Can not allow the Cold War thinking to return to the tide in Asia (Wanghai Tower)

      Recently, the US Pentagon submitted a 2022 National Defense Strategic Report to Congress, describing China as the "most important strategic competitors of the United States" and regarding Russia as "serious threats".

      In fact, although the Cold War has ended for more than 30 years, the heads of some politicians in the United States still stay in the old era of the Cold War thinking and zero -harmony game.

    Especially for more than 10 years, in order to maintain its own hegemony, the United States has not been in the cold war thinking, and has continuously created false imagination and provoking the group confrontation. Its previous government has worked hard to build and promote the Asia -Pacific strategy is a powerful example of the Asia -Pacific strategy -proposed from the Obama administration " Returning to the Asia -Pacific "strategy and" Asia -Pacific Balance "strategy, the Trump administration formulated the" Indo -Pacific Strategy ", and then the Bayeng government further enriched, strengthened the" Indo -Pacific Strategy "and restarted" values ??diplomacy ". In the Asia -Pacific region, the ambition of geopolitical competition in great powers and benefits from it. After the outbreak of the Ukraine crisis, the United States once again aimed at Asia.

    Warked Japan and South Korea and other East Asian allies to impose sanctions on Russia, pressured India, Turkey, ASEAN and other "edge -selected stations", asking Qatar to punish the oil and gas industry in Russia … The United States uses all kinds of means to try to wrap the cold war thinking. Asian countries on the battlefield forced them to join the "anti -Russian line" of the United States and Western allies. Recently, after the US President Biden criticized India’s "not reliable", US Deputy Secretary of State Numerous Newland encouraged India and other "democratic countries" to oppose China and Russia in an interview with the media.

    At the same time, the United States deliberately rendered the large -scale recent military exercise with the Philippines, and "arch fire" in the Asia -Pacific region by provoking controversial topics.

    It is not difficult to see that the various actions of the United States in Asia show the cold light of the "New Cold War", hidden the intention of exacerbating regions and even the world division and confrontation. Turning back, the root of the Ukrainian crisis is the Cold War thinking and power politics.

    As the product of the Cold War, NATO under the leadership of the United States has continued to push the so -called "collective security" defense line to the Russian and Ukraine border for more than 20 years after 1999, and forced Russia to the corner step by step, which eventually led to Bing Rong.

    Today, the negative impact of the overflowing of the Ukraine crisis is affecting the Asian region. The United States forcibly instills the outdated cold war thinking in the region and makes waves, and some Asian allies have tied themselves to the United States’ "chariot" to follow the United States to initiate sanctions against Russia and pour oil on the tense situation.

      However, the attitude of most Asian countries is consistent and firm: the competition of great powers is not the theme of the times, and the zero -harmony game is not the right choice.

    China has repeatedly stated that sanctions are not the fundamental effective measures to solve problems; India is unwilling to stand in the West to condemn or sanction Russia at the same time, while buying a large number of Russian oil; Qatar adheres to a neutral attitude and states that international energy trade is the essential needs of a country, and international politics and international politics It doesn’t matter; the vast majority of ASEAN countries such as Thailand and Indonesia also generally take a neutral position and worry about being involved in the Ukrainian crisis. For many Asian countries, the memory of the cold war has not been far, and the difficult and stable development situation in the region is worth cherishing.

    The current Ukrainian crisis provides a mirror that promotes the thinking of Asian countries to make Asia avoid the same mistakes to repeat the Ukrainian crisis.

      Asia is one of the most developed vitality and potential areas in the world today.

    As the global epidemic delay, the prospect of the world economic recovery is unknown, and the reappearance of European war, the peace and stability of Asia seemed more important. Is it a small circle of areas where the Asian family that is open to inclusive and win -win cooperation, or is it in a small circle of regional circles that pursue the Cold War? The answer is obvious: the cold war thinking cannot be allowed to recover in the Asian region, and advocating common, comprehensive, cooperative, and sustainable Asian security concept is the correct choice.

      (The author is the commentator of this newspaper) (Editor: Bai Yu, Qu Yuan) Share more people see it.

