourage pharmaceutical manufacturers to develop children’s medicines, such as reducing the handling fees handled by regulators and providing free expert advice.

    We can adopt their approach. Relevant departments should give preferential treatment to the research and development of children’s medicines, registration cycle, price space, etc., and encourage and force the production of children’s medicines by enterprises.

      China’s existing children3.

    600 million, ranking first in the world, the potential of children’s medication market is huge.

    Whoever comes first will occupy new business opportunities, new markets and new heights of enterprise development.

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