Get angry in the winter and distinguish between true and false

    Get angry in the winter and distinguish between true and false

    Traditional Chinese medicine divides “fire” into real fire and virtual fire. The treatment of real fire is to clear heat and reduce fire, and the fire is tonic.

      How do I know if I am a real or a false fire?

      Look at the color of urine, yellow urine, heavy smell, while the tongue is red, it is a real fire; the color of urine is light, clear, indicating that there is cold in the body, is a virtual fire.

      Look at the stool dry stool, red tongue is a real fire; dry stool, pale tongue, white tongue coating is a virtual fire; weak stool or diarrhea indicates that there is cold in the body, is a virtual fire.

      Look at fever If your body has fever symptoms, your body temperature exceeds 37.

    At 5 ° C, the whole body is hot and thirsty. This is a large internal heat, which is a real fire. When the fever is cold, the hands and feet are cold, the body is cold and hot, and you do not want to drink water.

      So no matter who you are, when you feel hot and dry in your body, press these sentences first to see if the “fire” is real or false.

      As long as it is a real fire, the most commonly used heat-clearing, detoxifying, and fire-reducing medicines in traditional Chinese medicine are sure to reduce fire even after three days of eating.

    At present, there are fewer and fewer people who are simply fire, most of them are virtual fire, and the method of nourishing yin and reducing fire is effective.

      Some people will cause “fire” because of the cold.

    When the body is cold, the direct consequence is kidney injury, which results in weakness of kidney qi, decreased function of various organs, and loss of qi and blood.

    Kidney is the main water. This water is used to irrigate the whole body. When the water is insufficient, the land will be dry like the ground is lacking.

      What kind of people fall in love with fire?

      As the saying goes, “The young man sleeps chillyly, all by fire.”

    If a person is not afraid of the cold and is physically strong, people often say that he is strong.

    But what exactly is “firepower” and what effect it has on health? Maybe many people don’t know.

      ”People often say that the fire is strong, in fact, it means that one’s yang is strong.

    Jiang Liangduo, chief physician of internal medicine at Dongzhimen Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, told the Life Times reporter that Chinese medicine believes that life is driven by a real fire, namely yang, which is the body’s thermal energy and the driving force for promoting various physiological functions of the body.It is called “less fire” in Chinese medicine.

    For the human body, less fire is more prosperous, and all aspects of the body are more powerful and resistant.

    If the firepower is insufficient, it will be cold and cold, weak, and weak in resistance.

      First of all, young people are more powerful and powerful than older people, and men are more powerful than women.

      Most of the strong people are physically strong and are not easy to get sick, but if the fire is too high and exceeds the normal range, it will become a “evil fire”, which will cause discomfort such as redness, swelling, heat, and pain, and get angry.

    Jiang Liangduo said that people with high firepower are more prone to flushing, dry throat, pain, dry lips, nosebleeds, toothache, loss of appetite, and dry stool.

      Many children will also be strong, which is a manifestation of children’s “pure Yang”.

      Jiang Liangduo explained that during the growth and development of children, children are often vigorous and thriving. At this time, physical development, limb function, intellectual development and visceral function activities all increased rapidly, and they continued to improve and mature. Therefore, the yang in the body is relativelyBig flourish.

    “Simply put, a child’s fire is to build a long body. As long as he does not start, he does not need to lower the fire.

    “So how does a strong person need to nurse?

      ”Most powerful people are better physically. As long as they avoid mood swings, excessive stress, insufficient sleep, and bad habits such as smoking and drinking, eat less spicy food such as onions, ginger, garlic, pepper and lamb, dog meat., You can avoid getting angry.

    Jiang Liangduo said that if there is already a disease caused by excessive firepower, it is necessary to distinguish between truth and truth.

    The actual fire has the characteristics of rapid onset, sufficient duration and strong response.

      Generally manifested as red face, red eyes, thirst and cold drinks, swollen and sore gums, dry stools, can be treated with heat-reducing and purgative drugs such as Huanglian Shangqing pills, but do not take it continuously for a long time.

    If it is a false fire, it is manifested as fever in the hands, feet, heart shape, weight loss, dry throat, insomnia, and fatigue.

    Deficiency fire is the result of poor yin fluid. To nourish yin, you can use Buzhong Yiqi Pill.

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