What to eat in the summer to cool down

    What to eat in the summer to cool down

    What should I eat to cool down the heat?

    Just ask the experts to tell us about it.

      The fish Xiaoshu Huanghuang race ginseng folks have a statement of “Xiaoshu Huanghua race ginseng”. Most of the catfish in the month before and after the summer are nourishing. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the scutellaria is warm and sweet, has the effect of nourishing the qi, nourishing the liver and spleen, removing rheumatism, strengtheningBone and other effects, it is best to eat Scutellaria baicalensis during the small summer season, which can prevent diarrhea caused by food indigestion in summer and also protect cardiovascular.

    In addition, summer is a period of remission of rheumatoid arthritis and chronic bronchitis disease. Eating scutellaria baicalensis can also treat winter diseases in summer.

      Experts point out that in midsummer, it is better to eat more freshwater fish if you eat fish.

    Xiaoshu is also the season of frequent digestive tract diseases. It is advisable to adjust the diet to a moderate amount, light, and nutritious.

    Xiaoshu should not eat too greasy and spicy, so Huang Huang’s practice is better to stew.

    In addition, eat more freshwater fish before and after the summer heat, kelp, etc. also have great potential for the body.

      ★ Summer eating method: You can make anchovies with stir-fried shredded shredded pork or yellow rice porridge.

    Remove the viscera and clean the blood stains, cut into inches, filter and dry the water, mix with an appropriate amount of starch for later use; heat the wok on high heat and add vegetable oil to heat, add the onion ginger and garlic minced incense, and pour in the silk and stir-fry; Cook into cooking wine to go fishy, transfer to raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, white sugar quickly stir-fry; stir-fry until the soup is thick and out of the pan, sprinkle some pepper, and drizzle with sesame oil.

      Fruit watermelon to relieve the heat should not eat more “a few pieces of melon in the summer, do not need to grab the medicine.”

    Nutrition experts say that eating watermelon and other fruits in summer is the best way to relieve heat.

    Among them, watermelon pulp contains vitamins, proteins, sucrose and other elements. It has the effect of clearing heat and relieving heat, and is used to treat some fevers, sore throats, and oral inflammation. It is even effective for watermelon peels and watermelon seeds.Edible and medicinal baby.

      In addition to watermelon, summer melon has also entered the peak season.

    However, Chinese medicine believes that melons are cold, but the spleen and stomach are cold, and those who are weak after giving birth should be used with caution.

    Summer iced watermelons should not be eaten too much, and iced time should not be too long.

    In addition, it is necessary to remind that patients with a cold and fever in summer often replace eating watermelon to replenish water and reduce fever, but because it is a cold food, it should not be used for colds and early colds, especially suffering from chills and no sweatNot suitable for consumption.

      ★ Summer eating method: While serving as a raw fruit, watermelon can also be used as a dish.

    The best part of watermelon cooking is melon peel. Watermelon peel is also known as Cuipi or Tsingyi. It can be made of “Cuipi loin”, “sweet and sour melon peel”, “sautéed Tsing Yi silk”, “cold watermelon” and similarThe taste is fresh and refreshing.

    Melons can be washed and diced, cut into small dices and eaten.

      The main food dish porridge is light and painful.

    However, the summer is hot, and the human body sweats a lot in order to dissipate heat. It not only loses water, but also loses too much amino acids, potassium, sodium, vitamin B, and C. It also accelerates the breakdown of protein in the human body.Nutrition.

    Nutrition experts point out that summer has no appetite, and porridge can be used as a staple food.

    Porridge is easy to digest. It can not only add water, but also quickly add blood sugar and energy. It is the best staple food for summer heat.

      When making porridge, beans, miscellaneous grains, fruits and vegetables can be added to enhance the health effect of porridge.

    Experts point out that light, high water and vitamin supplemented vegetable porridge is a good food choice. You can use lettuce and cabbage to make porridge to drink.

