How is benzene poisoning caused?

    How is benzene poisoning caused?

    Benzene is an aromatic hydrocarbon compound obtained from fractional distillation of coal tar and petroleum decomposition. It is an oily liquid with a colorless and aromatic odor, which is very volatile, flammable, and uses solvent substitutes and chemical raw materials in the explosive industry.

    So how is benzene poisoning caused?

    What is the daily treatment, how to treat it?

    Causes of benzene poisoning 1. Environmental factors (50%): Poisoning caused by inhalation of benzene vapor or skin contact with benzene.

    There are acute, chronic points.

    Acute benzene poisoning mainly produces anesthesia to the central nervous system, coma and muscle twitching; high concentrations of benzene have a stimulating effect on the skin.

    Long-term low concentration of benzene can cause chronic benzene poisoning, hematopoietic disorders, early reduction of common white blood cell count, reduction of platelet count and anemia in the elderly, patients may have nosebleeds, bleeding gums, subcutaneous hemorrhage, menstruation and other clinicalwhich performed.
    2, accidental service (30%): acute benzene poisoning is mostly caused by accidental or acute inhalation of organic solvents containing benzene, such as paint, thinner, industrial glue and so on.

    Chronic benzene poisoning is caused by long-term inhalation of low concentrations of benzene and metabolite phenols.

    How to deal with benzene poisoning 1 if it is inhaled benzene vapor immediately to the place where there is fresh air, or wearing a mask of activated carbon.

    Activated carbon can absorb benzene in the air.

    2, if benzene is eaten because benzene is volatilized at room temperature, some will evaporate from the skin or the liver and kidneys, and the other part will remain in the blood and bone marrow.

    Lightly ingested food should drink plenty of water, wear loose clothes, exercise more perspiration, eat food that is good for the nervous system, blood and marrow, and help benzene to replace the body earlier.

    3, Chinese medicine treatment of benzene poisoning kidney and liver, detoxification blood and blood circulation drugs: Salvia, red peony, licorice, rehmannia, black beans, yam, spatholobus, angelica, Ejiao, black fungus, pig liver and so on.

    4, Western medicine treatment of benzene poisoning to improve white blood cells: shark liver alcohol, white blood, blood, B12, ribonucleic acid and so on.

    5, food treatment benzene poisoning eat more on the nerves, bones good food: high protein food, animal lean meat, animal liver, quail eggs, sea cucumber, duck blood, bone marrow, animal brain and so on.

    Eat more foods containing vitamin C, B1, B6, B12: kiwi, sweet potato, lemon, carrot, tofu, nuts, beans, Chinese cabbage, millet, wheat germ and bran, meat and eggs.

    What does it recommend to contain benzene?

    How to deal with the harm caused by benzene poisoning after benzene poisoning How to deal with benzene poisoning after benzene poisoning is simply a stealth killer!

    Does benzene poisoning have some clinical manifestations?

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