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    Find a financial cat。

    “喵 喵”
    The sound is gently fine,What is calling?,I saw her clumsy climbing.,The fall of the crash,Start with her small paw very soft to all thousands of palms,The serious look of the little face is like a great toy.。
    “Soft!Itching!”Thousands of times smile,“It has no claws 诶,Good!”
    “Why don’t you touch me??”I feel unfair。
    “I do not know,Maybe I am born to recruit small animals like it.。”Thousands of thousands of syndrome,“I used to。”
    The buns are silently extended.,Put in front of the group,And look forward to the group,Dark expectation to take a thousands,Can let yourself feel a little soft and short-awaited in the kitten meat pad。
    Twenty seconds。
    Thirty seconds。
    The buns have quietly threw their hands.。
    A minute later。
    Throw near a little more,She felt that the group did not pay attention to her own。
    Two minutes later。
    She has put her hand in front of the group,Even blocked the sight of the group,And the expectations in her eyes have also reached the maximum。
    This group finally saw her.,And extend the small paw,Very calmly pushed her hand。
    steamed stuffed bun:
    Sure enough, it’s a bit soft and itch.
    The buns are silently will be handed back.,Start as a visitor,Looking at thousands and groups of joyful playing,Unfair。
    “I will tell you.”
    Nan Ge started to give them a vaccination:“This kind of kitten is very good at spoiled、Let you take her to consume,You have to go back,And this slag cat has always been a life of Jinyiyu.,Too high to eat,Your life expense is not enough for her Huo Huo.!”
    “Yes?”Thousands of turns。
    “real or fake?”Asked。
    “How to be the same as the group”The sound of the buns is very small,This will not pay attention to poor yourself.。
    “Cat is like this!”Nan Ge said。
    “Oh”Thousand thousands。
    “Then I will consume her for her.,Buy a lot of things,It is very good to her.,Will she like me??”I can’t stare at Nan Ge.。
    Looking at the three people thinking about thinking,Nan Ge suddenly felt that he had just played a counter-effect,Can’t help but take a deep breath,emphasize again:“I just said it is true.,And she will not live in us.,You are to buy her again.,I can’t stay her.。”
    Three people nod。
    But look at their look,It seems that I have not been in my heart。
    After all, such a beautiful and cute kitten,I can have it for a while to make them satisfied.。
    “What is her call??”
    “How to take this name?”
    “Because she is very slag。”
    “Don’t be in this cat!Get off quickly!”Nano is not good,Although she can usually hear the slag cat,Also listening to the circumference,It is also very clear about the destructive power of the small slag cat.,“Go to bed, sleep!”
    “Slag sleeping?”
    “I will wait for her to find a paper box.,She loves to sleep.。”

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    Five of the Chinese stocks are identified as a delisting risk, and the CSRC responds

    The five listed companies in the United States were identified as the "related issuer" of the "related issuer" in response to the person in charge of the Securities Regulatory Commission of the CSRC answered the reporter’s question.

    Question: Recently, the US Securities Regulatory Commission (SEC) released the news that five companies in the United States were identified as "related issuers" in the U.S. listed company in accordance with the "Accountability Law of Foreign Companies". What are the comments by the CSRC? Answer: We noticed this.

    This is a normal step for the U.S. regulatory authorities to implement the "Accountability Law of Foreign Companies" and related implementation rules. We have previously expressed their attitude towards the implementation of the Law on the Accountability of Foreign Companies. We respect the supervision of relevant accounting firms in order to improve the quality information of overseas regulators to improve the quality of financial information in listed companies, but we resolutely oppose the wrong practices of some forces to politically politically regulate securities. We always adhere to the spirit of open cooperation and are willing to solve the problems of inspection and investigation of related offices through supervision and cooperation, which also meets the practice of international traffic. In recent times, the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Ministry of Finance have continued to communicate with the US Public Corporation’s Accounting Supervision Committee (PCAOB) and have made positive progress. We believe that through joint efforts, the two parties will be able to make cooperation arrangements that meet the laws and regulations of the two countries as soon as possible, and jointly protect the legitimate rights and interests of global investors and promote the healthy and stable development of the markets of the two countries.