      ★ Summer eating method: adding different ingredients when making porridge can have different effects. Mung bean porridge can solve the effects of relieving heat and thirst, alleviating trouble, regenerating, and detoxifying; Yinhua porridge can prevent and treat heat stroke; mint porridge can clear heatRelieve heat, evacuate wind, clear the throat; lotus leaf porridge can clear heat, relieve heat, relieve thirst, lose weight and lower blood pressure; adding fresh Agastache leaves to porridge can carry out heatstroke, indigestion, cold chest tightness and vomitingWait.

      Vegetable bitter vegetables are the best way to relieve heat and humidity in summer. Experts point out that at this time, it is best to eat more heat-removing foods, such as various melon vegetables.

    According to reports, melon diuretic anti-inflammatory, clearing away heat and detoxification, you can also sober up and lose weight.

    Luffa can relieve heat, expel wind and phlegm, and cool blood and detoxify.

    For those who have dry stools, papaya can help the body digest and absorb food.

    Pumpkin has the functions of tonifying qi, relieving inflammation and pain, detoxifying and killing insects.

    Eat more cool vegetables in summer, such as tomatoes, eggplants, celery, falling sunflower (purple corner leaves), lettuce, asparagus, watercress, cold potatoes and so on.

      In addition to cold foods, eating bitter foods in summer can also reduce the heat, and bitter gourd, bitter vegetables, bitter tea, tartary buckwheat, beer, and bitter bamboo shoots are all excellent food for summer heatstroke prevention.

      ★ How to eat in summer: Winter melon skin soup can treat mild edema. Drink with winter melon and lotus leaf, barley soup to drink, soothing dampness and heat is a cool drink in summer.

    The method of loofah is to peel and slice the fresh loofah and fry it to make soup.

    Bitter gourd can be sauteed or used for juice and honey.

      Meat duck meat can not make up for summer ducks, which can not only supplement the excessive consumption of nutrients, but also eliminate the adverse effects of heat on the human body.Duck meat is most beneficial for those with low fever, weakness, low food intake, dry stools and edema.

    Traditional Chinese medicine believes that duck meat is sweet, salty, and slightly cold, and has the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing the stomach, clearing the lungs and replenishing blood, and diminishing swelling.

    However, people who suffer from cold diet, abdominal pain, thin diarrhea, low back pain, dysmenorrhea and other symptoms should not eat duck meat for the time being to avoid aggravating the disease.

    In addition, experts, cold patients should not eat duck meat.

      ★ Summer eating method: You can make a pot of duck bitter gourd soup, remove the heat and nourish.

    Specific method: Bitter gourds are dug out and cut into round slices.

    Duck minced pork, add cooking wine, salt, egg whites, stir well, add meatballs, cook in boiling water and remove; put duck soup in the pot, add bitter gourd slices, onions, ginger, cooking wine and salt, boil 3Minutes, pick out the onion and ginger without using; wait for the soup to boil, add mushrooms, chicken essence, duck meatballs, add MSG, and drizzle with sesame oil to bring it out of the pan.

      ■ Special reminds that “sweet honey” may be the hydration in the summer.

    Some people hold music every day to quench their thirst. Some people think that ice beer and ice lolly can relieve the heat. In fact, this way of hydrating makes people more and more “thirsty.”

      Sweet drinks are not as good as salt water. Many people like various drinks in summer. Experts point out that sweet drinks almost contain sugar, and the metabolism of sugar in the body needs to consume B vitamins.

    So drinking a lot of sweet drinks will aggravate the vitamin B deficiency and lead to anger.

      Many people choose pure water or distilled water. These waters do allow the water to enter the body quickly, reduce the osmotic pressure, turn the water into sweat and urine, and take away a variety of nutrients.Many times, other nutrients are prone to lack, and can not help maintain water in the body.

      Experts point out that boiled water is the “king of one hundred medicines”. You should choose fresh cold boiled water (20 ° C to 25 ° C) that cools naturally after boiling. It has specific biological activity, and it is best to add some salt when drinking boiled water.

    In addition, bean soup (red bean soup, mung bean soup, black bean soup, etc.) with a small amount of salt is also effective in preventing heatstroke.

      Cold drinks get hotter and hot. Many people drink a variety of drinks and beer cold.

    But this will never relieve the heat, on the contrary, it will make you hotter and hotter.

