Hidden in the Suzhou Garden in the Pearl River Delta, 1 from Guangzhou.

    5 hours reasonable!

    Hidden in the “Suzhou Garden” in the Pearl River Delta, 1 from Guangzhou.

    5 hours reasonable!

    Every day after day, tired and hot work sometimes wants to stop and relax, bring your family or three or five friends together, it is best to have a good environment for a cool and healthy resort.

    Xiaobian recommended a “Xanadu” hidden in Qingyuan for you only one from Guangzhou.

    5h “Suzhou Garden”-style holiday villas are slow and quiet, and gather in the “Suzhou Garden” to enjoy the authentic pavilions, rockery waterfalls and river pond promenade.


    Experience a life that is isolated from the world?
    Play the night garden, enjoy the exquisite Linghu Lake stone, a hundred years of Emperor, Oracle bones stone carving.

    .Feel a different kind of artistic charm?
    The wild brook hot springs of the bubble ecology let the tired physiological smog disappear and then call the old friends to take a health mahjong battle to dawn!

    The price of such a well-equipped villa must be very expensive?

    Look at the X-only housing villas to be 1829 yuan / building but now the purchase price is only 999 yuan / set of Fogang Jinguiquan ecological resort Fogang Jinguiquan ecological resort is located in the town of Guangzhou back garden and hot springsThe Golden Turtle Valley of Huanghua Lake Hot Spring Resort in Gang County is 3 km from the exit of Fogang, Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, 50 minutes from Guangzhou. The location is excellent and the transportation is very convenient.

    The turtle valley is surrounded by mountains and forests.

    The village entrance is leisurely, the smog is immersed in the moon, and the Qingjiang River is a village.

    Peach Blossom Spring Rain Jiangnan, Xiaoqiao Liushui people.

    The hotel is dedicated to the creation of eco-health, leisure and health, landscape gardens and Fushou Kangning culture, providing excellent services in vacation, leisure, health, elegance and business in the ink and water environment.

    “It is not necessary to have silk and bamboo, and the landscape has an unvoiced sound.

    “Golden Turtle Springs is a natural way, with heaven and earth, returning to the true, poetic home.”

    4A-level Suzhou landscape garden-style eco-tourism resort, Suzhou garden and Lingnan landscape merge with each other to hide the paradise.

    Hotel room sleep between the landscape gardens, deep sleep, health and wellness, the original forest tastes the different style of the wooden house villas in the sleep of the health, in the Golden Turtle Springs?
    There are about 15,000 square meters of wild stream hot springs in Yesi Hot Spring. There are “eighteen bachelor” mountain forest lotus ponds and “water flowing clouds” in the wild river golden turtle pool. There are more than 30 hot spring pools.

    Gently walk into the hot spring pool, the action is not too big, sit down slowly, the warmth of the hot spring rises from the soles of the feet, from Yongquan to Dantian Guanbaihui, and then spread all over the body meridians, the blood is diastolic, and the integration is complete, and the tiredness has already vanished.

    The hotel restaurant Fangzhou, the three-course restaurant restaurant’s green organic food comes from the farmer’s breeding, the pursuit of authentic origin and original flavor, the main chicken goose fish “three dishes” and the first turtle snake “Taihe health soup.”

    The restaurant adheres to the traditional food culture of “drinking and eating virtue” and “medical therapy is better than nourishing”, and adopts the dietary supplement method and the SPA catering health law to achieve health care and health purposes.

    Leisure facilities Mahjong table ▼ Nearby attractions – Shangyue Gucun – Shangyue Village is characterized by the Shangyue ancient dwellings. The entire ancient dwelling building consists of 18 “li”, a total of 37 108 ancient dwellings, each of which is carved and painted., paintings and paintings have their own characteristics.

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