Twenty-four solar terms of the autumn health taboos

    Twenty-four solar terms of the autumn health taboos

    In the period of feudal society each year, there is also the custom of starting autumn to welcome autumn. On this day, feudal emperors led the civil and military officials to set up altars in the suburbs to welcome autumn.

    This is also the season when the sergeants begin to work hard and prepare for battle.

    This shows that it is important that the autumn day is favorable for possible weather.

    The beginning of autumn is the beginning of the fall, and “The Pipe” records: “The fall of Yin begins, so everything is collected.

    “In the health of the fall,” Su asked?

    “The Theory of Four Tunes of God” states: “The husband and wife of yin and yang at all times also have the root of all things, so the sage nourishes yang in spring, summer, and autumn and winter, so as to follow its roots.This is bad for its true meaning.

    “This is one of the ancients’ photos of the four seasons, admonishing people to follow the four seasons of health to know the natural laws of spring, summer, autumn and winter harvest.

    If you want to achieve the purpose of prolonging your life, you must adapt to it, and so on.

      Rejecting autumn crickets to prevent obesity In the summer, the weather is hot, energy consumption is prolonged, and some people generally have a loss of appetite, resulting in insufficient supply and delivery in the body.

    In autumn, the weather turns cold, people’s taste is enhanced, their appetite is boosted, and their diet will be unknowingly overdone, which greatly increases the transfer of intake.

    Coupled with a pleasant climate, people sleep well and sweat less.

    In addition, in order to welcome the coming of the cold winter, the aunt of the Royal Cold was actively stored in the body, so the body shifted more than the scattered displacement.

    In the fall, people are slightly careless, and their weight will increase, which is a threat to people who are already obese. Therefore, obese people should pay more attention to weight loss in the fall.

    First of all, pay attention to the regulation of the diet, eat more low-content diet foods, such as red beans, radishes, bamboo shoots, barley, kelp, mushrooms and so on.

    Essentially, attention should also be paid to increasing the consumption incurred in the fall and increasing activities in a planned manner.

    The autumn is high and the air is refreshing, which is a great time for traveling. It can not only swim in mountains and rivers, make the mood comfortable, but also increase the amount of activity to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

      According to the principle of traditional Chinese medicine “Spring Yang Xia Yang, Autumn Winter Y Yang Yang”, it has now entered the autumn tonic season.

    However, tonics should not be supplemented randomly. Care should be taken not to provide disease-free tonics and false tonics.

    The principle of treatment in traditional Chinese medicine is to make up for those who are deficient.

    Deficiency is divided into yin deficiency, yang deficiency, qi deficiency, and qi and blood deficiency. Symptomatic medication can nourish the body, otherwise it is counterproductive; also pay attention to supplementing the right amount, avoid using medicine instead of food.

    Food supplements are mainly nourishing yin, moistening and dryness, and include things such as black-bone chicken, pork lung, turtle meat, bird’s nest, white fungus, honey, sesame, soy milk, coriander, walnut, barley, peanut, duck egg, spinach, pear, etc.Compatible with other beneficial foods or traditional Chinese medicine, the effect is better.

      Cautiously eating autumn melon to prevent bad belly The folk saying “autumn melon bad belly” means that continuing to eat a lot of melons and fruits after the beginning of autumn is likely to cause infectious diseases.

    Although eating a lot of melon in summer does not cause spleen and stomach disease, it has reduced the gastrointestinal resistance. After eating autumn, eating a lot of melon and fruit will definitely help dampness and hurt the spleen and yang.Acute and chronic tract diseases such as diarrhea, diarrhea, and stools will follow.

    Therefore, after the beginning of autumn should be careful to eat melons, especially those with spleen and stomach deficiency should be contraindicated.

      After the beginning of autumn, eat more fruits and drink more chicken. After the fish soup begins, you will enter the fruit harvest season, but eating more fruits is not good, and eating too much will affect your health.

    For example: Apple intake of sugars and potassium salts, people with nephritis, diabetes, coronary heart disease should eat less; eating too much pear will hurt the spleen and stomach, help Yin wet, make gastrointestinal disorders, stomach cold diarrhea should not eat; grapesContains glucose citric acid, malic acid, etc., patients with diabetes should eat less or not.

      The beginning of autumn will bring about “Qiuzao” related diseases. You should eat more lung-moisturizing food, drink more chicken and fish soup before meals.

    I often eat radish with heat, hydration, and nourishing yin, tomatoes, tofu, coriander, honey, etc.

    Do not eat or eat spicy, hot, greasy foods and drink less alcohol.

      At the beginning of the beginning of the autumn, the prevention of “dryness” and even the effects of dryness on the human body involves all aspects, but there are also many methods.

    As the saying goes: “A wood is a boat, no water is not enough; a method of treating dryness is to make money expensive.

    “In autumn, you should pay attention to nourishing fluid. You can drink boiled water, light tea, soy milk and other beverages in appropriate amounts, and choose foods that can moisturize the lungs, clear dryness, and nourish yin and health, such as autumn pear, sugar cane, coriander, persimmon, and lily., Tremella, etc.

    Eat less spicy, deep-fried, hard alcohol and dry puffed foods, because these foods are prone to dryness and heat, and it is not useful to eat more.

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