2021, Chengdu SME Growth Project, Cultivate Enterprise, Certified Work

    Original title: 2021, Chengdu SME Growth Engineering Cultivation Enterprise Certified Work Introduction Journalists learned from Chengdu Economic Information Bureau, 2021 Chengdu SME Growth Engineering Cultivation Enterprises have been officially launched.

    Chengdu will surround the "5 + 5 + 1" modern open industrial system, screening a group of growth SMEs with good development prospects, formulating accurate cultivation measures, implementing the provision of enterprises to attack the joint plan, encourage enterprises to accelerate growth, as early as possible The upper size, guiding SMEs to develop in the direction of "special new" "invisible champion", to cultivate more special new "small giants" enterprises, promote high quality development, and build a new development pattern provides powerful support. What conditions do you need to meet companies? First, SMEs registered in Chengdu Administrative region, with independent legal persons, and in good condition of enterprises.

    The second is to comply with the development direction of "5 + 5 + 1" modern open industrial system, and give priority to the recognition of advanced manufacturing enterprises. The third is the newly built new enterprises in the 2020 enterprise operating income at 1 billion yuan (excluding) below the 2021 year.

    The fourth is that the company did not have a major safety production accident in the past two years, and the environmental pollution accident. It is understood that growth engineering cultivation companies are divided into three types according to the scale of production and operation. Among them, "proposed to regulate" enterprises for 2020 yuan of business income (excluding), 2021 years, is expected to break through 20 million yuan of investment enterprises and new construction companies that have been put into operation in 2021.

    "Growth" enterprises have been put into production enterprises with annual operating income of 2020 yuan (including) to 100 million (excluding). "Small Giant" enterprises have been put into production enterprises between 100 yuan (inclusive) to 1 billion yuan (excluding). The company logs in to the four-party docking service platform (http:////////////////////////////> of the regulations and requirements in accordance with the provisions and requirements of the Cultural Enterprise Qualification System; Industrial and Information The competent authority combines the management status, asset status, order status, etc., for the first trial and selection; the Municipal Provincial Economic and Information Bureau shall select the cultivation enterprise in accordance with the principles of total control and co-ordination, and will be announced to the public.

    (Chengdu Daily Reporter Cheng Yi Xin) (Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Zhang Hua Wei) Sharing let more people see.

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