First1141chapter Meeting

    Chen Haiping in the sun looks black and strong。
    Watching this middle-aged man look happy,Xia Jian hurriedly stepped forward and said:“This is the result of your village,This is Cangtian pays off,The good days in your village are coming soon”
    “You have a meeting today,What did you say at the meeting?”Chen Xiaolan asked a little concerned。
    Chen Haiping laughed and said:“It’s all praise to our village,I finally stopped being scolded in the meeting。I’ll tell you the specific details,Now let’s accompany Xia Jian to look around”
    A group of people talking and laughing,Walked forward。Watch all the way,Xia Jian was very happy。He did not expect,This thousand acres of wasteland,With the efforts of all villagers in Xiping Village, it has become a green ocean,If it comes to the benefit period,Looking at the pepper trees all over the mountains,I don’t know how spectacular the scene is。
    After watching the pepper trees in Xiping Village,Everyone went to the apple orchard in Xiping Village。These apple trees live up to the high expectations of the people of Xiping Village,Grows lush,Drew out many new branches。
    From Shuijing Village to Donggou Village,When I see Banpo Village,It’s more than four o’clock。Looked down at the three villages,Well managed apple trees are the best,This made Xia Jian very puzzled。
    Village committee in Banpo Village,The main leaders of several villages are already sitting there waiting for Xia Jian and the others。They saw Xia Jian walk in,Then stood up,Eleven and Xia Jian shook hands。
    Don’t wait for Xia Jian to sit down,Tong Shaohua, the head of Liuling Village, said to Xia Jian with a smile:“President Xia!Our Liuling Village has failed your high expectations,These apple trees are not growing very well”
    “Don’t rush to admit your mistakes,To analyze where the problem is? You neglect management,Or other principles。Mr. Xia came today to find a problem”Guo Meili said loudly,Tong Shaohua’s mouth moved,No more words。
    Xia Jian glanced at the people in charge from several villages,Frowned slightly and said:“I have visited three villages,The best growing apple tree is in Shuijing Village,What i want to ask is,The land in Shuijing Village is fertile than the land in your other villages?The apple trees sent to their village are better than those in your other villages?”
    Although Xia Jian’s tone is very plain,But the talk is full of accountability。Several village leaders bowed their heads a little embarrassed。Guo Meili glanced at Tong Shaohua and said:“Village Chief Tong,Let me talk about why this happened in Liuling Village?What do you say”
    “Hey!Our Liuling Village is artificial。everybody knows,Liu Gui, the old immortal, is always making ghosts behind,The workers in our fruit industry base changed several batches,Just trained mature hands,They just found an excuse to quit,So the fruit tree management in our village can be said to be very bad”Tong Shaohua said,Keep shaking his head。
    Xia Jianzheng wants to talk,Unexpectedly, Guo Meili rushed to say:“Village Chief Tong,We seem to have told you,The workers in your village are not only responsible for the management of fruit trees,And also shoulder the role of patrol and tree protection。If you find someone messing with it,Knock me down first,Let’s take care of something”
    Guo Meili’s voice is loud,Seems to be deliberately told to some people。Tong Shaohua,Said with a smile:“With Mr. Guo’s words,I can let go of my hands and feet“
    “Irrigation in Liuling Village is not in place,Many saplings are seriously lacking water。Such as east23-654,The whole land lacks water,You have to arrange someone to do this right away“Lin Wei opens the logbook,Speak loudly。
    Tong Shaohua,Flushed and said:“I know about it,I will do it myself”
    Lin Wei seems to be prepared,She not only talked about the problem of Liuling Village,And also pointed out the problems in Donggou Village and Zhangbao Village,She remembers very specific,All these individuals bowed their heads。

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