First1141chapter Meeting

    Chen Haiping in the sun looks black and strong。
    Watching this middle-aged man look happy,Xia Jian hurriedly stepped forward and said:“This is the result of your village,This is Cangtian pays off,The good days in your village are coming soon”
    “You have a meeting today,What did you say at the meeting?”Chen Xiaolan asked a little concerned。
    Chen Haiping laughed and said:“It’s all praise to our village,I finally stopped being scolded in the meeting。I’ll tell you the specific details,Now let’s accompany Xia Jian to look around”
    A group of people talking and laughing,Walked forward。Watch all the way,Xia Jian was very happy。He did not expect,This thousand acres of wasteland,With the efforts of all villagers in Xiping Village, it has become a green ocean,If it comes to the benefit period,Looking at the pepper trees all over the mountains,I don’t know how spectacular the scene is。
    After watching the pepper trees in Xiping Village,Everyone went to the apple orchard in Xiping Village。These apple trees live up to the high expectations of the people of Xiping Village,Grows lush,Drew out many new branches。
    From Shuijing Village to Donggou Village,When I see Banpo Village,It’s more than four o’clock。Looked down at the three villages,Well managed apple trees are the best,This made Xia Jian very puzzled。
    Village committee in Banpo Village,The main leaders of several villages are already sitting there waiting for Xia Jian and the others。They saw Xia Jian walk in,Then stood up,Eleven and Xia Jian shook hands。
    Don’t wait for Xia Jian to sit down,Tong Shaohua, the head of Liuling Village, said to Xia Jian with a smile:“President Xia!Our Liuling Village has failed your high expectations,These apple trees are not growing very well”
    “Don’t rush to admit your mistakes,To analyze where the problem is? You neglect management,Or other principles。Mr. Xia came today to find a problem”Guo Meili said loudly,Tong Shaohua’s mouth moved,No more words。
    Xia Jian glanced at the people in charge from several villages,Frowned slightly and said:“I have visited three villages,The best growing apple tree is in Shuijing Village,What i want to ask is,The land in Shuijing Village is fertile than the land in your other villages?The apple trees sent to their village are better than those in your other villages?”
    Although Xia Jian’s tone is very plain,But the talk is full of accountability。Several village leaders bowed their heads a little embarrassed。Guo Meili glanced at Tong Shaohua and said:“Village Chief Tong,Let me talk about why this happened in Liuling Village?What do you say”
    “Hey!Our Liuling Village is artificial。everybody knows,Liu Gui, the old immortal, is always making ghosts behind,The workers in our fruit industry base changed several batches,Just trained mature hands,They just found an excuse to quit,So the fruit tree management in our village can be said to be very bad”Tong Shaohua said,Keep shaking his head。
    Xia Jianzheng wants to talk,Unexpectedly, Guo Meili rushed to say:“Village Chief Tong,We seem to have told you,The workers in your village are not only responsible for the management of fruit trees,And also shoulder the role of patrol and tree protection。If you find someone messing with it,Knock me down first,Let’s take care of something”
    Guo Meili’s voice is loud,Seems to be deliberately told to some people。Tong Shaohua,Said with a smile:“With Mr. Guo’s words,I can let go of my hands and feet“
    “Irrigation in Liuling Village is not in place,Many saplings are seriously lacking water。Such as east23-654,The whole land lacks water,You have to arrange someone to do this right away“Lin Wei opens the logbook,Speak loudly。
    Tong Shaohua,Flushed and said:“I know about it,I will do it myself”
    Lin Wei seems to be prepared,She not only talked about the problem of Liuling Village,And also pointed out the problems in Donggou Village and Zhangbao Village,She remembers very specific,All these individuals bowed their heads。

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    Xia Jian is not stupid,I quickly understood Hu Huiru’s true intentions。Her circle is a bit big,Xia Jian almost didn’t understand what she meant。