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    Not many attendees,Are caring people and old brothers,Instructor、Lan Ling、Guo Yuxi、Li Shaobo、Old Dai,But after watching the video, they all looked like dumb,What to do next?‘Sharp’There have been accidents since the establishment,Now there is another problem with Li Tianzhen so troublesome,Once the direction changes,I’m afraid that everyone sitting has their own ideas,Most of them have to poke Gu Changfeng’s backbone。

    “Wait for instructions from superiors,We can’t talk about this。”Lan Ling stood up first,I left the meeting room without feeling well,Her character has always been like this,Seems cold and withdrawn,Honest,Uncomfortable、If you can’t figure it out, you will comment,Or simply not participating。
    Regarding this matter,Lan Ling can’t claim anything,Gu Changfeng didn’t make a mistake in the procedure,But in terms of actual conditions and emotions,She can’t figure it out,Old Gu’s behavior undoubtedly biased the problems and contradictions,So don’t participate,With her detached status,Also qualified to do so,Others can’t,Sitting on pins and needles,Full of words but unable to speak,I had to stare at me。
    “Old rice,You talk,If Li Tianzhi doesn’t come back,What measures should we take next?”Gu Changfeng was smoking a cigarette,Like a human chimney,nostril、mouth,Even the ears are blowing thick smoke。
    “Don’t give me a condom,Force me to say,Only one word,Wait。”The instructor stood up leisurely,His body hasn’t fully recovered yet,No need to pretend,“But one thing,I need to remind you,Think about it,‘Sharp’What is the purpose and purpose of the establishment?”
    “You stop,Open meeting,Where are you going?”
    “I can’t eat it,I want to heal!”The instructor hastened the pace,But the body is like a swaying duck,Gu Changfeng took a big step and caught it on his shoulder,“Recuperate in the conference room,No organizational discipline at all,How are you an instructor?”
    Old Gu is angry,I can’t help but drag the instructor back to his seat,Press there,Look around,Speak loudly,“Don’t want to say,So for Lao Tzu,The problems exposed by the walker are by no means trivial,Look at these terrible abilities,What kind of force is this?If he doesn’t take the initiative to come back to explain this clearly,The situation will be complicated,He is not qualified to be‘Sharp’the member of,Is there a problem with this logic?”
    “no problem,Why do you have a problem。”The instructor is also welcome。
    “You don’t have to be yin and yang with me,Have an idea,”
    “You are talking about logic,We are facing reality,How complicated is the field work situation?You have been doing it for thirty years,Don’t talk to me about the beauty of love,You know best,If logic is everywhere,Do you think you can go on?
    “Not bad,Li Tianzhen is also a superpower,But the key depends on where he stands?I think he didn’t hide anything on purpose,At least not maliciously concealed,Speak with facts,From the mummy case to the Wuming Mountain,How many times did he talk to you??Look now,If he deliberately concealed,What puppet will leave you?Make you so arrogant?”
    “Strong words!”Gu Changfeng slapped the table,“Have I defined his position??Just for discussion,Don’t talk about anything else,Such a big thing happened on the scene today,He went out without reporting,Can’t get through,No trace now,Can i have no idea?Special again,Discipline must be observed?See the big from the small,Besides, there is such a terrible power hidden in his hands。”

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    Open the employment of college students for college employment-educational in education-education

    [Abstract] The employment status of college students has always received widespread attention from all walks of life. The author brings together several types of questions in the employment process of college students and make answers, hoping to guide and help college students to achieve more sufficient and high quality employment.

      Author: Xue Xinlong (Assistant researcher at the National Institute of Education and Open Economic Research of the University of Foreign Economic and Trade) Su Lifeng (Professor of Education and Open Economic Research Center of the National Open Research Institute of Foreign Economic and Trade) of the University of Foreign Economic and Trade) The employment status of college students has been widely received from all sectors of society focus on. The author brings together several types of questions in the employment process of college students and make answers, hoping to guide and help college students to achieve more sufficient and high quality employment.

