Su Qiang put the calf with wood with wood in the girl,Then push it in Zhou,Gently cover the door。

    “When you do it??Not that I have been getting a table chair??”
    “I can’t sleep at night.,Just grind this。quite fast,I’m doing it a few days.!”
    “When will Yuer Xuan also do two?I saw the little puppet of Niu Niu, I saw the old nose vinegar.!”
    “Really?They didn’t tell me.,I thought they didn’t like it.!”
    “Niu Niu nor didn’t tell you??You know how to do it.?I see you.!It is eccentricity!”
    “Can this be eccentric??Niu Niu no one is accompanying,I am distressed!Yuer Xuan’s children together,Gather!”
    Su Qiang, the more I feel,The heart is gradually disappeared。
    “Don’t think that my big man is rough,can not tell。daughter in law,You will embroidered the quilt of Niu Niu alone.!Still picking colors!”
    “Girls should pay attention to!”
    “Yup,I gave the Niu Niu’s puppet is also because of this.!”
    “you!I am too lazy to tell you.!”
    Zhou I feel that I am a show.,I can’t say it.,A little angry。
    184chapter carriage
    “daughter in law,Don’t be angry!do not worry,I have done Yuer Xuan.!It’s almost a little bit.!Waiting for them to give them!”
    “You love to do,Anyway, your son!”
    Zhou’s directly drilled the kitchen。
    Su Qiang has some heart-fashioned mind.。
    Prepare is also done.
    At least
    evening,When Su Yuqing and Tigerwa came back from school。Big Mother and Zhou have to move to the new first dinner。
    Brother two every day in school,It is also the first time to the new house.。
    “Niu Niu!I am back!father、mother!I am back!”
    Unlock,Tirah flooded it directly to shout。
    “Tirah is coming back.!Go to put things down first!Waiting for a while, you can eat.!”
    The voice of the big mother came out from the kitchen,Loud and warm。
    Tirah’s tears“Flutter”Down。
    “Ok, I will wash your hands.”
    Tirah brings tears to rush into the room。
    “TiMova is really apparent to the road, I am happy to move into the new house.!I cried when I came back.?”
    Su Yuqing does not want to admit that his eyes are also humid。

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