    But in front of so many people,Xia Jian is not easy to refuse,I nodded and said:“it is good!”
    In order not to cause misunderstanding, Xia Jian,Xia Jian said to Yan again:“Mayor Ma!You accompany Mr. Hu on a trip,You two go home for dinner!it’s getting dark”
    “OK!Then let’s go”Ma Yan reacts faster。Xia Jian talks out,She rushed to say。
    Hu Huiru doesn’t want Ma Yan to follow them,But Xia Jian and Ma Yan both said it,She was too embarrassed to directly refuse,Otherwise her intention is too obvious。
    When the three people walked into the door of Xia Jian’s store,,Sun Yuejuan is busy making lunch,And Xia Zecheng didn’t know where he went,The entire compound is extremely quiet。
    “mom!President Hu is here”Xia Jian deliberately shouted in a high voice。Sun Yuejuan walked out of the kitchen after hearing the sound。She saw that Xia Jian brought back a woman she didn’t know,The brows frowned involuntarily。
    “Hello auntie!My name is Hu Huiru。Is your friend of Xia Jian。Come to Xiping Village this time and take a look,I came here to visit you”Hu Huiru is really exquisite。Xia Jian could not introduce her well,She came by herself。This is a strong woman。
    Sun Yuejuan listened to a general idea,She smiled busy and said:“Hurry in,A bit cold outside”Sun Yuejuan said,Wiped his hands on the apron,He called Hu Huiru into the house。
    In the main hall,Zhengwang。The whole room is like heating,Makes people very comfortable。Hu Huiru changed the norm,It’s almost like a different person,She let go of the boss,Sit in front of the stove without restraint。
    “Xia Jian!Your house is really nice,Feel warm as soon as you enter the door”Hu Huiru directly called Xia Jian’s name,Even changed my name。
    Xia Jian laughed and said:“What warm,Compare with the high-rise villa you live in,I don’t know how bad it is”When Xia Jian said this,,Thinking about what this woman wants to do?
    Sun Yuejuan made a cup of tea and brought it over,She handed it to Hu Huiru,Then I looked at Hu Huiru from head to toe。Only then smiled slightly:“Looks really good,Like on TV”
    “Thanks auntie!I am here in a hurry,I didn’t even bring a gift to Auntie,But next time I come,I will remember”Hu Huiru smiled calmly,Very nice。
    Xia Jian panicked,He just about to speak。Sun Yuejuan rushed to say:“I can see Auntie,What gift to bring,Auntie is not such a snob”
    Ma Yan pulled Xia Jian quietly and said:“You come outside,I have something to ask you”
    Xia Jian hesitated,But still followed Ma Yan out。In the main hall,Hu Huiru deliberately asked to talk to Sun Yuejuan。Sun Yuejuan is also happy,The two said a happy moment。
    “Hey!what do you mean?Bring one today,Bring one tomorrow,Do you want to tell the people of Xiping Village,How good is my Xia Jianpao woman??”Ma Yan hit Xia Jian,Asked in a low voice very unhappy。
    Xia Jian snorted coldly:“Don’t talk about it。She is the boss of Dongsheng Group,I am the consultant hired by their company,She came to Xiping Village to check her work”
    “Check a ghost,She just came the day before yesterday,Come again today,Isn’t there a lice on this bald head??All right,Your business has nothing to do with me,Whatever you like。Just remind you,Play with fire**”Ma Yan finished,Turn around。

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    “Is there anything wrong??”