      Do I have to go to the big cities and the air outlet industry? Excavation opportunities: Personal professional+career development+national strategic layout During the job search process, many students will tell the author: "I must go to a big city and must go to the hottest industry." But is this really good? During the employment choice, some students did not think calmly and failed to determine the employment field that they were good at and appropriate. , Only pay attention to employment opportunities in core first -tier cities and popular industries, and do not consider other professional directions. This passive follow -up employment choice can easily lead to the lack of stability in employment of college students. The situation of re -employment in the short term after the first employment is frequent, which causes time and economic losses to both graduates and employers. The reason why popular areas and popular industries can attract a large number of employees is that these regions and industries are often in a period of rapid development, and there may be more jobs and superior salary conditions. However, students should realize that on the one hand, in recent years, as the country has comprehensively promoted the implementation of rural revitalization and improved the implementation of major strategies such as new urbanization, the gap between the economic and social development between urban and rural areas and regions between urban and rural areas and regions is gradually narrowing. Under the blessing of new economic forms such as the digital economy, intelligent economy, and creative economy, a large number of employment opportunities and development opportunities are hidden; on the other hand, there is a life cycle of the development of any industry. It is also limited. When the industry has excessive productivity, the market becomes saturated, and the competition is becoming more intense. The so -called popular industry may enter the attenuation period, and personal career development will inevitably be restricted. Therefore, students need to choose the employment path with caution with long -term eyes to avoid excessive pursuit of popular areas and popular industries.

    On the basis of fully understanding personal interests, professional and skills, and professional development goals, we must comprehensively consider the major national strategic layout and industry development laws, carefully analyze the employment opportunities that may be hidden in the new economy and new formats, and take the initiative to choose a suitable for you. The road of employment development has continued to work hard with the attitude of "making Qingshan without relaxation", and then achieve its professional goals. Find a satisfactory job, what preparations do you have to do? Basic guarantee: Psychological preparation+career competitiveness+information channels When doing college employment surveys, the author found that many students are full of confidence and full of energy, but they have not worked hard on "preparation". It can be said that insufficient employment preparation is a universal problem facing college students in the process of job search, mainly including the following three situations: First, the employment psychology is not mature enough, dare not or be good at expressing exchanges in the recruitment interview, and cannot show your true knowledge. Skills level and occupational potential are easy to miss some employment opportunities for competitive positions; the second is that the professional ability is lacking, and the theoretical knowledge that I have mastered at the university is fully transformed into a practical skill corresponding to the job. The required professional qualification certificate, such as teacher qualification certificates, securities qualification certificates, etc.; Third, do not master comprehensive and effective professional information, do not know enough about the nature, work content and development prospects of the recruitment unit. The job that is suitable for you has led to low efficiency of employment selection. Some students asked: "Finding a satisfactory job, what preparations I do?" In my opinion, making various preparations for graduation jobs is the basic guarantee for graduates to achieve higher quality employment.

    It is necessary to pay attention to the psychological preparation of employment and strengthen the quality of personal psychological quality. Students should participate in academic exchange activities and student group activities in interest during school, and communicate with the teacher through public exhibitions, actively communicate with the teacher, participate in knowledge Or sports competitions and other methods to gradually improve your expression skills, communication skills, collaboration awareness and competition spirit, and actively respond to difficulties in the job search stage in a healthy and mature psychological state. To continue to improve personal professional competitiveness, on the one hand, we must plan the time arrangement according to your employment goals, take the timely schedule of time, and timely participate in the necessary qualification certificates for the intention of the career to obtain the qualifications and practical skills of the corresponding positions; on the other hand, we must deeply realize the majors The key role of knowledge in employment employment, focusing on cultivating its own scientific research ability, innovation ability, and practical problems to solve the ability to form a solid professional knowledge system. To continue to broaden the channels for professional information acquisition, students can take the initiative to ask the employment guidance center teachers and employment alumni to ask for job hunting experience and understand the employment market. You can also use the employment information of the units to promote the development prospects of the industry to improve themselves. Understand the work content of the job, improve your ability and decision -making efficiency of acquiring and screening career information.

      How to discover the occupation that suits you? Stability: Occupational positioning+long -term plan "I don’t know what occupation I am suitable for, and I am confused about future development." This is the voice of many students during the job search process.

