Decrypt the slimming cream truth

    Decrypt the slimming cream truth

    Many people are famous for the star-speaking mention of those magical slimming creams.

    Can you really wipe where it is?

    Are these slimming products really amazing?

    The senior coach of the middle body Bili Fitness Club, the nutritionist will interpret them one by one.

      Slimming cream is mainly divided into two categories from the composition and efficacy: function one: drainage swelling and edema.

    Promotional introduction, if you see the essence of cocoa in the slimming products, capsaicin, lavender, geranium and other ingredients, you can understand that it is conducive to promoting drainage, swelling.

      Many products contain capsaicin, which is used to clear the bloodstream, stimulate the nervous system, and improve edema-type obesity by promoting lymphatic drainage and perspiration.

      Expert interpretation: First of all, the term “edema-type obesity” is not scientific.

    Obesity is the accumulation of sputum, that is, sputum cell hypertrophy.

    If the edema is also systemic, not local, unless it is caused by certain diseases.

      Healthy women generally have the highest level of estrogen secretion in the first few days of the physiological cycle, storing potassium, sodium, and absorption, that is, storing water, leading to edema, which is normal, using the end of the physiological cycle, edemaIt will naturally disappear.

      The function of “capsaicin” is to dilate blood vessels and stimulate nerves.

    If you have a “hot” feeling, it is the feeling of circulatory expansion, the feeling of nerves and muscles, not the slight consumption of muscles, nor the slight increase in metabolic rate.

      Function 2: Go to the “orange” and tighten the main ingredients: the slimming products such as caffeine have always been the “tight”.

    In the introduction of the product, the cellulite of the human being is unbalanced due to unfortunate storage and release, resulting in a spongy relaxation of the epidermis.

      In order to eliminate the phenomenon of orange peel, it is necessary to start with water-based adults, and the second effect of slimming products is to eliminate these cellulite.

    According to reports, many products contain caffeine and other ingredients can effectively eliminate orange peel, transform caffeine, extracts from ginkgo and horse chestnut can accelerate adult metabolism.

      Expert interpretation: Caffeine can increase heart rate, increase basal metabolic rate, and increase microenzyme activity.

    Because of the horniness of the skin, I want to absorb it to achieve consumption, and the effect is minimal.

      Because the skin can absorb very little, and it needs a certain concentration to produce the effect, usually 5 mg per kilogram of body weight, and how a bottle of slimming cream can contain so many caffeine.

      In addition, caffeine has a diuretic effect, but draining water does not mean a small amount of consumption, and excessive use of caffeine can cause heart rate disorders, loss of protein and calcium.

    To eliminate the orange peel, you can only consume excess candy, disappear slightly, and the orange peel is gone, which can only be achieved through exercise and diet control.

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