Happy weight loss 2 months thin 27 pounds

    Happy weight loss 2 months thin 27 pounds

    Once a month, I still hate the word “too much” because I was still a short, fat girl.

    Now, people who know me can’t recognize me, because now I am a lot thinner than before, both beautiful and happy!

    Let me share with you my weight loss experience!

      I am a system that loves fat, and I like to eat fried food. So from the time of elementary school, it is the chubby in the class. When I go to high school, it is fat. When I go to college, no one will say that I am fat, I know.They will sneer at me behind the scenes.

    Although fat does not affect my making good friends, but fat, it seriously affects my boyfriend.

    Looking at people are all right, and my heart is also eager to love.

    In order to win the love ticket, I am determined to lose weight!

    I first developed a weight loss plan.

      In the morning, go out on time every morning, eat what you want for breakfast, but don’t eat too much.

    As soon as noon, if I feel hungry, I can eat a small loaf.

    Because breakfast is much eaten, it is easy to be hungry at noon. In order to avoid overeating because of too much violentness, eating a piece of bread at the time of being hungry is relieved.

    (After the later experience of my practice, I don’t eat much in the morning, the least likely to lead to hungry in advance, the kind of gimmick to eat a moderate, porridge don’t drink too much, eat less pickles, eat a little fruit.

    Of course, if you have a big appetite at the beginning, you can appropriately reduce the distraction of the usual diet, and then gradually reduce it, and then you will lose a lot. It is easy to cause spleen and stomach disorders and endocrine disorders.

    At noon, the amount of food should be controlled, especially the staple food such as rice. You can’t eat fried food, but you can eat boiled meat. If you want to eat your favorite food, you can eat more.

    In the afternoon, you should eat a fruit, usually pay more attention to drink water, which will promote digestion.

    After time, it is proved that it is appropriate to eat at noon, so you can’t eat more, so you will be hungry at night, and you should not eat less. Otherwise, you will be hungry before dinner. It is very effective to eat a small snack or fruit in the afternoon.It’s a lot of cream!

      Dinner, this is the most difficult one, only eat a small spoonful of rice, a small dish, fruit can eat more.

    Then you have to exercise!

    My sport is playing volleyball?
    Because the body is too much, running is easy to cause fatigue, so choose the light sports you like best, volleyball, I like it, although I have to run around to catch the ball, but after all, it is much easier than running.I can also exercise my body’s ability to coordinate. For me, this fat man, sports can be happy, it is the best!

      Because I eat less and experience exercise, I can’t sleep late at night. I must go to bed at 10 o’clock. I need to drink a cup of milk before going to bed. Note that it must be skim!

    After drinking, hurry to sleep, so that you won’t be hungry for the night!

    And the next morning, I will feel that my stomach is empty, and my appetite will be good in the morning, which will help to implant a day of energy!

    Oh, breakfast is my happiest time, because I can eat more, just like this, according to the plan, persisted for a month, actually lost 12 pounds!

    I feel so happy!

    Roommates saw my benefits, they helped me to celebrate, and all of them joined the weight loss plan!

    In this way, we competed with each other and encouraged each other. After the second month, I lost 15 pounds!

    God, it’s even thinner than the first month!

    It may be the reason why all the nights are joined. Everyone is supervising each other. Sometimes they can’t stand it. Just thinking about “fouling”, there are countless X-rays flying over there. I don’t want to foul.
    Everyone talks and laughs together, and many times forget the newborn.

    Anyway, I lost 27 pounds in 2 months!

      Although I am still not slim, but now, no one has sneered at me behind me. On the contrary, many people came to me, smiled and greeted me, and asked me how to lose weight!

    Of course, I finally dare to send a love letter to a boy who has long been a favorite!

    Regardless of whether he promised or not, I will still be happy, because I like my present self, relaxed and confident, lost a fat, and lost my inferiority.

    Now, I am happy every day!

      JMS to lose weight, what about you?

    Try my way, I wish you all a happy day!

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