    In fact, economic development and technological progress have prompted the form of employment in society to be more flexible and diverse. New occupations and new positions have emerged endlessly. College students with unclear professional positioning are easy to fall into anxiety in front of many unknown choices and cannot reasonably plan their long -term development path.

      Lack of clear career development positioning and long -term planning will make some students pay too much attention to short -term economic benefits when choosing occupations and positions. I ignore the objective laws of individuals should sharpen growth in the process of work practice. "Period of bottlenecks"; may also lead to too much expectations for their employment. When they first enter the workplace, they want to realize their ideal ambitions immediately, or they are prone to a large psychological gap after suffering. Therefore, college students achieve higher quality employment, and we must pay attention to career positioning and long -term planning.

    Clarifying personal occupation positioning is the prerequisite for college students to objectively evaluate the employment situation and reasonably set up employment expectations; appropriate long -term professional planning can help college students around the employment goals as soon as possible, continue to improve their core competitiveness in the corresponding employment field, and improve employment stability.

      On the one hand, students should pay attention to improving their employment planning capabilities, and reasonably participate in employment guidance courses carried out in the form of lectures and lectures set by the school. Understand, formulate appropriate short -term and long -term career plans as soon as possible; on the other hand, we must study professional courses carefully and build a knowledge and skill foundation for their own career development.

    During the different periods of economic and social development, although employment positions will follow the changes of the industrial structure to adjust and differentiate, even if it is an emerging industry, the talents and skills needs of their positions cannot be completely separated from the existing knowledge system. Knowledge is the basis for students to cultivate in most industries and achieve great development and progress. Students must not only ensure the completion of the teaching, scientific research and social practice arrangements in this professional training plan, but also can also take appropriately elective and minor some related theoretical courses according to their professional positioning planning, improve their awareness of the professional knowledge and industry laws of the corresponding employment fields. Level.

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    “what?Devil’s knife?”This time makes the fire cloud immunity.。

    “good,Can’t miss,Although very light,But I will not judge the wrong。”Funyun Tianzhao explanation:“And our chemical knife you store。”
    “I see,This is not surprising。”Fire cloud burns faint:“Continue to check it,This person must find out。”
    “Do not worry,I must check it out.。”Fire cloud。
    “At the same time, strict monitoring of sticks,According to the nine gods gather together,Everyone hides to open the treasure,This is better,But the sticks of the gods are dead, they want to swallow the ancestors.。”Fire cloud burns fairy:“Don’t face the face of the ancestors!”
    “They have always been like this,In the first day, they also said that the future generations of the soldiers.。”Fire clouds and punishment:“Big brother,According to what you mean, this kind of people have some secrets?”
    “good,They seem to be together,I have an independent,Not worried about us to grab。”Fire cloud burns faint:“So I feel that they hide the secret,When the Buddha is open, I will give the Devil’s knife to Jinshan Emperor.,Jinshan Emperor has other ways to block us.,Don’t let us interfere。”
    “Big brother,Aim,They have peerless masters,I will suddenly appear,Sweep us all,So I am not afraid of you and live Buddha,There are other people to compete for people,Some forces in Huaxia now,Some of the abroad want to compete。”Fire cloud。
    “Only this explanation is。”Fire cloud burning:“All right,Continue to check,Don’t reveal the horse foot,I want to go to the Queen Wilderness,Maybe there is some use。”Fire cloud burning fairy figure turned to disappear,The figure of the fire clouds also disappeared in the darkness。
    The next day China Zhongzhou City Moon Dresses Lake early morning,A bright whistling sound,With excitement,Lin Feng’s figure is sitting on the lake lake in the moon,He rushed out of two blood gas,Two blood gases are directly condensed in the void。
    Two shadows。
    And Lin Feng’s body is also filled with a hazy airflow.,His figure is also standing together and two other figures.。
    It looks exactly the same,Breathtaking。
    Is it more impossible to judge which one is true from the breath?。
    “it is good,it is good,it is good,A gasification three clear。”Lin Feng smiled and appreciated:“Really wonderful,Out another kind of beamonology,As long as the breath control,As long as it is not like me, I have a perspective eye.,Can’t recognize the virtuality。”
    Although blood is consuming,But in the critical moment of the war, you can get lost。
    The power of the last tiger king is lower than the golden dragon one level,Two guys fried and killed,The result is not divided,This can be seen from the horror of this gasification。
    Two figures disappeared,It’s not visible to the blood into his body.,Hou Lin Feng went into the palace,The three women are eating breakfast。
    “啥 啥?”Becue Yinmei white Lin Feng glance,Tiyin Yao,Night cold, also looked at Lin Feng。
    “Hey-hey。”Lin Feng heard the words:“Be optimistic。”He rushed out of two blood in his body.,Directization for two figures,And Lin Feng’s airflow,Three-handed shadow lightning transforms dozens of times。
    Then stand there。
    “Divide?Which is true?”Looking at Lin Feng in the night, the cold is incredible。
    “It seems to be this,But it is like that,Dead Lin Feng,How can you?”Becue Yinmei looks at Lin Feng Road。
    “Should be this。”Tao Yao Ya’s white hand reached out,Directly pointing to Lin Feng’s real body。
    “Ying Yao,How do you see??”Lin Feng watched the Tao Yao Road。
    NS586chapter How much
    “I am from the young breader,Practice good eyes。”Tang Yinyao lightly laughs:“But if you have a war with you,I may not see it.,Or 30% of the opportunity。”
    “so it is。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Don’t be a person who is born for Tang family。”
    “Dead Lin Feng,quick,Don’t sell the lawsuit,You can practice,I can also practice,And where is this?It’s a bit like a tiger of the Tiger King。”Bei Xueyin smiles。
    Lin Feng heard the will of the horror,Sweep around,Then, a light blue martial domain will wrap the three women’s figure in it.。

