Sleepy in the spring, Xiaomiao to help you refresh

    Sleepy in the spring, Xiaomiao to help you refresh

    Sleeping in the spring is an invasion by many people. Why is this?

    No matter what causes you to be sleepy, but the offender is indeed old and wrong, so you need to learn some refreshing methods. For example, these Chinese medicine practitioners are quite good.

      In the spring, what kind of Chinese medicine refreshing method is good, drinking tea and refreshing tea can help refreshing, which is known to everyone.

    Spring is easy to get sleepy. If you want to refresh yourself, it is recommended to drink some herbal tea. This will help you refresh your body and nourish your body.

      1, ginseng tea bubble method: Prepare a proper amount of ginseng tablets and chrysanthemum into the cup, then pour into boiling water for a few minutes.

      Benefits: Ginseng is a famous tonic. Because it is rich in vitamins and saponins, it uses the tea that it soaks out to help regulate the nervous system and help drive out fatigue.

    Chrysanthemum has the effect of removing fire, and at the same time it smells fragrant, puts the two together and brews into tea, and the refreshing effect doubles.

      2, lotus leaf tea method: put half a fresh lotus leaf, wash it and cut into pieces into the pot, then add the right amount of water to boil the soup, then take the soup into the cup, let the temperatureThen you can have tea.

      Benefits: Chinese medicine believes that the use of lotus leaf decoction soup, drink another heat effect, but also help rickets health.

    Therefore, office white-collar workers can get up early at home to pick up lotus leaf soup, then add the soup to the quilt with insulation effect, and then take it to the company as a tea instead.

      3, mint tea bubble method: wash 5 pieces of mint leaves and 5 rose buds (dry) together, and then put them into the cup.

    After brewing directly in boiling water for ten minutes, wait for the tea to cool slightly before you can put it in.

      Far-end: Mint has the effect of refreshing and refreshing, and it is combined with the rose that helps to relieve liver and relieve depression. It can make you feel refreshed and get rid of sleepiness.

      If you want to get rid of the spring storm, you have to act. So, let’s say that some of the Chinese medicines that are shared above are refreshing methods. You may wish to try it.

      Second, many people move a lot of people in the spring, which is very common.

    Especially when you are working, once you are in trouble, it will affect your work efficiency. Therefore, it is recommended that you move more.

    These little tricks have great potential to help you refresh yourself.

      1, when the toes are weak, if you are sleepy, you can choose to lift your toes.

    That is, whether you are standing or sitting, you can naturally lift your toes, then let your eyes look into the distance, straight back, hold on for about a minute, rest and repeat the action, do moreAfter a few times, you will find that sleepiness has slowly disappeared.

      Second, the limbs white-collar workers have been sitting, facing the computer, often a posture to maintain a long time, so that the body will have a stiff feeling, a long time, more likely to be sleepy.

    Therefore, at this time, it is recommended that you step on the limbs, which will help loosen the muscles and eliminate the discomfort.

    For example, if you feel sleepy, just on the semi-lounge, imitate your legs, then lift your hands and make a big character.

      3, when doing finger exercises in the spring, many people are easy to feel sleepy.

    If you want to avoid this problem, please do your finger exercises.

    This is the case: hold your hands into fists, then slowly open your fingers, starting with your little finger and straightening one.

    It must be quick and powerful when straightening your fingers.

    After the fingers are straightened, hold them back one by one, starting with the little finger.

    After the whole action is done, once you start to get trapped, you may wish to put down your work and do a few finger exercises.

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