Beijing City launched three major industrial credit evaluations

      Yesterday (9th), the Municipal Communications Commission held the Beijing Municipal Transportation Industry Credit Evaluation Index and System Training Propagation, which clearly tried in the road passenger transportation, motor vehicle maintenance, and driver training. Traffic credit evaluation is carried out, marking the city’s officially opening the credit evaluation work in the field of transportation.

    It is expected that this year will release a shared bicycle industry credit evaluation index system.

      According to preliminary statistics, the credit evaluation of three industries will cover more than 4,000 companies, more than 10,000 vehicles, more than 8,000 employees. At present, the credit evaluation index system in the field of road freight, shared bicycle and other industries is under construction, will be released at the end of this year. Subsequent, Beijing Municipal Transportation Industry Credit Evaluation will achieve full coverage involving all industries and all regulatory objects.

      The credit evaluation index of each industry is composed of a general evaluation index and industry evaluation index.

    The general evaluation indicators are based on the public credit evaluation of the city. It sets 7 points of points from the operating conditions and trustworthy stimuli, nine reduction indicators are set from the violation of the rules, court judgments, and administrative punishment. Industry evaluation indicators are set in accordance with industry characteristics, and focus on the dimension of the relationship between life and property safety, social complaint report, service quality, etc., and emphasize. Credit evaluation cycle is January 1st to December 31, December 31.

    According to the final range, it is divided into excellent (A +), good (a), medium (b), difference (c).

      Next, the municipal transportation department will focus on the promotion of credit evaluation results in government regulatory, convenient, and explore innovation. Among them, the credit evaluation level is an evaluation target of the A +-level, given the priority evaluation first, implement green channels, lack of acceptance, reduce the frequency of sampling frequencies, etc., which are included in the list, focus on the list and The evaluation of the list of violations, implements restrictions such as improving the frequency, improving access conditions, reducing capacity and subsidies.

    (Reporter Sun Hongyang) (Original title: This city launched the three major industrial credit evaluation).

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