    “Isn’t it more and more farther away from Yiwu?How do I feel that Mr. Kampot is stepping us to the south,What are you trying?”
    “Replenish supplies in that small town,And then go back to Yiwu,This is the only way。”Kampot looked serious,And it makes sense。
    “You are so confident?”Quan Xingguo sneered,“Why not answer my question directly?”
    “I have no intention,Everything is God’s will,As a devout believer,I faithfully follow his guidelines,Don’t you think,Are we just wasting time talking here??”Kampot finished,I walked to the truck without any rush,Lifted his leg and got into the cab。
    Quan Xingguo looked up at the sky,The sun is already west at noon,Don’t look at the bright sun now,In the evening,It will be extremely cold on the Gobi Desert,Especially now the weather in November,No food and enough warm clothing,Will suffer a big sin,Unless you are lucky to ask the passing vehicles to borrow gasoline,Otherwise, the risk of going to Qingyuan Town will be greater。
    But he believes,Kampot won’t let him‘Run into’Of such a kind vehicle,I don’t even know what to do when night comes.,Quan Xingguo quickly weighed it in his mind,Decide to settle,I have to see what Kampot’s real purpose is。
    So one person got on the bus again,The car headed south towards Dabanshan,The situation is much worse than expected,Just drove less than fifty miles,The small broken truck broke down and broke down,Quan Xingguo got out of the car and fiddled with it for a long time but didn’t get it right,I wasted several bottles of water。
    Seeing the sun keep drifting westward,Had to decide to abandon the car and walk,So a group of strange hikers appeared on the desolate desert highway,Two of them in a row,Neatly formed,Walking posture and pace are very stiff,One by one,Quanxingguo and Kampot are naturally at the top,Ma Yuan and Ma Tian in the middle,The last is Xie Zhiman and Ma Hongqing。
    Just as Quan Xingguo expected,After abandoning the car and walking,It seems a lot normal on the road,I can see the traffic from time to time,at first,He and Xie Zhiman also waved to try to take a ride,But none succeeded,No cars will even stop,Can understand,Six strong men hitchhiking,Still in such a desolate and remote place,Any driver will be shocked,After repeatedly hitting the wall,Just don’t try。
    “Is this what you want to see?”Quan Xingguo suddenly twisted his hair and asked,But his face changed in an instant,Because in his vision,Kampot’s facial appearance has undergone significant changes again,It’s hard to imagine how this person is like a chameleon?Besides, the chameleon only changes the skin color,This guy even changed the shape of his facial features,If ordinary people have this ability,Isn’t the world chaotic?
    “I do not understand what you are saying?”Kampot shrugged,“The steering wheel is in your hands from beginning to end,The car broke down,Can’t blame me?”
    “The car broke suddenly,Isn’t it the guide of your creator??”
    Kampot suddenly stopped,Looked at Quan Xingguo seriously,Close eyesight,But there is chaos in the pupils,Quan Xingguo stared at Kampot without showing weakness.,There was a stream of fire in his eyes,Everyone stopped,I don’t know what these two are doing like cockfighting?
    Gradually,Kampot’s pupils have changed,The gray chaotic fog is dissipating,Black、Rings like threads appear gradually,More and more circle by circle,So densely packed that you can’t see the bottom,The ring is slowly spinning,The direction of rotation of each ring is different,But the overall feeling,It is a whirlpool,An unfathomable vortex。

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    However, with the killing of carnivores,Gods and demons keep coming up,Fight a fight。

    First death,It was the one hundred and eighty-first six hundred years after Pangu opened the world。
    Fall of that year,Due to catching meat bugs,Constant escalation of contradictions,Ultimate innate god‘You’And in charge‘Way of Fire’Chaos God‘Yan’Fight。
    It was a very tragic battle。
    You are even lower,But the innate gods and demons were born in battles。
    Yan is stronger,It also has an axe that comes naturally with it。
    And when the news reaches the ears of the true gods,Three days have passed。
    Three days,The two gods became more angry as they fought,finally‘You’The blood of the gods spilled on the earth,Become the first fallen god and demon in the world of Pangu Chaos!Kicked off the prelude to the age of gods and demons。
    You are the first to die,And Yan who killed him was only a year later,Be the true god in a war‘Thor Tianzun’Kill。
    of course,These wars,For the time being, it has not yet affected the ancestral gods and the true gods with top strength,They are on top,Looking down on all beings。
    The area they shelter,Also very safe,There is no god or devil who does not have eyesight to go to their turf。