      Experts point out that although cold beer feels refreshing and happy at the entrance, the alcohol in it will speed up blood circulation and the body will only drink hotter and hotter.

    Studies have shown that drinking cold drinks reduces the rate at which the body dissipates heat due to the cold contraction of blood vessels.

    In addition, cold drinks will stimulate the gastrointestinal wall and reduce digestive capacity.

    Eating cold drinks before meals can prevent appetite and affect summer growth and development.

      Experts also suggest that the nutrition of cold drinks is imbalanced, especially the nutritional value of ordinary popsicles is very low. It is recommended to limit the amount of cold drinks and eat them one hour after a meal.

    You can use yogurt instead of ice cream and fruit juice instead of popsicles, which is more conducive to summer health.

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    Decrypt the slimming cream truth

    Decrypt the slimming cream truth

    Many people are famous for the star-speaking mention of those magical slimming creams.

    Can you really wipe where it is?

    Are these slimming products really amazing?

    The senior coach of the middle body Bili Fitness Club, the nutritionist will interpret them one by one.

      Slimming cream is mainly divided into two categories from the composition and efficacy: function one: drainage swelling and edema.

    Promotional introduction, if you see the essence of cocoa in the slimming products, capsaicin, lavender, geranium and other ingredients, you can understand that it is conducive to promoting drainage, swelling.

      Many products contain capsaicin, which is used to clear the bloodstream, stimulate the nervous system, and improve edema-type obesity by promoting lymphatic drainage and perspiration.

      Expert interpretation: First of all, the term “edema-type obesity” is not scientific.

    Obesity is the accumulation of sputum, that is, sputum cell hypertrophy.

    If the edema is also systemic, not local, unless it is caused by certain diseases.

      Healthy women generally have the highest level of estrogen secretion in the first few days of the physiological cycle, storing potassium, sodium, and absorption, that is, storing water, leading to edema, which is normal, using the end of the physiological cycle, edemaIt will naturally disappear.

      The function of “capsaicin” is to dilate blood vessels and stimulate nerves.

    If you have a “hot” feeling, it is the feeling of circulatory expansion, the feeling of nerves and muscles, not the slight consumption of muscles, nor the slight increase in metabolic rate.

      Function 2: Go to the “orange” and tighten the main ingredients: the slimming products such as caffeine have always been the “tight”.

    In the introduction of the product, the cellulite of the human being is unbalanced due to unfortunate storage and release, resulting in a spongy relaxation of the epidermis.

      In order to eliminate the phenomenon of orange peel, it is necessary to start with water-based adults, and the second effect of slimming products is to eliminate these cellulite.

    According to reports, many products contain caffeine and other ingredients can effectively eliminate orange peel, transform caffeine, extracts from ginkgo and horse chestnut can accelerate adult metabolism.

      Expert interpretation: Caffeine can increase heart rate, increase basal metabolic rate, and increase microenzyme activity.

    Because of the horniness of the skin, I want to absorb it to achieve consumption, and the effect is minimal.

      Because the skin can absorb very little, and it needs a certain concentration to produce the effect, usually 5 mg per kilogram of body weight, and how a bottle of slimming cream can contain so many caffeine.

      In addition, caffeine has a diuretic effect, but draining water does not mean a small amount of consumption, and excessive use of caffeine can cause heart rate disorders, loss of protein and calcium.

    To eliminate the orange peel, you can only consume excess candy, disappear slightly, and the orange peel is gone, which can only be achieved through exercise and diet control.

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    Nutrition during pregnancy determines your baby’s life

    Nutrition during pregnancy determines your baby’s life

    For a long time, people have been paying attention to the impact of pregnant women’s diet on the health of children.

    The results of a recent study published by British scientists show that offspring born from experimental mice with reasonably expected structures live healthier and later on.

    The results also showed that those rats that did not receive a good nutritional supply in their mothers died early after birth.

    The researchers said that although their findings cannot be directly used to explain human health problems, they can fully confirm that “lightweight” infants are more likely to develop cardiovascular diseases and other diseases in their mothers when they grow up.Related to nutritional supply.

