Send you two bowls of health soup, drink in the morning to warm the body, warm stomach at night?

    Send you two bowls of health soup, drink in the morning to warm the body, warm stomach at night?

    Cold weather, in addition to wearing thick, how can you keep warm?

    Of course, drink soup!

    Today, Youyoujun recommended 2 health soups.

    One is the ginger sugar brown sugar water during the day, and the other is the radish bone soup that is drunk at night.

    Warming up during the day and warming up at night.

    Is it great?

    The practice is very simple, just do it step by step, especially for people who are afraid of cold, soup is quick to pick up?
    Ginger brown sugar water ▼ Ingredients: brown sugar accessories: 1 ginger, red dates 7, 枸杞 10 steps: brown sugar, wolfberry, ginger, red dates, ready to ginger, peeled, washed, chopped, washed, red dates, cutOpen the kernel and use the bowl to wash the bowl and wash it with a bowl of water. Prepare a soup. Put the red dates into the pot. Add the chopped ginger to the pot. Put the soaked pot into the pot and put the brown sugar in the pot.In the middle of the sputum, I usually put about 3 scoops of 150 ml of mineral water in a simmer for about 25 minutes with a small fire. I can use the ginger to cut into the cup, put a cup of boiling water, and put two spoons in the cup.Brown sugar, pour into the boiling water, evenly drink hot and then add a cup of brown sugar water, the taste is rich and make a summary: 1.

    Red dates remember to go to the core 2.

    The more chopped the ginger, the better the small fire, the slower the taste, the more intense, the hot radish bone soup ▼ Ingredients: Big bones 3 accessories: 1 radish, 1 ginger, 3 garlic, 1 scoop, cooking wine1 scoop, 1 scoop of chicken essence: Prepare the big bone ginger garlic radish and wash the big bones. After washing, the ginger will be peeled and washed, cut into pieces, and the garlic will be smashed into small petals and then peeled and washed.Cut the radish and peel the radish and cut it into small pieces. Put 1500ml of water in the simmer. Zoom in on the fire. simmer for 2 hours and add a spoonful of salt. Put a spoonful of wine into the simmer and add a spoonful of chicken.Seasoning, wash a few pieces of water into the sputum, put the chopped radish into a simmer, simmer for 20 minutes, and then eat it to make a summary: 1.

    The ribs should buy the bobbin bones (that is, the big bones, it is best not to buy small ribs, the soup stewed in the small ribs is not very good).

    Radishes want to buy white radish.

    (Remember to buy hollow) cookbook author: Seven

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