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    After all, if you have a daughter, if you are with Li Hui, you really have it.,That is equal to Li Hui Feng as his half son.。

    “Lao Li,You just don’t be modest.,Come along with me.,Since the last time I chatted with you in the orchard.,You always hide me,Now that Xiao Li is also coming back.,We are not”Li Hui, listen to this,Immediately feel big things。
    Li Shouye is also aware of his son’s mind.。
    I immediately interrupted Xu Laifu’s words.,Laugh:“Old village,I haven’t hidden you.,What you say this is misunderstood.,Ying Ying so beautiful girl, which young people don’t like?
    Don’t say that our village,It is another village I have heard that there are many like Yingying.,That is, this age is too small.,Still in school,Otherwise, I can’t wait to let this kid agree.。”
    When Li Shouye said this, he looked at Li Hui Feng in the side of it.,Directly:“Stinky boy,Still stupid,Still don’t hurry to know the monkey oil,I have a few cups with you.,I haven’t been drinking with you, you haven’t been drinking with you.。”
    I listen to drinking,Xu Laifu knows that this thing is going to drag,Because the people in the village know that Li Shouying is not good.,After drinking,,After the discharge, the thing I promised before, I don’t remember.。
    “Xiao Li,Don’t trouble,I remember tomorrow, I will get it earlier.,I am going to the town to take a trip.,There is still something in my family.,Get back。”
    I heard that I said.,Li Hui’s heart is also a breather。
    But Li Shouye is stunned.,He didn’t expect Xu Laifu to go back.。
    Because he has already said before,If two young people are old,That’s what you have,This must not drink some wine,In the future, if this is Xu Laifu to grab the handle.,Then he has no reason to explain。
    “village head,We haven’t seen you for a long time.,I have to drink a cup today.,You go back so much,I am not awesome.。”
    One side of Li Shouye said while drinking Wang Jing,Then let Wang Jing fry a few small dishes。
    Wang Jing looked at Li Shouye to see him.,Just know that it is not good to solve it.。
    “village head,You first take a while,I am going to stir.,quickly。”
    “Stinky boy,Hurry and use the monkey.,I give the fried,By the way, take the altar good wine in the house.。”
    Say,Wang Jing fell directly into the kitchen。
    And Xu Bifu saw a family suddenly so enthusiastic.,His some don’t know if it should be left。
    Have to say,Li Shouye is still there to be enthusiastic,But not going,Just now Li Shouye said something,If you drink, you will not pay,Think about Xu Laifu, I feel that I am walking.。
    Just waiting for him yet,The kitchen has passed the cooking sound。
    “mom,What’s going on?
    How do my dad have to drink with Xu??”
    The 347th chapter of the mood complex Qin Ya
    I heard Li Hui’s words,Wang Jing directly gave Li Hui Feng a angry eye。
    “You are still very embarrassed?
    Your father doesn’t drink wine, can you block you the past??”
    “That doesn’t drink drink.。”
    Li Hui really wants to understand what is related to this matter?。
    “Humph,Since the last time your dad is drinking with the old village,We feel that you can’t worry with Yingying.,Because your kid is too worryable.,In a village, there is Yingying and Qin Su Yaya.,Although Qin Su is married,But when I know,The girl is a clear body,And your kid’s feelings about the gimmick, I know about your dad.,Don’t you want to drag??”
    “Then I gave your dad a idea.,That is to drink alcohol,I don’t remember.,After you go to school,Your dad is drinking three different five.,Or please someone drink,Divide each time,Not long,Your dad is so drinking, it is like this in the village.。”
    Li Hui Feng did not expect his father to make things like this.。
    “Hey-hey,mom,This idea you can think of,Sure enough, it’s amazing.。”
    “Poverty,Hurry and finish the monkey, help me with the cucumber.。”
    Wang Jing said on the side and sang it out of a whole garlic spinach。
    “First put this end,By the way, take the bottle under the bed.。”
    Li Hui also hurry to get on the food,By the way, it is quick to find the so-called good wine in the house.。
    The number of alcohol is actually53Degree,See this degree,Li Hui Feng feels that his dad tonight is likely to be drunk again.。
    Hesitate,He feels that there is time to give your own father and mother with Xianquan.。
    soon,The yard has passed Li Shouye and Xu Jiafu’s pushup.。

