Living together 30 days after divorce

    Living together 30 days after divorce

    Life is really not going on. Divorce is the most sensible choice for us, and it is not dragged by children anyway.

    On the third day after I said divorce, we went to the street and took care of it.

      She is my college classmate. We have been in love for three years and spent three years together.

    There was only one problem. After the divorce, we had to live together before she could find a new one.

      I think it’s funny when I think about it. When we fall in love, we are very pure. Although we don’t just hug each other, we don’t dare to try things like cohabitation.

    I didn’t expect to be divorced now, but rushed to the tide.

      In a one-bedroom and one-room house, two men and women who are no longer husband and wife live together, which is particularly awkward.

      The first night, I took a set of bedding and laid it on the sofa.

      The first night, I slept so comfortably!

    The night with no one whispering in your ears is so beautiful!

    It’s just that if our sofa is a cloth sofa, this wooden sofa makes me a little sore when I wake up in the morning.

      When I reached the bathroom door, I heard the sound of water splashing inside.

    This stinky woman, I do n’t know when the bad habit was formed. I took a shower before going to bed at night, and even after getting up in the morning.

    Forget it, I’m used to it anyway.

    I went in by pulling the door.

      I just lifted the toilet to make it easy to prepare. I didn’t expect her to scream loudly.

      It ‘s early in the morning, and it ‘s not like hell. What ‘s it called?

    I was so scared that Liao shuddered back.

      ”Did you not see me in the shower?

    Are you a man?

    Did any man come in to help the woman while she was bathing?

    “She opened the shower curtain, wrapped her body in a towel with one hand, and began to scold with one finger at my nose.

      ”What’s your name?

    Aren’t we still separated by shower curtains?

    What can I see you?

    Isn’t it the first time you come in and take your hands off when you take a shower?

    Besides, I ‘ve looked at your body for three years. I close my eyes and know that it ‘s something. Is it worth my peeping?

    “You .” She was speechless with rage.

    Wrapped in a towel, I ran out of the bathroom and heard the bedroom door slam.


    Just your bad temper, see who else will dare you!

      After unleashing my hands, I went to the bedroom, and the clothes I had to wear for work today are still hanging in the closet.

    The dead woman had locked the bedroom door.

    I knocked on the door for a long time, and finally came back, I was getting dressed!

      Forget it, divorce anyway, let her.

      She came out half an hour later, but she was wearing bright clothes and red lips.

    Unfortunately, she gave me a stern glance when she went out, destroying her image.

    Because of this half an hour, I was late to work for the first time.  After work, I wandered on the street to pass the time. Although boring, it was better than looking at her face.

    Just staying there until nine o’clock, I ate bowl noodles on the street corner and went home.

      When I entered the house, her old man was sitting in the living room.

    When he saw me coming in, the armed forces were still smiling.

    I sat down in front of her, hell!

    She even gave me a cup of tea.

      What medicine is sold in her gourd?

    I thought of a word: hiding a knife in a smile.

      ”Today, I think about it carefully. We are not husband and wife now. Although I am borrowing your house for a month, I think that in order to avoid serious embarrassment and misunderstandings this month, we still have a better chapter three.
    Then, she gently picked up a piece of paper and shook it in front of me.

    “Look, if you don’t have any opinions, then sign a letter, and we’ll do it alone.

    “I picked up the paper and looked at it.

      Article 1: When one party uses the toilet, the other party must not enter it with any excuses. Second, one party must not contact the other’s body with any excuses . I counted as many as 26.

      ”No opinion, then please sign.

    “She even had her pen ready.

      I wanted to get angry at her, but it wasn’t necessary to think about it.

    Anyway, it takes only a month, and forbearance has passed.

    I looked at her coldly, picked up my pen and waved my name.

      ”By the way, in return for your signature, I will continue to cook for you while we live together.

    “With this treaty, this day is really bound.

    In the first few days, I felt bound to do everything.

    Also, I continued to wander around looking for places to eat.

    Hum, thought I would be grateful to cook for me?

    Let’s go beauty!

    I do n’t eat your meal for a month, see if I will starve!

    That’s the way to say it, but every time I swayed, when I smelled the smell of other people’s food, I was still envious.

      It was fine for a week.

    When I entered the door one day, she was just ready to go out.

      ”Go out?

    “I pretended to ask, but I didn’t like her going out so late and spraying perfume.

    “Yes, Ah Ling said to introduce a friend to me tonight.

    Look at the clothes I just bought today.

    “She stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself carefully.

      ”Yeah, that’s right, the dumb-hat is the best fit.

    “Fools have heard what I said is not good.


    “Her blacks began to resent me again.

    But, in turn, she smiled faintly.

      ”Yes, anyway, I’m single now, even if it’s a silly fishing hat, I have this right, there will always be people who cherish me.

