China Construction Bank Heilongjiang Branch to carry out carbon and equity mergers and acquisition projects

    China Construction Bank Green Credit Supported National Electric Investment Group Photovoltaic Power Generation Project. China Construction Bank Heilongjiang Branch of Heilongjiang Branch of the People’s Network Harbin October 28th The first province’s carbon and equity mergers and acquisition investment business, in order to empower the green financial development, support "Long Yue" cooperation, and achieve new channels for "double carbon" target. It is reported that in recent years, the State Drop Group Heilongjiang Enduo New Energy Co., Ltd. has been investing in a number of large solar energy, wind energy, nuclear power generation (hot) projects in the province, and gradually develops to have new technologies, new industries, and new models. Energy companies have strong influence in the region.

    Construction Bank Heilongjiang Branch actively divel the development needs of the company, through banks and silver loan methods, accumulating its credit 15 billion yuan, promoting multi-green projects to build landing. In order to fully support the national power investment group equity M & A project, the construction bank Heilongjiang Province Branch is responsible for the length of the Group’s green energy project, and the characteristics of investment are characterized. Platform tools such as investment consultants actively build multi-level, diverse investment and financing systems, and effectively boost the investment efficiency of enterprises’ green energy cooperation projects for enterprises to innovate design equity M & A programs.

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