Because the teenager is not sure if the big eyeballs have really left the world of freedom,Even if it can’t return to its homeland,You can also wander in the void for a while and remember to come back,Or maybe this guy went to that mysterious place without telling him,Take a risk and make some noise,May never come back,So the boy was soberly aware,I can only rely on myself。

    Three days in a row,The boy almost lived under Pillar Peak,Soak up with a hundred elite selected by the elders,Except occasionally flying out of the big formation to wander around the coalition forces,In the rest of the time, we will re-develop the formation with these 100 elites.,From the most basic five-person formation to two five-person formations to ten formations,Then evolved from five ten-person formations into a complex formation of fifty people,Even one hundred people。
    Every evolution is sorted out repeatedly,Eliminate unnecessary movement and interleaving,Combining the characteristics of the five elements,Avoid mutual restraint,And let the mutual generation continue back and forth,Strive to achieve every change in order to effectively kill the opponent,If you can’t kill,Can also entangle the opponent and kill,Nothing fancy,Makes the already murderous death array more dangerous and bloody。
    Every time I think of a change in deduction,Teenagers always stay for a while,Combine with certain ideas repeatedly in your mind,The purpose is to simplify,It’s best to kill the imaginary enemy in one or two moves,Yan Xiao, who played against a boy、Oriental Ruiqing,And the imaginary Liu family,I even saw Big Eyeball and Li Tan several times in a row、Brahma Harmony,All in the imaginary enemy。
    Three full days,The teenager was almost in a state of madness,A sharp and complicated ancient formation was completely condensed into an almost brutal simplified killing weapon,Once the formation is urged to kill,Once it comes out,I’m afraid it will be notorious,Until someone goes crazy about it,The young man stopped like a dream。
    These 100 people have been exhausted physically and mentally by him,In the end, eleven people who could not bear such ravages and tremendous pressure were eliminated.,Only eighty-nine people left,Although it can’t form a hundred people,But the power of the fifty-man formation is more than several times higher than the original formation。
    It may be a bit difficult to kill such masters as Dongfang Ruiqing,But to deal with Yan Xiao、The Liu Family,Even all the powerhouses of the god-excellent level are no longer talking,of course,Tianzun is still an insurmountable mountain。
    The young man didn’t expect to use one formation to beat Tianzun,But if it is a life-threatening array composed of a hundred god-level powerhouses,The nature is completely different,Li Tan had to turn around when he saw it,Five Elements Island does not currently have such strength,But slowly there will be,Over a thousand coalition prisoners in the last war,There are no shortage of high-level gods,Liyun’s important task now is to persuade these people to surrender,More prisoners will be captured in the future。
    buy on credit、The second elder Jin will come to observe from time to time,The more I look, the more scared,The more I look at it, the more I feel incredible,of course,More is the faint worry in my heart。
    When the murderous intent that bursts out during the exercise of the fifty-person formation actually strangled all the cypress trees around,All of a sudden, the two god-level powerhouses felt cold on the back of their necks,They can even smell the pungent blood,This is an illusion,But at the same time it is also a manifestation when the power of the formation is exerted to the extreme。
    buy on credit、Elder Jin Er immediately told the other two about this,Several elders argued about this in private,I can’t come up with an accurate idea for a while,Some people think that the teenager has gone crazy,Must stop,Some people think that the current situation of Five Elements Island is a lasting fight.,Sheng Zesheng,Defeat,Young people see this trend very accurately,That’s why,Nothing to blame。
    Fourth morning,The seriously injured Elder Yi returns,Three days limit,He was still one night late。
    Chapter one hundred and ninety one No hesitation
    Elder Yi is seriously injured,But not deadly,Need to be raised for a while,The one who hurt him is the Liu family,Also bad luck,I’ve made a big lap since Xihua Island,Elder Yi chose the weakest right-wing army jurisdiction,I didn’t expect to run into the Liu family who came to look for Tuo Muhua。
    Liu Ruxu, the youngest, trained a pair of god pupils,Can see through the various changes in magical techniques,Especially sensitive to fluctuations in surrounding spiritual power,Even though the cloud is easy to grow and age, it can’t escape Liu Ruxu’s eyes,Had to work hard,Run and fight,Fortunately he runs fast,Fortunately, Elder Qi happened to be near Zhenmen,Otherwise, the eight achievements won’t come back。

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