    You are also a big boss, and it’s time to consider your own happiness.”She raised her eyebrows at me and demonstrated to me?

      ”Then I wish you a big fool tonight!

    If someone sends you a villa, we can also live with us for two days.

    “Oh, why are you so sour?

    Aren’t you watching me go jealous?

    “Haha laughed.

      ”Let’s go, don’t stand there that obstruct my eyes!

    “I just opened the door for her.

    She squinted at me and went out.

    He hummed at me when I went out.

    I slammed the door shut.

      There were no obstructive eyes, and I started watching the game.

    Why is it so annoying?

    Am I really jealous?

    Haha, I started to laugh at myself, so why think so?

    But I took the initiative to propose a divorce!

      After about two hours, she returned.

    And, as I walked in front of me, I saw her look pale.

    She went straight to the bedroom to sleep, but didn’t even come out to wash in the bathtub.

      She came back in a bad mood, but I was in a good mood.

    Hey, deserve it if you go out, I also sleep happily.

      In the middle of the night, I was awakened by her scream.

    As soon as I remembered what to look at, I saw her rushing out in her pajamas, jumping to the sofa and shaking my neck, shaking.

    “what happened?

    “I patted her back and asked.

    “Cockroaches .” I understood the words as soon as she said them.

    Although this woman was very fierce to me, she was naturally afraid of small animals, cockroaches, mice, cats, dogs, etc. Every time she appeared, she screamed for a long time.

      ”Good, don’t be afraid.

    “I comforted her as usual and went into the room to destroy her.

    After looking around in the room for a long time, no cockroaches were found, so they had to come back.

      As soon as I sat on the sofa, she pinched my neck again.

    “Has it been killed?

    “Tears were scared on her face, but in the dim light of the night, there was a feeling of pear blossoming with rain and spring.

    “Well, I was killed.

    Don’t be afraid, go back to bed, everyone will go to work tomorrow.

    “I lied to her.

    Because I knew that if I didn’t say I was killed and I didn’t find it, I would definitely be forced to find it again.

    Then I feel like I don’t expect to sleep anymore.

    “I’m scared, I won’t go back to sleep.

    “” You forgot we were divorced.And you broke the second of our three chapters of the covenant.

    You touch my body first.

    “I’m cold, hum, and told you to go fishing for fools at night, only to think of me when I saw cockroaches.

    After hearing this, she paused, bit her lip and said “sorry”, and ran back to the room.

    There was another bang.

      I sat there for a while and suddenly gave myself a big mouth.

      I slept on the sofa, but I was not sleepy at all.

    Vaguely, there was a cry in her room.

    Go in or not go in?

    I was a little hesitant, I gave myself a big mouth, and it was a man who went in!

      I opened the door of the room and saw her crying under the quilt.

    I sat next to the bed, pulled open the quilt, and asked her softly what happened?

    To be honest, I felt so sad that I saw tears on her face.

      ”What are you doing here?

    Aren’t we divorced?

    I do n’t want you to care about me!

    Get out of me, get out!

    “She yelled hysterically at me and picked up the pillow and hit me.

    “Sorry, I said something wrong just now, please forgive me?

    “I don’t care what she is, I still hold her in my arms and kiss her tears on the shoulder gently.

    She no longer snarled at me, forced her neck tightly, and began to cry endlessly.

      Finally, she cried and said that she was unhappy tonight because of something.

    It turned out that the person whom her broken sister A Ling introduced to her turned out to be an old man from Taiwan, and it didn’t take long to sit down and start to move his hands.

    Ah Ling even persuaded her that you are a divorced person anyway, so you will follow this old man.

    “I’m divorced, am I shorter than others?

    Why do we divorce?

    “She cried and asked me, while pinching my neck.

      I couldn’t answer her question because I didn’t know the answer myself.

    Although her neck was so painful to be choked by her, I just choked. Anyway, I couldn’t die anymore. I couldn’t live together anymore. I didn’t have the chance to be choked by her.

    Finally we were all tired and fell asleep to each other.

      When I woke up, the sun was out.

    I still have her, and she’s still pinching my neck.

      I didn’t dare to move. I was afraid I was shocked by her dream. It seemed that I hadn’t felt this way for many years.

    The longer two people stay together, the less awakened in the morning.

    Thinking about the days before, we almost all woke up in a hurry, while frustrating each other, packing things and rushing to work.

    Why do we come to this today?

    What the hell is it?

      She also woke up.

      When she woke up, she suddenly caused something, and she let go of my neck and shrugged her elbows. “Morning!

    “I also hurriedly let go of her hand and quickly got out of bed.  ”Last night .” “Last night was nothing. Get up and wash up, or you’ll be late for work.