    In addition, studies have also shown that the developmental status of the fetus during pregnancy has a significant impact on the length of life after birth.

    In the first round of experiments, researchers divided pregnant rats into three groups.

    One group used protein-based recipes, and the other group used low-protein recipes.

    After the pups were born, the researchers swapped the females so that the malnourished pups were replaced by females with a standard diet, and killed to allow them to gradually recover.

    The third group is subsidiary.

    The mother rats in this group use standard recipes.

    After the pups are born, they occur as normal.

    Experimental results showed that some of the young rats survived for about two years.

    The mice that received adequate nutritional supplements in their mothers lived an average of two months longer than other rats.

    The rats that received good nutritional supplementation during pregnancy lived on average less than half a year than the control rats.

    In the second round of experiments, the researchers divided half of the litter pups and allowed them to be weaned on day 21 and switched to high-fat and high-sugar diets that made people fat.

    The other half of the young rats were replaced by standard recipes.

    The experimental results show that those mice that can get good nutritional supplements in their mothers and use unhealthy diet after weaning live only one year, which is half the life of the other half.

    Researchers have shown that a high-metabolic diet has a significant effect on the transformation of young rats that receive good nutritional supplements in the mother’s body.

    In the past, studies have shown that “lightweight” newborns are susceptible to hypertension and hypertension in adults.

    This shows that the mother’s own lack of good nutrition supply will affect the normal development of oxides.

    In this study, the researchers found that some critical organs, such as the kidneys, of the mice were damaged because of insufficient nutritional supplies.

    According to the experimental results, it is estimated that different nutritional supplies during human pregnancy have a great impact on children’s life span, and can even affect whether children live to 50 or 75 years.

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    The four dirtiest places in the human body

    The four dirtiest places in the human body

    The sanitary dead corners of households in the four dirtiest places of the human body should be cleaned frequently, and the sanitary dead corners of the body cannot fall.

    According to an American media magazine article, there are four places in the human body that are the dirtiest.


    The scalp research found that there are about one million microorganisms per square centimeter of the scalp, the most of which is hair follicle lipid tuberculosis. They like to put their homes in the epidermal layer of the scalp and combine them in groups, forming one”Big family”, working together to make a living by sucking the secretion of the skin’s lipid glands, the ultimate result is hair loss.

    If you want to fight against them, you must wash your hair frequently. It is best to comb your hair with a comb every morning and evening. This can stimulate the scalp and let it ventilate.


    Mouth Mouth is a must for food, but do you know that there are more than 100 million microorganisms per square centimeter in our mouths, among which there are good bacteria groups and there are quite a few bad microorganisms. This is a crime that causes breath.The culprit in Quebec.

    They are parasitic between teeth and on the tongue, and break down food residues and saliva while producing unpleasant sulfur compounds.

    Keep your mouth clean and hygienic, brush your teeth carefully in the morning and evening. Remember to use dental floss to clean your teeth before you brush your teeth. After brushing your teeth, clean your tongue again. The bacteria on the tongue will also damage your breath.


    With your arms in a crowded bus or subway, you may have experienced the unbearable smell more than once!

    It emanates from under the arm, polluting the surrounding air recklessly.

    Microbes hidden in the armpits are as high as 10 billion to 100 billion per square centimeter.

    Sweat itself has no peculiar smell. It is a “frequent visitor” in the armpits-the coryneform bacteria are nourished by fatty acids secreted from the skin, which multiply and breed a large number of bacteria, which produces an unpleasant smell.

    Armpit sweating is not a disease. As long as you take a regular bath, you can eliminate frequent changes of clothes. It is best to choose cotton clothes for underwear.


    Initially, more than 400 bacteria colonized the intervention.

    Escherichia coli inside itself is a good tenant in the human inn, it helps to insert digestion, and is an integral part of our defense system.

    But Escherichia coli beyond level 1 can cause disease. If it “slides” into food, it can cause nausea, discard vomiting and diarrhea.

    To protect the intermediates, it is recommended to drink 1-2 bottles of yogurt every day. The probiotics can inhibit the bad bacteria from triggering hegemony and help the good bacteria to obtain the right to prevent interactions.

