This way, your lower abdomen will no longer swell.

    This way, your lower abdomen will no longer swell.

    1, reduce salt intake, reduce daily intake of salt can help slow down edema and bloating, in fact, 80% of the daily intake of sodium in the human body is not gradually in the kitchen salt tank, or from processed food,A nutritionist from the University of Toronto drew such an indicator in the study.

      2, drink plenty of water every day must take enough water to help your body discharge excess salt to help your body stop expanding.

    Be careful to add at least 2L of water per day.

      3, add soda and lemon in water, put a teaspoon of roasted soda in the water, can neutralize stomach acid, help relieve stomach flatulence.

    Add a little lemon to remove some of the gas as it moves to the stomach.

      4, eat fewer meals a day, the number of meals increased, the number of meals per meal decreased.

    If possible, eat five meals a day, enjoy the beauty of each meal, and reduce the speed of eating can help you to relieve the bloating.

      5, cooking with anise in the Roman period, the last dish of a feast, people often provide cakes made of fennel to help digestion and fresh breath.

    Anise is a plant with a fragrance that helps digestion, helps to alleviate digestive problems, while slowing down nausea, bloating and swelling of the lower abdomen.

      Add roasted fennel seeds and garlic. The vegetable soup made with onions is quite good. At the same time, it can also be used to brew the ground fennel seeds with hot boiled water. It is best to drink such a cup of tea after a meal.

      6, drink more mint tea experts recommend mint tea can help improve abnormal inflation and swelling, while mint tea can also help improve retching, while allowing the body to warm up and sweat a lot.

    Mint tea can be made from fresh flowers from the garden, one of the most easily grown herbs.

      7, control of allergic bowel syndrome bloating is in fact a typical manifestation of irritable bowel syndrome, followed by constipation, diarrhea and abdominal pain.

    If you can control your irritable bowel syndrome well, you can effectively reduce stomach upset.

    In order to control this symptom, doctors often recommend to stop the supplement of dairy products and foods with high levels of impurities. It is best to use foods that replace fiber.

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