However, with the killing of carnivores,Gods and demons keep coming up,Fight a fight。

    First death,It was the one hundred and eighty-first six hundred years after Pangu opened the world。
    Fall of that year,Due to catching meat bugs,Constant escalation of contradictions,Ultimate innate god‘You’And in charge‘Way of Fire’Chaos God‘Yan’Fight。
    It was a very tragic battle。
    You are even lower,But the innate gods and demons were born in battles。
    Yan is stronger,It also has an axe that comes naturally with it。
    And when the news reaches the ears of the true gods,Three days have passed。
    Three days,The two gods became more angry as they fought,finally‘You’The blood of the gods spilled on the earth,Become the first fallen god and demon in the world of Pangu Chaos!Kicked off the prelude to the age of gods and demons。
    You are the first to die,And Yan who killed him was only a year later,Be the true god in a war‘Thor Tianzun’Kill。
    of course,These wars,For the time being, it has not yet affected the ancestral gods and the true gods with top strength,They are on top,Looking down on all beings。
    The area they shelter,Also very safe,There is no god or devil who does not have eyesight to go to their turf。

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