    In addition, adhere to moderate exercise, often do push-ups, rubbing the abdomen, etc., can prevent interventional aging.


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    Women’s Lies: No Sex Doesn’t Matter

    Women’s Lies: No Sex Doesn’t Matter

    In particular, women prefer to talk about feelings.

    But in fact, the “no sex is okay”, and “sex is not the most important thing, the most important thing is the feeling” are all authentic lies.

    Just as some women flaunted how detached they were before falling in love, and mocked how irrational those same-sex lovers were, she didn’t realize how powerful her feelings were until she surrounded love.

    Feeling emotional, I forgot about it. The original detachment did not know where it went.

      So what are the true thoughts of women about sex?

      Earlier, I said “new tough guys need to be tough on both ends” and I was quickly bombarded by a man.

    He said that modern people are chaotic and weak under their heads.

    After several years, couples usually lose their feelings and experience the so-called “seven-year itch.” But when they don’t listen to the words, some people’s hearts go astray and they begin to remember that sex is good.

    In this sense, it means that women pay more attention to foreplay, and when they have done enough foreplay, they will reveal the essence: in fact, she likes sex very much.

    It is only necessary to bypass a big bend to acknowledge this fact.

      Women’s love of sex is a mature process.

    Others say that the male joke is very funny: at the age of 20, there is no thief and no thief; at the age of 30, there is no thief and no thief; at the age of 40, there is thief and thief. Look back: the thief is gone.

    The same holds true for women.

    In other words, thirty is like a wolf, and forty is like a tiger.

    This is a process of gradual recovery.

    Gradually stripped of the utilitarian color, and the disguise of feelings, returned to the sexual standard.

      But in the display, knowing and acknowledging the truth takes extra time, and how many beautiful days are lost.

    This waste of life is because the backbone of the mind is not straight all of a sudden.

    Women in China, in particular, have been oppressed by feudal etiquette, the recovery of self-confidence, the development of independent personality, the transformation of self-identification, the lack of time to experience, and the “thickening” of their skin, which is indeed difficult to achieve.

      Why do women like hard work?

    From a biological perspective, body organs each have convenient stimuli, such as the eyes responding mainly to light; bones responding to stress; and female sex organs respond to stress.

    You play music and say two sweet words, maybe she can feel relaxed and happy, but she can’t reach her climax.

    Because women’s bodies only respond to stress.

    The harder you are and the more pressure you give her, the more positive her response will be.

      Schr?dinger said that people are machines.

    A woman’s heart and body are separated.

    The mind is the emotion and the body is the machine.

    The body has physical laws.

    Her heart will still unify with the physical feeling-but it must be that men must have “hard work”.

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    Spinal disease patients do not benefit from meter

    Spinal disease patients do not benefit from “meter”

    Many people today like to do “meter” exercises, thinking that “meter” exercises can prevent cervical spondylosis.
    The “meter” exercise includes flexion and extension, lateral flexion, and rotation of the cervical spine, and also includes several composite actions of different actions.
    Is the “M” exercise really beneficial for patients with cervical spondylosis?
      This starts with cervical spondylosis.
    In fact, there are several types of cervical spondylosis, including cervical spondylosis of the cervical spondylosis, cervical spondylosis of the nerve root type, cervical spondylosis of the spinal cord, cervical spondylosis of the vertebral arteries, and sympathetic cervical spondylosis.
    The lateral flexion of the neck in the “M” exercise can cause the intervertebral foramen of the nerve root to shrink, exacerbating the condition of patients with cervical spondylosis of the nerve root type; and the extension of the neck in the “M” exercise can cause the cervical spinal canal.Narrowing can aggravate the symptoms of patients with cervical spondylotic myelopathy; for patients with cervical spondylotic vertebral artery, cervical rotation in the “meter” exercise can cause dizziness.
      Therefore, the author believes that the “meter” exercise not only can not prevent cervical spondylosis, but will aggravate the condition of some types of cervical spondylosis patients. It is not worth doing, and it is not worth advocating!
      Rehabilitation medicine is an emerging discipline in modern medicine, which attaches importance to the scientific nature of medical exercise.
    For the exercise of patients with cervical spondylosis, we generally adopt the principle of isometric training, that is, during the training, the muscles are contracted but the length of the muscles does not change, which can exercise the muscle strength of the neck without the need for cervical lateral flexion and posteriorExercises such as stretching and rotation, so as not to aggravate certain types of cervical spondylosis, so the exercise of patients with cervical spondylosis should be performed under the guidance of professionals.