    “After this night, I feel that our relationship has also changed subtly.

    When I was off work, I saw a begonia cake on the side of the road. I thought it was a specialty of her hometown, so I bought it.

    But after buying, I don’t know if I will go home now, or spend my time hovering like before.

    “Sir, this is the best thing to eat when it is fresh.

    “When looking for money, the hawker took special care of me.

      I went home with my head broken and she was cooking.

      ”Um . uh, I bought you Begonia cake.

    I just saw it after work.

    “I explained to her busyly in the kitchen.

      She walked out happily, picked up a piece and ate it.

    “Go wash your hands. The food is all right.

    “In the face of the food on the table, my heart was sour.

      Counting the days, I have been eating out for more than 20 days.

    The dishes she makes are really fragrant.

      ”Let’s eat.

    “I picked up the tableware.

      . “Eat slowly, don’t dwell.

    Come, drink a bowl of soup.

    “She gave me a bowl of soup.

      ”This dish is quite fresh. Eat one piece.

    “She clipped me with chopsticks.

      ”You have been so thin lately. Do n’t eat outside in the future. It ‘s expensive and nourishment. Go home and eat.

    “. After dinner, I rushed to pack.

      ”Forget it, I’ve been married for so long and I haven’t seen you cleaned up, let me do it.

    “I .” “It’s all right, and I’m getting used to it.”

    You go to watch TV, I’ll pack up in a while.

    “I prepared a cup of tea for myself, and prepared another for her.

      She finished washing and sat down beside me.

    I hurried over the re-prepared water.

    “What show do you want to watch?

    “I asked her holding the remote.

      ”Why are you so polite today?

    I’m so used to being polite.

    She giggled.

      I embarrassedly touched my head.

    “I used to be bad?


    No one says you are bad, but you are lazy.

    Now that we are all divorced, you forgot to wash your clothes yourself.You don’t even think about who cleans your clothes every day?

    In the future, you must learn to take care of yourself!

    “” Divorce . Yes, we are divorced.

    “I silently stopped speaking.

      She also surrounded silence.

      That night, we sat together and watched TV for three hours. We didn’t talk and didn’t change channels. I just couldn’t remember what I watched.

      Thirty days are coming soon.

    On that day, she told me after dinner that she had found a house and could move on Sunday.

    My heart became empty very quickly.

      Coming soon on Saturday, I sat on the sofa watching her come and go to pack things.

      The outside and inside of the house are messy, but the air feels still.

    None of us spoke.

    What will she leave behind?

    Suddenly I wondered.

    But I didn’t ask.

      ”You pack slowly and I go out for a walk.

    “I didn’t wait for her to answer before I went out.

      The sky outside was very blue, much like the day of the kite flying three years ago.

    The sunlight outside the house is very light. Did it warm us just three years ago?

    There are a lot of lovers outside the house, and we walked so sweetly for three years . “Mom, uncle is crying.

    “Cried a little child beside him.

      I wiped my eyes and barely smiled. “Uncle was caught in the eyes by the sand.

    “I smiled at myself and found a way to go casually.

      Until the evening I was hanging out.

      The phone rang and her text message was: “The meals are ready. Let’s have a meal last time.

    “I ran home immediately.

      No lights in the room.

    She lit candles at the table, the dishes were hearty, and a bottle of red wine.

    She wore a black lace dress that I bought for her at the wedding.

      ”We have been married for three years and have never had a drink together.

    I’m leaving after tonight. Shall we drink it once?

    “She said while pouring me wine.


    “I raised the glass.

      Let’s say nothing more, what else can we say?

    No amount of words can change the ending of tomorrow.

    Forget it, stop thinking, drink and eat.

    It’s better to be drunk, and when I wake up, she’s gone.

    Wasn’t she always expecting her to leave?

    Don’t I always hate this scumy stinky woman?I should be happy!

    No matter how late I watch the game, no one will scold me by my side and tell me to go to bed. How cool!

    I go to bed without washing my feet and no one thinks I’m dirty, how beautiful!

    I have no reason to be unhappy!

    But why is this wine bitter in the mouth?

      ”I have packed your clothes in the cupboard, and the underwear and socks are under the bed. Your stomach is not good. If you have to stay up late in the future, remember to give yourself something to eat.

    I bought some food in the refrigerator. You must slowly learn to cook by yourself. Don’t always eat outside.

    Pay attention to nutrition when you eat, don’t always make up.

    I put my passbook in the bedside table, and there are more than 30,000 yuan on it.

    Our monthly phone bill, gas, water and electricity bills are exchanged with the bank on the street corner. This is the card. Please collect it, and don’t find it at that time.

    I have already remitted the money remitted to your parents this month. In the future, you should remember to remit money to them on time. If you have nothing to do, call home. Your parents are very worried about you.