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    British media: The serious illness killer whale accidentally entered the Seine River to return to the sea and fail to be euthanized

    According to Reuters in Paris on May 30, Senna Province, France, said on the 29th that after guiding a whale to return to the sea plan failed, the killer whale floating on the Seine River in France will be implemented euthanically because scientists determine it to determine it It is in pain and illness.

    It is reported that on May 16, people found the four -meter -long male killer whale at the Senna River estuary between the Port of Le Affle and Normani, and then swam tens of miles to Lu to Lu to Lu. West.

    After holding a meeting with scientists, including marine mammals, Senna tried to use drones to make a killer whale sound on the 28th to guide the whale to return to the ocean.

    In a statement, Senna said that the whale responded inappropriate and discomfort to the sound stimulus. It is reported that scientists have studied the pictures and data of intervention measures and concluded that the killer whale suffers from Muscot. This disease has appeared on North American whales, but it has not been found in Europe.

    The province of Seine said that after infection with the skin of weak animals, this disease may spread to the heart, lungs, and brain, which explains why the whale lost its direction. (Compiled/Lu Yan).

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    Second,In addition to my division,I also know another division,If you want,Can destroy it,but,It is best to tell me within three days.,Died,Martin will definitely alert,It is possible to take me back,Once I go back,Signal isolated,correct,Your number will not change.,I am also the number,But you’d better not take the initiative to contact me. 。”

    Summer nodded,Didn’t say anything more。
    Alice deeply looked at the summer,Turn around,Soon disappeared in the night。
    Summer is still sitting on the lakeside,Pick up a bottle,Eyelids are flashing。
    It is also confused from time to time.。
    The moment since I started with Alice,I have opened it for a long time in the summer.‘Psychic imitation’。
    Psychic imitation,Not an abilities。
    to be exact,Is a quick conversion and replacement of thinking。
    Coupled with his super high IQ,Can be easily identified,Is a person lying lying?。 Certainty,This capability has a premise。
    That is the soul imitation,Must be familiar,At least you have to know,There is a preliminary impression on this person。
    This is hard to stay in summer。
    I have encountered some strangers.、Or some people who are unknown,He first got the other party into the enemy’s position.。
    Thus, judgment and speculation。
    The last confirmation from the other person’s voice and the micro-expression。
    Now he is facing,He is almost certain,Alice said everything,It should not be a lie。
    Her public expression,Almost no vulnerability。
    Summer believe,If it is an investigation,The things she said must also be found,Track。
    I feel like she is so good in summer.。
    No reason。
    It is completely intuitive in subconsciousness and consciousness。
    Compared to subjective http://www.anjiazuche.cnjudgment and speculation,He tribute to his intuition……Give a certain extent,In their own level of power,Intuition is very important。
    “Want to die?
    Or don’t be a soldier?”
    Summer touching chin,Eye scatter。
    “If so,Laozi also sang for you and will count,Sushory boat,See what you are doing。”
    ……the other side。
    Alice leaves the park,I quickly drilled into a black car.。
    She has no expression,Personally drive。
    Driving about ten minutes later,Open in the carCDrecord。