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    Wash your hair once a few days to be healthy

    Wash your hair once a few days to be healthy

    Core tip: Well, it is better not to wash your hair before going to bed. If you want to wash, dry with a dry towel, and then use a hairdryer to dry your hair before going to sleep, so you won’t catch a cold.

    Falling asleep without hair is prone to colds.

      First do a hair quality health test to see if your hair is healthy: 1. Gloss test operation method: divide the cleaned hair and smooth it out.

    Put a mirror in front of you so that you can clearly see the top of your head.

    Make the light shoot down from the head to form a crown-like round halo.

      Presumably: the brighter the round halo, the better the hair gloss.

      2. Toughness test operation method: Before washing the hair, cut a bunch of hair about one inch long, and then put it into water.

      Presumably: the quality of the hair can be trimmed within 30 seconds.

    Poor hair tends to sink quickly when absorbed.

    If your hair sinks straight, then you should pay attention to the care of your hair.

      3. Smooth test operation method: comb the hair from top to bottom with a comb.

    Hold the ends of the hair of a blade, rub them vigorously, and see if the ends crack or break.

      Best: If the comb is always blocked in the same place, the hair in this place is the most fragile and driest.

    The cracking and breaking of the hair ends is the beginning of the fragility of the hair, and it must be timely controlled and treated.

      So, how about washing your hair once a few days?

      Chinese medicine recommends: 1. It is best to wash your head three to four times a week.

    Washing your hair every day will not only protect your hair, it may also cause damage to your hair.

    Because washing your hair regularly will completely wash away the oil secreted by the sebaceous glands, causing the scalp and hair to lose their natural protective film, which is not good for hair health.

      2. People who have worked outdoors for a long time and mental workers can appropriately increase the number of shampoos. In addition, they must comb frequently to promote blood circulation.

      In general, it is best not to wash your hair before going to bed. If you want to wash your hair, dry it with a dry towel, and then use a hair dryer to dry your hair before going to sleep, so that you won’t catch a cold.
    Falling asleep without hair is prone to colds.
      Western medicine recommends: 1. It is best to wash it every other day in summer, so it is more scientific.

      2. Some people who do special work still insist on washing their hair every day due to hygiene requirements.

    But no matter who you are, you should pay attention to the choice of shampoo when cleaning your head. Avoid using too alkaline shampoo, it is best to add conditioner.

      Comb the tangled hair, and slowly comb it from the end of the hair, then from the root to the tail, or even with the head down and from the head forward to smooth the hair and improve blood circulation., Do more with less!

      Shampooing is essentially skin care. You must start with basic cleaning work. Complete cleaning work can remove substances that prevent nutrient absorption, and subsequent nourishing actions can effectively absorb it.

      First, put the shampoo in the palm of your hand, rub it into the palm, and then apply it to the hair. Wash the hair from the root to the end, and let the hair hang down naturally. Use your fingertips to gently massage the scalp back and forth.Rinse gently with running, mild water. Do not use hot water that can cause excessive scalp drying.

      The conditioner has a repairing function, which can repair damaged hair and isolate the invasion of ultraviolet rays. Do not use it more than three times a week. From the scalp to the hair ends, rub it into all parts of the hair and rinse it with water.

    After washing, you can use a wide-tooth comb from head to end of the hair, and wrap the head with a towel to let the moisturizing ingredients of the conditioner fully exert.

      Tips: After washing the hair, use a hair dryer to blow the hair in detail. Tip 1. Use a towel to absorb most of the hair’s moisture until the hair does not drip.

    The purpose of this step is to protect the hair. Hair that is too wet is blown directly and the hair is easily split.