    I called them today. Dad’s rheumatism on his leg was a little bit bad recently. I’m afraid that the medicine we bought for him was almost finished last time. This is the medicine name and address. Remember to buy some and send it back tomorrow.

    I didn’t tell them that we were divorced. You will have a chance to think about it later and talk to them.

    No matter what your dad says about you, remember not to make him angry.

    This is the sweater I bought for my parents. You will send it back tomorrow.

    “She explained the same thing. I hope I can remember everything myself, but I don’t want to remember anything.

    I suddenly felt idiot.

    I have lived in this home for three years, but now I feel very strange.

    I started to be afraid, I don’t know if I can live on my own.

      ”This is the ring my mother gave me when we got married.

    This is your heirloom. I wo n’t take it away. Please say sorry to my mother.

    “A turquoise emerald ring was placed in front of me. Its light was so strong that it made my eyes sting.

    “What I took away was as negotiated when we divorced.

    She stood up, looked around, smiled and said, “Do you have any questions you don’t understand?

    “What more do I have to ask?

    I don’t know anything, all I know is that when I want her to stay the most, she is leaving.

    She keeps saying that I’m not like a man, and I always feel that this is her insult to me.

    I now finally understand that I am indeed not a man, and I squandered the happiness and stability she gave me like a child.

      ”If you have nothing to ask, let’s rest.

    Tonight in your room, I will sleep on the sofa.

    The people who move the company will move tomorrow morning. I have lived here for an extra month, which is troublesome for you. If you sleep in the room tomorrow morning, you can have less trouble.

    “I don’t know what I should do, but just nodded her indifferently, entered the room, and closed the door.

      I looked at the ceiling all night.

      The morning sun came in.

      I heard knocks at the door, I heard things moving, and I heard her tell the workers to “tap”.

    But I can’t hear my heartbeat.

      She knocked on the door, and I didn’t move.

      ”I’m gone and I will take care of myself later.

    “She didn’t come in, her voice lowered across the door.
      I heard the door closing.
      I didn’t hear any more.

      Why do we divorce?

    Why do we divorce?
      ”Remember to come back when you have time!

    “I heard the voice of my neighbor.

      Are you still not a man?

    A voice yelled at me in my heart.

      You are a man, you can chase her back now, it’s too late!

      I rolled over and got out of bed, ran to the window and shouted to the bottom: “Wait a minute, don’t go!

    “I rushed downstairs, I want to be a man!

      She stood by the car, looked at me with a smile, and said for a moment, “Thank you for coming down to see me.

    “There were tears in her eyes.

      ”You’re gone, what should I do?

    “I grabbed her many and asked her.

      ”We are divorced.

    “I don’t want you to go now, I can’t live without you.

    “I yelled at myself and begged hard for her.

      ”You mentioned the divorce.

    “I know I was wrong, please forgive me once, OK?

    I beg you!

    “You are a man, how can you cry in front of so many people?”

    “She wiped my tears with her hands, and her fingers were so cold.

      ”As long as you come back, I don’t want to be a man!

    “” We have been together for six years before and after you got married, you never cared about me, never asked me what I wanted, never asked me what I thought.

    When I speak to you, you feel embarrassed; I want you to feel at ease in your family, and you say that my life is not fun.

    do you know?

    I’ve lived with you for three years and I’m tired.

    I love you, but do you know that I have maintained this love so hard!

    “I’m sorry, give me another chance, let’s do it again, OK?

    I missed a lot and I don’t want to go on wrong.

    You love me, do n’t leave if you love me, okay?

    “My heart hurts so much, why did I say such a thing in the end?

      ”We are divorced.

    You want me back unless you propose to me again now.

    “Her blacks have a strange look.

      ”Well, I propose.

    I beg you to marry me again!

    “I knelt on one leg and proposed to her a second time.

      ”A marriage proposal requires roses and rings. Do you have one?

    God, where am I looking now?

      ”Our second girl just received a bouquet of roses last night, silly boy, go get it.

    “My uncle neighbor yelled at me.

    I think of the heirloom ring again!

      I rushed upstairs, broke into the neighbor’s house, and took the bunch of roses and came out.

    I went back to my home, but I couldn’t find the emerald ring!

    Why did Heaven make me so difficult?

    Ring, where are you exactly?

      I was hurried around and she went upstairs.

    Behind her, followed by a bunch of watching lively neighbors.

      I grabbed her and shoved the rose into her arms. “I can’t find the ring, please promise me first, OK?

    “She laughed out loud and took out a black velvet box from her bag.

    Slowly opened, a flickering and lustrous emerald ring stood there.

      ”I’m sorry, I seem to take something more.

    “She fluttered into my arms and laughed.

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