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    “What a troll,A few coyotes bit the sheep while I was not paying attention,But okay,Everything else is saved,Otherwise, I won’t be able to pay the tuition next year。”Uncle Zhan said。

    The admission fee for the first year of How to Train Your Dragon Academy is free,But then the annual cost increases。
    This system,On the one hand, the students who do not have the qualifications to become a dragon animal husbandry are screened out,On the one hand, it is also charging high fees for those rich and powerful children who depend on the college and do not leave.,Supplement some resources for those grassroots students。
    “uncle,I may not be a Dragon Shepherd。”Li Shaoying’s tears haven’t been wiped off yet,I couldn’t help but drop a few drops。
    Classmates around,Or just keep advancing,Getting closer and closer to the dragon gate,Or you have already crossed the dragon gate,Become a true dragon shepherd,Only oneself stand still,Big Horn Bull shows no signs of advancement,Not to mention the young spirit bird I adopted。
    “Be confident,Remove the possibility。”Uncle Zhan patted Li Shaoying on the shoulder,Tao。
    Li Shaoying almost stepped on the mud,I staggered a few steps to settle myself。
    “I have raised cattle and sheep for more than ten years,Is the cow a cow?,Is the sheep a sheep,Can you be unclear?Big horns are special,But it is still a cow after all。”Uncle Zhan said。
    “uncle,You can really comfort me。”Li Shaoying burst into tears,Can’t stop,Can’t stop。
    “Let’s go back,It’s late。”Uncle Zhan said。
    First70chapter robber
    “I’m more at ease if you want to come back,Or be bullied outside,Don’t you feel uncomfortable in my heart?,There is nothing bad about herding cattle and sheep,Cow eating grass,You sleep,You wake up,It’s full,Go home and play with the child’s wife……”
    “uncle,Why didn’t you marry a wife?Aunt Wang seems to care about you,She happened to be a widow for many years。”

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    Attack burst。

    The smile on Leo’s mouth does not diminish,Even put down the sword。
    If there is a gust of wind at this time,Let people see my white clothes fluttering。
    Everyone exclaimed,Unexpectedly, Leo didn’t raise his sword to block,Instead put the sword down,How calm and confident this is?
    This is an extremely powerful performance!
    Lost by everyone,Leo Baiyi……Not fluttering。
    Leo’s palm lightly moved,Then the whole person instantly came behind Zhuotianhou。
    The explosion of the sky monkey instantly became a joke。
    Because he can only hit the air。
    Everyone took a breath,Unexpectedly, Leo could escape so casually。
    “Is it only this level??Just like this, I dare to trouble my Buddha Chamber of Commerce?”
    Leo shouted,The words are full of pride and randomness。
    First78chapter General’s Wind
    Leo’s voice spread everywhere。
    Everyone felt Leo’s calmness and confidence,It seems that the Monkey is just an ordinary character。
    Even the Sky Monkey feels that he is too weak,Didn’t bring any pressure to Leo?

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    He Wei put his legs on the sand,The whole person lay down diagonally,Under the light,She has a very charming figure。