      2. Don’t divide the boundary and bangs (if any) first, use a hair dryer to blow down from the top of the head, and dry the scalp and hair root, the time is about 3-5 minutes.

      3. Separate the boundary and bangs. At this time, the hair at the top of the head will be longer and fluffy, and then the middle of the hair and the roots will be blown.

      4. All the hair is blown to 70% dryness. Insert your hand into the middle of the hair to swell the upper hair. The hair dryer blows to the middle to achieve higher hair fluffy effect. Then blow the bangs in the direction of the bangs. Finally, the overall hair is shaped.Pay attention to the shape of straight hair and curly hair.

      Precautions for hair blowing: Straight hair MM can be used to help straighten hair.

      Curly MM manually rolls out the desired hair tail shape and then blows the hair.

      After blowing the hair, you can spray some styling water or nutrient water to add moisture and styling.

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    Super simple 1-stroke yoga moves for easy thin arms

    Super simple 1-stroke yoga moves for easy thin arms

    Core Tip: If you want to thin your arms, you can easily get a simple yoga action in 1 stroke!

    Learn yoga with thin arms in one stroke with Xiaobian now, and work hard to realize your dream of having thin arms!

      Thin Arm Yoga Movements: Step 1 in a change of posture.

    Sit on your knees with your back straight and adjust your breathing.

      Thin Arm Yoga Action Step 2.

    On the left hand and under the right hand, the elbows overlap and the palms are held together.

      Thin Arm Yoga Action Step 3.

    Inhale, lean back, exhale, push your hands as tightly as possible above your head, stay for a few seconds, and take a deep breath.

    Slowly return to step 2 and change hands again.

      Effect of thin arm yoga action steps: it can eliminate excess meat in the arm, soften elbow joints, shoulder joints, prevent shoulder or back pain, and correct hump.

    If you often have poor posture, it is recommended that you do it three times a day.

      Use of consciousness in thin-arm yoga movement steps: The change in sitting posture is focused on the arm. When the movement is completed, the consciousness is concentrated on both arms, especially the muscles outside the arm have a thorough feeling.

    For beginners, if the elbows are stacked on top of each other, the palms cannot hold each other.

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    Yuanyang Yoga Wear Japanese Cotton Top S1952

    Yuanyang Yoga Wear Japanese Cotton Top S1952

    Product description: Market price: ¥ 98.

    00 Brand: Yuanyang Yoga Specifications: M, L, XL Weight: 0.

    3kg product color: black product material: 94% viscose fiber, 6% spandex Product description: Since the development of yoga clothes, it has gradually put aside the old fashioned style, the color is a single style, and it will move towards a simple and natural European and American fitness style., Dynamic side, sleeve flower collar flowers, fashion printing and other different popular factors have also been incorporated into more and more new styles, more in line with modern people’s personality, but do not want to excessive Zhang Yang’s character.

      Yoga clothes contain 6% spandex, which has very good elasticity and strong tensile strength. It has a lower elasticity than general fitness clothes. It is more suitable for completing the good elasticity of yoga.Low shortcomings, more suitable for performing all kinds of yoga movements, with high-grade materials and smooth feel. It is as natural as the skin when worn on the body. It has an excellent drape after wearing, a comfortable fit, and a perfect fusion of fashion and professionalism.

      Instructions for use: Yoga clothing is a type of clothing worn when practicing yoga.

    When choosing yoga clothes, you must focus on comfort, looseness is the best, and at least there is better breathability.

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    The practice of black bone chicken soup

    The practice of black bone chicken soup

    Ingredients: 1/2 bone chicken, 600 fresh yam, lotus seeds, 1 dried celery, 1 dried jujube, and 5 pieces of dried sage chicken soupBlisters are soft spare.

      (2) Boiled chicken with boiling water 2?
    3 minutes, remove the blood water and oil with cold water, chop pieces for later use.

      (3) Add 2000cc of water to the pot and boil it.
    3 hours, take out the dried grass and replace it, add the grass juice and filter to remove the residue.

      (4) Put black-bone chicken, fresh yam, lotus seeds and red dates into the grass juice and cook for 1 hour on low heat.

    (You can add salt and wine to taste as you like).

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