Eat bananas properly before morning run can prevent dizziness

    Eat bananas properly before morning run can prevent dizziness

    Dr. Health and Exercise said that for someone who likes to exercise in the morning, be sure to eat something that is easy to digest, such as bananas, raisins, sports drinks with high blood sugar, etc., and exercise after half an hour.

      Because fasting exercise can cause dizziness, even vomiting, “exercise hypoglycemia”, and even TV syncope; exercise immediately after eating can cause stomach pain and even vomiting.

    If you exercise within an hour of waking up, be sure to eat food containing 200-300 kcal.

      For friends who want to lose weight, they may think that they run on an empty stomach after getting up in the morning, and after a night of digestion and absorption, the blood sugar in the blood is low, so that the body can call the aunt directly after exercising.

    This statement is wrong. The body must always call sugar for energy breakdown. The first is blood sugar. If the blood sugar is too low and the body cannot get timely energy, it will produce syncope, which will greatly reduce the intensity of exercise.Less than the purpose of exercise.

    On the contrary, eating bananas and additives properly before exercise can ensure a sufficient supply of blood sugar. Instead, the decomposition of sugar can promote tiny burning.

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