    First0469 Road killer
    Drinking tea,Admiring beauty,Xia Jian seems to be in another world。
    A lot of beautiful women,But beautiful and successful,And there are not many strong women。Xia Jian was drinking tea,While thinking about this question。
    “Sorry,At the end of the day,I’m a little tired,Do you mind lying down like this?!”He Wei said softly,The demeanor of a strong woman in the past,I can’t find it in her in an instant,Now she is a gentle and beautiful big beauty。
    Xia Jian smiled and said:“It’s nothing,Come as you feel comfortable”In fact, Xia Jian was saying,Lie down if you want!Not to mention reclining,Even if you lie down,I don’t care,Can’t ask for it。
    “Your venture group’s Nanyuan tourism project is a big money-making project,I heard it will be completed soon,Will be open immediately,And the financial center is in full swing under construction,And your eastern building materials wholesale market,Looks good,I don’t know how you layout?”He Wei with one hand behind his head,Asked softly。
    Her action,Breathe when talking,She has a tall breast,Will tremble,The Xia Jian you see is Liushen Wuzhu。But when He Wei asked about the business,,Xia Jian still unambiguously withdrew his hurried thoughts。
    “This tour of Nanyuan,It depends on the size of the passenger flow,And the financial center,It’s just one thing,Don’t talk about it,As for this eastern building material wholesale market,I really haven’t thought about it,Ask Mr. He for advice”Xia Jian’s mind turned very fast,Kicked the ball in an instant。
    He Weimeng sat up,She stared at Xia Jian with a smile,I watched for a while and said:“I’ve heard about Mr. Xia from the Venture Group.,Self concentration is very good,I saw it today and it was well deserved”
    “Oh!I don’t understand the meaning of Mr. He”Xia Jian pretended to say modestly。
    He Wei sat up straight,Then I moved my bones and said:“I heard people say that the beauty in the startup group is like a cloud,But President Xia just sits on his back,Didn’t figure out anything about the subordinate sleeping,It seems that what is true or false”
    “Clear oneself,Turbid。Is it half a catty or eight taels?,I have this self-knowledge”Xia Jian said,Add some tea to He Wei’s cup。

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    This means this genius,In the domain master stage, it has accumulated to Tongtianqiao 20—At least the nineteenth level of perception。

    of course,There is also speculation that His Royal Highness Li Ming has entered a certain time-accelerating environment—But normally,The cultivation speed of the domain master is very different from that of the domain master—Even the life limit of the domain master stage—One Hundred Era,The speed of his cultivation and perception will not exceed the thousand-year cultivation effect of the world master stage.。
    And almost the same day,Li Ming’s name and intelligence appear in the Zerg、Yaozu、Mechanical family、Even the distant crystal family and prison family on the highest table。
    “Must kill this human,Otherwise, in the future, it will be like a star inferno!”Yaozu is responsible for external intelligence,The Sirius Lord who assassinated the alien genius gritted his teeth。
    “Raise the attention of this human Li Ming to‘Universe overlord’level~~~Anyway, the ones who are anxious are the monsters and the zerg,Let them fight on their own!”Faraway Prison Territory,The Lord of the universe, who was covered in bloody mist, smiled。
    “younger sister,Quickly arrange the assassination plan of the vassal group,Such a human genius,Not allowed。”Two extremely beautiful creatures talk to each other,If there is an ordinary world master here,Just looking at it will take away all your mind。
    It is among the six pinnacle groups,Two great beings of the Zerg。
    This scene,Appear in the borders of major ethnic groups。
    Zerg、Yaozu、Mechanical family,North Xinjiang Alliance、Top forces hostile to humans such as the Thorns、The pinnacle forces naturally arrange their own means,Hope to destroy the genius of the human race—Of course they understand,Humans are bound to protect their geniuses well。
    And the prisoners、Crystal family、Unrelated races or forces such as the Star Giant Beasts,Watching the excitement。
    They also want to know,It’s the genius of mankind that rises rapidly,Still die。
    In the palace of the Lord of Dragon。
    “Yours is really determined!”The lord of Longxing looked at his youngest a little bit angry,And the most talented disciple。

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    Because the teenager is not sure if the big eyeballs have really left the world of freedom,Even if it can’t return to its homeland,You can also wander in the void for a while and remember to come back,Or maybe this guy went to that mysterious place without telling him,Take a risk and make some noise,May never come back,So the boy was soberly aware,I can only rely on myself。

