Married and Living: Finding Objects with the Impetus to Find a Job

    Married and Living: Finding Objects with the Impetus to Find a Job

    “Marriage” is a term proposed by the famous Japanese sociologist Yamada Masahiro, which is a general term for activities related to marriage.

    The so-called “married and living people” are a group of people who are looking for a marriage partner with an attitude and determination to find a job.

    They actively carry out actions, have plans, and plan. Once they find a target group that meets their set conditions, they must find ways to join the circle, apply for resumes, participate in interviews, and finally choose the best candidates based on ideal conditions.

      What is a living marriage: “Marriage” is a term put forward by the famous Japanese sociologist Yamada Masahiro, which is a general term for activities related to marriage.

    For example, actively equipping yourself internally, attending makeup, fitness or communication courses; actively dating each other externally, participating in dating dating and other activities.

    Most of the “married and living people” are women. As they get older, they become mad for marriage, and all operate around marriage.

      Are you married


    Getting married is your biggest dream.


    To get married, your life becomes colorful.


    You are willing to participate in various activities that will help you get married.


    Even if you see the opposite sex for the first time, your first reaction is: can he (she) develop further with you.


    Marriage is like looking for a job for you. There are many plans and plans.


    Marriage is the biggest mountain on your head. For it, you think hard and think about a way to make you more likely to succeed.

      As long as you meet some of them, you are a typical marriage live!

      ”Marriage” sister’s diamond ring game is beautiful Xiangzi. The method of “marriage” victory is different. Her ideal target is a male doctor, but her friend’s vision is too narrow, and she is introduced to second-class hospitalof.

    When she was depressed playing computer, her heart lightened up, so she clicked the mouse and searched the website of a hospital in Harbin. Isn’t this authoritative hospital rich in high-quality male doctors?

    You know they are well-known for their high salary and high education.

    Axiang is really brave and has all the strategies and tactics available. She first engaged in self-marketing at the hospital network, packaged herself into a versatile, graceful, gentle and cute best-selling beauty, and then cut in by email consultation.Effectively, Xiangzi actually found her admirer through the “Advertising Post”. Among them, a non-hospital bachelor also squeezed in to follow up: “Our salary is actually not lower than that of a doctor. MM, can you consider it?Consider me.

    “This is an unexpected harvest of Xiangzi Haixuan.

    After careful screening and interview, Xiangzi finally succeeded.

      It is said that in Chongqing there is a small circle called “upper society”, there are some bachelors who claim to be the oldest diamond king, and they want to know some of the opposite sex through this activity.

    Therefore, there is a strict screening process for MMs who enter this circle. They are required to send their resumes and photos to the group review. If most people pass, they can participate in the activities in the circle.

    Do n’t think that this pass is OK, it ‘s just a stepping stone. The next requirements are more stringent: the event requires you to wear an evening dress, but it ‘s not good to have a good figure. You will be asked to take some questions.If you find it is just a vase, then you will definitely be removed from the invitation list next time.

      ”Marriage” sister Adan said that she has participated in several “high society” activities, and every time she found a new face beside a diamond, I don’t see if they have enough sincerity to find a girlfriend.

    However, she is still preparing to go deep into the middle and long-term resistance of this group of diamonds, because she thinks that this is the same as finding a job, and makes every effort to prepare, in the end the olive branch may not beckon you.

    She said she was only 23 years old, but she also wanted to find her hometown. “Although I have a lot of market now and chased a lot of people, but I want to have a handsome, tall, and rich person while I am young and have capital.Boyfriend.

    “She doesn’t think it’s sugar daddy, or find her favorite person through effective means.

      The “marriage era” requires attitudes. Although love can never be found, can we just wait and wait silently for its arrival?

    “Marriage” is a positive attitude towards life, giving yourself the opportunity to approach love and actively recommending yourself.

    So those who are married are the ones who have heard the most authentic voice in their hearts and acted positively.

    Nothing will fall in the sky. If you want to find a good person to get married, you have to find it yourself.

    Give yourself a reasonable positioning, build your own brand image, and correctly find the right direction and path, otherwise, you are causing invalid activities.
    If you want to be a “marriage” family, you must first understand what kind of person you are looking for, and understand where you can meet such people. Only when you do this will your marriageTherefore, it saves both time and economic costs.
      It needs to be reminded that if you do not work hard, you ca n’t do it, but if your intentions are too serious, people with lofty goals often fail, and knowing that only 70% of everything is the best force.

    When a person’s life is rich and fulfilling, a magnetic field that attracts the opposite sex will naturally be generated. The attitude of life is the attitude of marriage. Only when marriage and life are combined properly is your most attractivetime.

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