Operating perfect sex

    Operating perfect sex

    [Guide]You are a beautiful and mature woman. You have a marriage that everyone envied. However, there is an unspeakable mist around the bed, you love him, every time you try to do it.Better, but always not that good.

    In fact, perfect sex is on your side. The key is whether you are really a beautiful and mature woman. You have a marriage that everyone envied, but there is an unspeakable cloud-like surround.You, you love him, every time you try to do better, but always not that good.
    In fact, perfect sex is on your side. The key is whether you really pay attention to it and concentrate on “managing” it.

      Want to know 20, 30, 40-year-old women, have some of their own sex secrets?

    How do they cultivate love and love roses with love and ability?

    Let us hear what they say.

      Figure 20: Nana 25-year-old teacher 30: Fall in love with 31-year-old civil servant 40: Xiaoxia 42-year-old individual owner’s best question 1: What do you feel the best one-off experience in your impressions?

      Nana: It was a business trip home. It was already late at home. My husband was already asleep. I gently went to bed and was afraid of waking him up. I didn’t expect that when I was on the road, my husband hugged me tightly from behind.

    Maybe it’s a long time, maybe the hug is too warm, I feel warm and wonderful that I have never had before. From that day on, I have a new familiarity with sex.

      Fall in love with love: The beginning of the day seems to be no different from usual. My husband gently strokes my body, and suddenly I feel like an electric shock. It may be the so-called G-point. I feel very relaxed and have a very deepFeeling of demand, it feels really wonderful.

      Xiaoxia: It was a gathering at a friend’s house. My friends were in the living room. My husband and I quietly hid in the bathroom. The air seemed to solidify in the small space. My husband kissed the sweat on my body. My heart.The desire to break out.

    Someone walked across the door, and the more dangerous it was, the more exciting it felt.

      Question 2: What is your favorite foreplay?

      Nana: I like my husband to gently stroke, his hands and lips, slowly moving on me, I can feel my body is gradually heating, and can even hear the heartbeat.

      Fall in love with love: We will get some drinks and fruits to go to bed, while eating, while opening some innocuous colored jokes, sometimes even female body, male body Sheng.

      Xiaoxia: A slow and long-lasting foreplay that can completely mobilize my passion for sex.

      Environment and erotic questions 3: Does the environment have an impact on the quality of sex? Does an environment make you feel the most romantic?

      Nana: The environment is really very important, I can’t stand to flirt in dirty places.

    The romantic environment is best to have dim lighting, soft music and a big bed.

      Fall in love with love: I don’t like the unfamiliar place. As long as it is clean, the environment is not very important to me.

      Xiaoxia: Influential, the most romantic place in my dream is a large white bed, strewn with rose petals, and the air is filled with a touch of scent.

      Question 4: Have you used sex toys, how do you feel?

      Nana: I used an oscillator and a luminous condom.

    The effect of the oscillator is even more amazing and exciting than I thought.

    The luminous condom is very interesting, flashing in the dark, but I heard that it is not good for the body, don’t use it often.

      Fall in love with love: bought a set of sexy lingerie, red, with rhinestones, and long feathers, soft touch of clothes, can provoke her husband’s wild original desire.

      Xiaoxia: I only used a scented condom and I didn’t feel anything very much.

      Like ML location question 5: In addition to the bed, where do you still like ML?

      Nana: The bathroom, two people taking a bath together, can put aside all the constraints.

    I also have a private recipe, which is to use the water spray of the shower to masturbate. The gentle stimulation of the water will make you quickly reach the exciting tip.

      Fall in love with love: I like to be in the car, the engine’s low roar, stimulating the human heart and nerves, creating excitement, the body has regular vibration, and the rhythm of sex is similar, making people think. Xiaoxia: beach, snow whiteThe beach and the blue waters are used as backgrounds. A wave of white waves hits the rocks. The sound of the waves is so sweet, and we played the best music for us, which relieved the pressure of accumulation for a long time.

      Sexual Views Question 6: Do you think the most perfect sex is something?

      Nana: Perfect sex is done by two people. A man who loves and loves his own, the right time, place and environment, can interpret the perfect sex.

      Fall in love with love: give each other unconditional love, the husband must love his wife wholeheartedly, let his wife feel a sense of security, and the wife must believe and love her husband, not suspicion, but only in the case of love and being loved, sexWill be happy.

      Xiaoxia: The cooperation between the two parties is very important, not controlled by one party.

      Question 7: When you have sexual needs, how do you express your wishes?

      Nana: I will tell my husband directly, what is this good to cover, just say what you want.

      Fall in love with love: I saw a piece of news, how many cockroaches can be burned in a one-time life. From then on, every time I want it, I will rub his face and say: I have to burn calories today.  Xiaoxia: I don’t have too much time when I take the initiative. I think if there is enough tacit understanding between the husband and wife, maybe you don’t need to say it directly. He will understand it with simple actions.

      Question 8: Do you communicate your husband’s thoughts about sex?

      Nana: Of course, we will discuss it through the game and treat what I want to say as part of the game, so I never worry about hurting his “self.”

      Fall in love with love: I will tell him directly, but I pay attention to the method and tone of speaking. Don’t let my husband feel that he is a failure. Men are very self-respecting in this respect.

      Xiaoxia: I will feel very embarrassed when I say it directly. I will write my thoughts on paper and show it to him.

      Everyone needs perfect sex. Perfect sex can completely melt a woman, let her open her heart from the depths of her soul, feel love, and remember it.

    Perfect sex allows women to get the alternative requirements and satisfaction in the enthusiasm of love and being loved.

      Perfect sex can detonate a man’s hidden sense of accomplishment, and men can taste the fruits of their efforts in the most primitive and direct way of perfect sex.

    Through the satisfaction of a woman, a man can feel that she is so grateful for her imprint and love.

      Perfect sex is a great gift from God to those who work hard to create love.

    It has enormous power and can make us intimate.

    To achieve the perfection of sex, only sustainable instinct and habits are not enough.

    As long as you are willing to understand and grasp the perfect sex, and make some small changes, the situation will be completely changed.

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