    Three days in a row,The boy almost lived under Pillar Peak,Soak up with a hundred elite selected by the elders,Except occasionally flying out of the big formation to wander around the coalition forces,In the rest of the time, we will re-develop the formation with these 100 elites.,From the most basic five-person formation to two five-person formations to ten formations,Then evolved from five ten-person formations into a complex formation of fifty people,Even one hundred people。
    Every evolution is sorted out repeatedly,Eliminate unnecessary movement and interleaving,Combining the characteristics of the five elements,Avoid mutual restraint,And let the mutual generation continue back and forth,Strive to achieve every change in order to effectively kill the opponent,If you can’t kill,Can also entangle the opponent and kill,Nothing fancy,Makes the already murderous death array more dangerous and bloody。
    Every time I think of a change in deduction,Teenagers always stay for a while,Combine with certain ideas repeatedly in your mind,The purpose is to simplify,It’s best to kill the imaginary enemy in one or two moves,Yan Xiao, who played against a boy、Oriental Ruiqing,And the imaginary Liu family,I even saw Big Eyeball and Li Tan several times in a row、Brahma Harmony,All in the imaginary enemy。
    Three full days,The teenager was almost in a state of madness,A sharp and complicated ancient formation was completely condensed into an almost brutal simplified killing weapon,Once the formation is urged to kill,Once it comes out,I’m afraid it will be notorious,Until someone goes crazy about it,The young man stopped like a dream。
    These 100 people have been exhausted physically and mentally by him,In the end, eleven people who could not bear such ravages and tremendous pressure were eliminated.,Only eighty-nine people left,Although it can’t form a hundred people,But the power of the fifty-man formation is more than several times higher than the original formation。
    It may be a bit difficult to kill such masters as Dongfang Ruiqing,But to deal with Yan Xiao、The Liu Family,Even all the powerhouses of the god-excellent level are no longer talking,of course,Tianzun is still an insurmountable mountain。
    The young man didn’t expect to use one formation to beat Tianzun,But if it is a life-threatening array composed of a hundred god-level powerhouses,The nature is completely different,Li Tan had to turn around when he saw it,Five Elements Island does not currently have such strength,But slowly there will be,Over a thousand coalition prisoners in the last war,There are no shortage of high-level gods,Liyun’s important task now is to persuade these people to surrender,More prisoners will be captured in the future。
    buy on credit、The second elder Jin will come to observe from time to time,The more I look, the more scared,The more I look at it, the more I feel incredible,of course,More is the faint worry in my heart。
    When the murderous intent that bursts out during the exercise of the fifty-person formation actually strangled all the cypress trees around,All of a sudden, the two god-level powerhouses felt cold on the back of their necks,They can even smell the pungent blood,This is an illusion,But at the same time it is also a manifestation when the power of the formation is exerted to the extreme。
    buy on credit、Elder Jin Er immediately told the other two about this,Several elders argued about this in private,I can’t come up with an accurate idea for a while,Some people think that the teenager has gone crazy,Must stop,Some people think that the current situation of Five Elements Island is a lasting fight.,Sheng Zesheng,Defeat,Young people see this trend very accurately,That’s why,Nothing to blame。
    Fourth morning,The seriously injured Elder Yi returns,Three days limit,He was still one night late。
    Chapter one hundred and ninety one No hesitation
    Elder Yi is seriously injured,But not deadly,Need to be raised for a while,The one who hurt him is the Liu family,Also bad luck,I’ve made a big lap since Xihua Island,Elder Yi chose the weakest right-wing army jurisdiction,I didn’t expect to run into the Liu family who came to look for Tuo Muhua。
    Liu Ruxu, the youngest, trained a pair of god pupils,Can see through the various changes in magical techniques,Especially sensitive to fluctuations in surrounding spiritual power,Even though the cloud is easy to grow and age, it can’t escape Liu Ruxu’s eyes,Had to work hard,Run and fight,Fortunately he runs fast,Fortunately, Elder Qi happened to be near Zhenmen,Otherwise, the eight achievements won’t come back。

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