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    Dialogue President Gao Dekang: The high -quality development of the pilot is the process of promoting the internationalization of the brand

    China Network: This year’s government work report pointed out that this year’s work must adhere to the stability of the word and seek progress in stability. At a new stage of high -quality development, how does Bosideng persist in steady progress? Gao Dekang: From this year’s government work report, the Chinese economy, "steady" is the keyword.

    This reflects the firm strategic determination of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. It is also an important requirement for implementing the new development concept and building a new development pattern.

    In the face of the repeated distribution of the epidemic, the severe situation of warm winter, and the downturn consumer market, we clarified the "leading global down jacket expert" brand positioning, carrying forward "not afraid of difficulties, collaborative operations, advancing with the times, and fighting forever" The corporate spirit, based on the brand’s leading style of the brand as the core, focuses on creating channel leadership, leading goods, leading image, leading retail, and leading user operations. First, the Group’s annual revenue and profits have achieved double -digit growth for five consecutive years, highlighting the toughness of the company’s steady development. China Network: The "double carbon" goal is the key starting point for my country’s economic and social transformation to green low -carbon and high -quality development. How does Bosideng practice green development? Gao Dekang: The strategic goal of "double carbon" is China’s solemn promise to the world. Green development has become a strategic opportunity for the transformation and iteration of the textile and apparel industry to redefine a new international competition pattern. Bosideng will take the initiative to connect with the "double carbon" strategy, take independent innovation as a traction, link the new technologies, new processes, new functions, and new formats in the link, and firmly hold the core competition of the brand products in your own hands. Essence

    As leaders of industry standards, we will also further explore carbon footprint innovation actions and performance, extend the dimension and connotation of corporate social responsibility, build brand sustainable fashion capabilities and future international competition rights. China Net: The high -quality development of the manufacturing and service industry is the top priority of China’s high -quality development of my country’s economy, and such industries are relatively limited. How Poisden solves the contradiction between high -quality development and expand employment Woolen cloth? Gao Dekang: High -quality growth and employment, and stabilizing people’s livelihood are all inconceity of corporate righteousness. On the one hand, with the penetration of the digital economy and artificial intelligence in industrial applications, it will inevitably produce an employment substitution effect. On the other hand, new technologies, new formats, and new scenes have also created greater employment space. Young people have new "365 lines".

    From the perspective of employment in the past two years, young people’s willingness to choose to do the basic positions of production lines has become lower and lower. The developed Internet technology and a strong policy of benefiting farmers have brought their employment opportunities to get considerable income.

    Therefore, creating high -quality employment opportunities for society has become an inevitable choice for enterprises to improve future competitiveness.

    For Bosideng, each employee is the wealth of the enterprise. We have the responsibility to help employees grow and reserve skills in advance to provide them with creative and non -programming tasks to make work more dignified and life.

    China Net: China has sounded the corner of the manufacturing industry’s upgrade to "intelligent manufacturing".

    In terms of digital transformation and intelligent manufacturing, what deployments did Bosideng make? What are the results? Gao Dekang: Our Bosideng has been looking for the path and method of digital transformation firmly. Today, digital and intelligent manufacturing has accelerated penetration from the front -end sales to the back end. The flexible intelligent manufacturing of clothing has the ability to end to the end to the end of the industry. "A plate of goods nationwide" effectively solved the problem of "structural out -of -stock" of traditional clothing companies. Intelligent manufacturing is an innovative path for Chinese brands to "go global" and "go up". We will build the top -level architecture of the digital platform, with the help of advanced digital technology, create a business digital collaborative platform, strengthen cross -border cooperation, focus on breaking through the full -link intellectual reform of users, channels, goods, retail, promotion, etc. A new strategic advantage of enterprises to make international competition. China Net: Chinese brands are gradually improving the influence and right to speak in the world. What progress has Bosideng made in the internationalization process? Gao Dekang: Bosideng is an earlier Chinese brand that explores the road of internationalization. Since the 1990s, we have been conducting international explorations.

