After all, if you have a daughter, if you are with Li Hui, you really have it.,That is equal to Li Hui Feng as his half son.。

    “Lao Li,You just don’t be modest.,Come along with me.,Since the last time I chatted with you in the orchard.,You always hide me,Now that Xiao Li is also coming back.,We are not”Li Hui, listen to this,Immediately feel big things。
    Li Shouye is also aware of his son’s mind.。
    I immediately interrupted Xu Laifu’s words.,Laugh:“Old village,I haven’t hidden you.,What you say this is misunderstood.,Ying Ying so beautiful girl, which young people don’t like?
    Don’t say that our village,It is another village I have heard that there are many like Yingying.,That is, this age is too small.,Still in school,Otherwise, I can’t wait to let this kid agree.。”
    When Li Shouye said this, he looked at Li Hui Feng in the side of it.,Directly:“Stinky boy,Still stupid,Still don’t hurry to know the monkey oil,I have a few cups with you.,I haven’t been drinking with you, you haven’t been drinking with you.。”
    I listen to drinking,Xu Laifu knows that this thing is going to drag,Because the people in the village know that Li Shouying is not good.,After drinking,,After the discharge, the thing I promised before, I don’t remember.。
    “Xiao Li,Don’t trouble,I remember tomorrow, I will get it earlier.,I am going to the town to take a trip.,There is still something in my family.,Get back。”
    I heard that I said.,Li Hui’s heart is also a breather。
    But Li Shouye is stunned.,He didn’t expect Xu Laifu to go back.。
    Because he has already said before,If two young people are old,That’s what you have,This must not drink some wine,In the future, if this is Xu Laifu to grab the handle.,Then he has no reason to explain。
    “village head,We haven’t seen you for a long time.,I have to drink a cup today.,You go back so much,I am not awesome.。”
    One side of Li Shouye said while drinking Wang Jing,Then let Wang Jing fry a few small dishes。
    Wang Jing looked at Li Shouye to see him.,Just know that it is not good to solve it.。
    “village head,You first take a while,I am going to stir.,quickly。”
    “Stinky boy,Hurry and use the monkey.,I give the fried,By the way, take the altar good wine in the house.。”
    Say,Wang Jing fell directly into the kitchen。
    And Xu Bifu saw a family suddenly so enthusiastic.,His some don’t know if it should be left。
    Have to say,Li Shouye is still there to be enthusiastic,But not going,Just now Li Shouye said something,If you drink, you will not pay,Think about Xu Laifu, I feel that I am walking.。
    Just waiting for him yet,The kitchen has passed the cooking sound。
    “mom,What’s going on?
    How do my dad have to drink with Xu??”
    The 347th chapter of the mood complex Qin Ya
    I heard Li Hui’s words,Wang Jing directly gave Li Hui Feng a angry eye。
    “You are still very embarrassed?
    Your father doesn’t drink wine, can you block you the past??”
    “That doesn’t drink drink.。”
    Li Hui really wants to understand what is related to this matter?。
    “Humph,Since the last time your dad is drinking with the old village,We feel that you can’t worry with Yingying.,Because your kid is too worryable.,In a village, there is Yingying and Qin Su Yaya.,Although Qin Su is married,But when I know,The girl is a clear body,And your kid’s feelings about the gimmick, I know about your dad.,Don’t you want to drag??”
    “Then I gave your dad a idea.,That is to drink alcohol,I don’t remember.,After you go to school,Your dad is drinking three different five.,Or please someone drink,Divide each time,Not long,Your dad is so drinking, it is like this in the village.。”
    Li Hui Feng did not expect his father to make things like this.。
    “Hey-hey,mom,This idea you can think of,Sure enough, it’s amazing.。”
    “Poverty,Hurry and finish the monkey, help me with the cucumber.。”
    Wang Jing said on the side and sang it out of a whole garlic spinach。
    “First put this end,By the way, take the bottle under the bed.。”
    Li Hui also hurry to get on the food,By the way, it is quick to find the so-called good wine in the house.。
    The number of alcohol is actually53Degree,See this degree,Li Hui Feng feels that his dad tonight is likely to be drunk again.。
    Hesitate,He feels that there is time to give your own father and mother with Xianquan.。
    soon,The yard has passed Li Shouye and Xu Jiafu’s pushup.。

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