Li Ming’s voice resounded within the formation。

    Bull Demon King Shows Like Heaven and Earth,It also consumes divine power,Divine power can’t be supplemented。And his mana can be supplemented by the elixir!What’s more, there are seven clones in the cave,The clones can also use the same source of mana。
    In the void,The hidden Holy Fire Dao Ancestor revealed a trace of doubt,Although he is Taoist,But the deep understanding is only a way of heaven,And the sword power of the fourth realm,Whether it’s Li Ming’s formation or the Bull Demon King’s Ping Tian Yi stick, he doesn’t really understand。
    But the situation is very clear,The clash of two gods and gods,Became a stalemate,Who will last longer,Whoever wins。
    On the surface,Palace Master Ming Dao, Zhongshan consumes faster mana,But mana can be quickly replenished with a pill,But the bull devil uses divine power but can’t supplement!
    Chapter Nineteen The perception of another avenue
    That guy definitely doesn’t last longer than me!”The bull demon even closed his eyes,Just the invisible dissemination of mind,The body shape has returned to the height of normal body shape。
    Once Li Ming shots,He will blast a stick。
    And it’s not just a stick,But relatively low in realm,A stick based on water and heaven。
    As long as it partially weakens Li Ming’s marksmanship,The remaining attacks can be completely resisted by the divine body,There will be no harm。
    “Even if it’s Chunyang True Immortal’s mana,But it takes time to replenish mana,It’s not that you can take a large amount of Pure Yang Ling Pill to support,I consume very little power,And this big formation did not isolate me from absorbing the power of stars from outside to restore my supernatural power。”
    “that’s it,I can support for three years!”Bull Demon King is extremely confident。
    “This old man thinks I am supporting,He didn’t know that I was enlightening!”
    “This old cow,Really a treasure boy,Cough!”

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