    For example, the early overseas flagship stores and buyer stores, and later the strategic cooperation of innovative design resources. Long -term strategic layout and the leading record of global down jackets have given us a greater base to participate in the international market competition.

    In recent years, on the basis of the strategic direction of "focusing on the main channel and focusing on the main brand" strategy, the group has established the group’s high -quality growth second curve with the strategic cooperation with international high -end fashionable function brands in the strategic direction of "fashion functional clothing". Last year, we reached a strategic cooperation with Borgner, a world -renowned luxury sports fashion clothing brand. Both Poziden and Pogner are companies that have the world’s leading advantages in their respective professional fields. Based on the common love for ice and snow sports clothing, the strong potential growth potential of the high -end sports fashion market in China will definitely bring consumers different ice and snow sports. The wearing experience will also inject new momentum into the medium and long -term development of Bosideng. /Liu Lingyu) (Editor in charge: Cao Yang).

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    Zhouzhi took the beat,Place the ground on the ground on the mesh,Look close to,Already,So I will take a shot,The ball rosted a beautiful arc in the air.,Trash can flying into the corner。

    Two hours,One barbal is just used,It is also very savings。
    Visible confrontation。
    This ball is consumed90Pump,Fast close to the venue fee,This is calculated,Badminton is really very expensive。
    Zhouzhi sung,It is found that these two hours of fierce confrontation is very consumed to him.,Walking is floating,I am also very tired and tired.。
    “Buy bottle of water,Drink while walking,Brother, what do you want to drink??”
    “Sprite or Coke。”
    “Sprite……”I wish the doubles in front of the automatic sellers,Looking for a number of snow,“How do you like to drink carbonated drinks??”
    Xueben first lost,I wish the double kneel.,Back hand to handle,I bought a bottle of pulsation,Then go outside while drinking。
    “Brother, how is your physical strength so good??”
    “Nano pulled my cycling,One ride is one hundred kilometers,She is still riding so fast。”Zhouzhi casually found a reason,“Your physical strength is also very good.,Athlete’s level。”
    “I still can’t。”
    It has been ten o’clock at this time.,There are very few people in the street.,The shop is mostly closed.。
    Zhou Zhihe I wish the double slow and go back,Not truck,Signal is relaxed。
    During the post, a tea shop,After drinking the snow, I went to buy two cups of milk tea.,Add sugar,Because I just moved vigorously,Not afraid of gain,Don’t mention more。
    I wouldn’t even think of the little cousin at this time.——
    That is a different from him.、Almost completelyQQLittle girl with space and friends circle。The reason why it is almost almost,It is because when Zhou Zizhi will persuade the nanong’s persuasion.、Send one or two photos that illustrate the status and mood photos,And Zhou also saw the activities of the Small Table Sister Volunteer Association and a variety of award-winning activities、Bargaining link。Among them, the event announcement should be that the association requires forwarding.,Point praise links and bargaining links are generally no one to give her point.,But this little cousin is very contradictory,She is too lazy to send a private letter to ask someone to praise.,And let’s talk about it and talk about friends,And hopes,A few days, no one pays,She will delete it again.。
    So it is difficult to understand her reception。
    I have returned to Spring for so long.,I don’t know if she is good.,There is still milk tea dessert and fruit supply every day.。
    Zhou Decide going back and ask her。
    eleven o ‘clock。
    Lao Zhou and Jiang Wei have already slept,But the bedroom door is not closed,It is left to them to take a shower.。
    I wish you a little light under the door of the ice.。
    Zhouzhi put half of milk tea on the desk,I took a clean clothes.,Going out and taking a shower——I wish the double very considerate to the main bedroom bathroom of Lao Zhou and Jiang Yu,Leave the outside to him。

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