Forensic Pioneer 4 is finally finalized, showing the follow-up of the third Clown Killed

    “Forensic Pioneer 4” is finally finalized, showing the follow-up of the third “Clown Killed”
    Recently, according to the latest broadcast news from Hong Kong TVB Jade Channel, “Forensic Pioneer 4” will be broadcast at 8:30 pm on February 17th, and the “Golden Guilty” will be broadcast, realizing the hope of TVB senior Du Zhike in early 2020The promise broadcast.Subsequently, Mei Xiaoqing, the producer of the play, confirmed the news in a group chat on Weibo.It is reported that “Forensic Pioneer 4” was originally scheduled to be broadcast at the end of 2019, but due to remake of Huang Xinying’s clip and re-editing, the script can only be extended for nearly three months.Stills of “Forensic Pioneer 4”.The picture comes from the network “Forensic Pioneer 4” was officially released in October 2018, starring Huang Haoran, Tan Junyan, Huang Xinying, Chen Wei, Zheng Junhong, Yang Liuqing and others.However, in April 2019, Huang Xinying was suddenly exposed to Hong Kong singer Xu Zhi’an. Huang Xinying’s many upcoming episodes were disturbed. “Forensic Pioneer 4” was also internal, so the script side decided to replace Tang Tang Luowen’s remake of Huang Xinying’s drama.Mei Xiaoqing once posted on Weibo that he promised: “It must be remade better.””Forensic Pioneer” is one of TVB’s most classic series of criminal investigation dramas.It is reported that the last episode of “Forensic Pioneer 3” came to an abrupt end at the scene of “The Clown was Killed”, and Mei Xiaoqing revealed on Weibo on the 6th that “Forensic Pioneer 4” will have a follow-up to the case.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na proofreading Liu Jun

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