Fitness etiquette lets you go beyond grace

    Fitness etiquette lets you go beyond grace

    1 Returning weight lifting equipment At any time, when you are finished using dumbbells or barbells, kettlebells, you must carefully return these equipment to their original positions.

    Remember, other club members come here to exercise, not to “treasure hunt” here.

    Your temporary inattention will cause a lot of inconvenience to others.

      2. Don’t occupy any equipment. The gym is a public community and everything is shared.

    You can effectively perform group exercises according to the plan, exercise-rest-exercise, and repeat these three-point, one-line actions.

      It is necessary to explain what is the number of groups: the concept of the number of groups is defined by the sum of the number of operations and the basis of the length of rest, that is, the number of groups must be determined by the appearance of training.

    During training, how many moves should you do while exercising each body part?

    How many groups does each action army have?

      3 Wipe off the sweat from the equipment Imagine how you would react when you walked up to a certain equipment and prepared to show your strength, but found that it was covered with the sweat left by the previous athlete.

    A little disgusting!

    Either you wipe the sweat yourself, or you switch to another device.

    Of course, you don’t want to be this unfortunate guy.

      In order to make yourself and other people more comfortable to exercise, here is a suggestion for you: If you are sweating during exercise and your fitness equipment is covered with sweat, please wipe the sweat with the disinfectant provided by the gym.

    At the same time, before using, you can also put on your own towel to avoid direct contact between the body and the machine.

      But when you are doing your own super group (referring to continuous use of different movements to train different muscle groups, many studies have shown that this training method can make muscle groups get stronger stimulation), do you notice that other people also needUse the equipment you use.

      Is it a bit too much for you to occupy several devices by yourself?

    When you train another group of muscles, you may want to give equipment that is not in use to others, after all, this is not your own gym.

      4 Learn to limit yourself Considering the ability of the cardiovascular system, in general, a person is best to exercise for 20 to 30 minutes on one type of fitness equipment, and try not to exceed this time limit.

    Excessive exercise can cause muscle soreness and fatigue, enthusiasm for training, loss of appetite, and poor sleep.

    Therefore, after proper exercise, you should take a break, so that you can recover your body and allow others to benefit from the equipment you use.

      If no one is waiting around you, of course you can rest assured and continue to use it, just don’t exceed the physical limit.

    If possible, please fill in your name on the fitness equipment booking use list.

      5 Don’t fall weightlifting equipment Although the gym is not a church, you are also obliged to keep it quiet and don’t fall down from a height for no reason.

      Although general exercise can be done at home, if we can rely on professional fitness equipment, especially for certain body parts for more effective exercise, our goals will be easier to achieve.

    But do you know how to use all fitness equipment properly and politely?

      The first thing we go to the fitness club is to use those complicated equipment to exercise.

      You regulars may have been in the gym for several years, and you already know all about fitness techniques and procedures.

    However, fitness is not as simple as simple muscle exercise. It has more meaning than social etiquette and life.

    Do you understand the etiquette of the gym?

    How much do you know

      Or do you know about gym etiquette?

    If the answer is yes, then the following tips will greatly benefit you and become the “darling” of the gym.

      How to pay attention to the wait equipment?

    Mayakovsky, the most influential poet of the former Soviet Union, once said: “There is no more beautiful clothes in the world, like strong muscles and fresh skin.

    “As a new generation of men, how can you not know the essence of perfect body shape, and then you will catch the trend and fall in love with the gym and run as soon as you are free.

      The gym is the epitome of society, but everyone here has a common goal.

    Mastering the right fitness etiquette can greatly help your relationship.

    Once everyone has mastered these rules, going to the gym is more enjoyable, because there is no reason to be uncomfortable.

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