Netizens share their skinny legs

    Netizens share their skinny legs

    Girls are never satisfied with their body, I think this sentence is correct!

    Some girls in the class have already said that they are paper people, but they are still not satisfied with their body.

    Today, I want to share my skinny legs with you.


    hzh {display: none; }  有些方法我想各位水水也知道啦~但是知道跟实际去做还是有差别的!If you know, but don’t do it, what if there is a way?

    Still not talking about it!

      Because some people I know are like this, so remind everyone that if you want to really lose weight, you must work hard and don’t waste halfway.

    However, it is OK to take a break for a while, but be careful with Europe, don’t develop the habit of always wanting to take a break!

      Before I had a product that bought a leg, I watched TV while watching TV, and massaged the calf and thigh with a product with a slim leg.

    However, before I use the products of the slim legs, I will first mix the body lotion with it, so that you can both skinny legs and the skin of the legs.

      (I personally only need to help my calf or arm to rub the body lotion for more than three days, it will be very cracked, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, but it will be more serious in autumn and winter.) Calf and thigh massageThere is also a difference between Europe!

    The calf massage method is generally massage from bottom to top, while the thigh is massaged from top to bottom.

    Before going to bed, I will lie in bed to do leg lift exercise, about 100 times, slowly, not too intense, or you will not sleep, and the feet will be sour.

      If I don’t want to sleep, I will put my foot on the top again, because one side of my bed is close to the window, so I will put my foot on top.

    (It feels a bit like a handstand.) The body is lying on the bed, just like the L-shape from the side.

    Keep this position about 20?
    30 minutes.

    This is one of the ways to eliminate edema!

    But I want to help with stovepipe too?

      Also, remind you of the water that you want to lose. If you want to be thin, you must change from the diet.

    Eat more greens, eat less fry, or cook too much oil, including the dishes that are too oily.

      Of course, if you mix sports, the effect will be more obvious.

    (But I am a lazy person, so I still give up)

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    White-collar exercise new method finger movement

    White-collar exercise new method “finger movement”

    “Ingenuity” is often used to describe a person who is smart and capable.

    In fact, it has another meaning – “hands” and “mind”, that is, people with flexible fingers are smarter.

    According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the fingers and meridians are connected. From the thumb to the little finger, they correspond to the lungs, large intestine, pericardium, trifocal, heart and small intestine, and other important acupoints are also concentrated.

    The all-round activity of the fingers not only dredges the meridians, but also effectively develops brain cells.

    Among them, letting your fingers “walk” on the table quickly is a good choice, with multiple rich and interesting finger “walking” methods.

      Foreign countries have been popular with “finger skateboarding” since 3 years ago, and were invented by a skateboarder in the United States.

    In order to practice the skateboards that he loves in the rainy days, he uses his fingers instead of his feet in his home, and he is practicing on a miniature skateboard that is about the size of his index finger.

    Beginners usually practice simple advance and backward on the table. When the finger can easily align with the fingerboard skateboard, you can try to fly over a pen, a ruler, a mouse, or even skip a book.The paper cup does not let the fingerboard slide off.

    This imaginative idea quickly spread and became a popular fingertip movement.

         Our domestic finger movements are also very rich.

      The method of walking with fingers is flexible and diverse. You can walk the word “one” like a crab, or you can take the word “meter”, “8”, five-pointed star, and S-shaped route.

      Every morning and evening, around 8 o’clock, it is the best time for our minds to be the most clear and memory, and the best time to practice finger exercises.

    Each exercise for 15-20 minutes can increase the blood flow of the brain, activate some brain cells that are in sleep state, and train the coordination function of the brain. Therefore, walking with fingers is a good brain movement.

    In addition, due to the increase in cerebral blood flow, the body’s immunity will also increase.

      For the white-collar workers who often sit in front of the computer, when the fingers are stiff and the wrists are sore, they do not hinder the fingers from “walking” on the table. After the end of the operation, pinching the fingers and holding the fists can reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.”risks of.

    Regular finger movements are beneficial to the heart and brain, and can also effectively prevent various diseases such as senile dementia and constipation.

    From the 3-year-old to the old man, you can practice simple and beneficial finger exercises.

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    Hidden in the Suzhou Garden in the Pearl River Delta, 1 from Guangzhou.

    5 hours reasonable!

    Hidden in the “Suzhou Garden” in the Pearl River Delta, 1 from Guangzhou.

    5 hours reasonable!

    Every day after day, tired and hot work sometimes wants to stop and relax, bring your family or three or five friends together, it is best to have a good environment for a cool and healthy resort.

    Xiaobian recommended a “Xanadu” hidden in Qingyuan for you only one from Guangzhou.

    5h “Suzhou Garden”-style holiday villas are slow and quiet, and gather in the “Suzhou Garden” to enjoy the authentic pavilions, rockery waterfalls and river pond promenade.


    Experience a life that is isolated from the world?
    Play the night garden, enjoy the exquisite Linghu Lake stone, a hundred years of Emperor, Oracle bones stone carving.

    .Feel a different kind of artistic charm?
    The wild brook hot springs of the bubble ecology let the tired physiological smog disappear and then call the old friends to take a health mahjong battle to dawn!

    The price of such a well-equipped villa must be very expensive?

    Look at the X-only housing villas to be 1829 yuan / building but now the purchase price is only 999 yuan / set of Fogang Jinguiquan ecological resort Fogang Jinguiquan ecological resort is located in the town of Guangzhou back garden and hot springsThe Golden Turtle Valley of Huanghua Lake Hot Spring Resort in Gang County is 3 km from the exit of Fogang, Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, 50 minutes from Guangzhou. The location is excellent and the transportation is very convenient.

    The turtle valley is surrounded by mountains and forests.

    The village entrance is leisurely, the smog is immersed in the moon, and the Qingjiang River is a village.

    Peach Blossom Spring Rain Jiangnan, Xiaoqiao Liushui people.

    The hotel is dedicated to the creation of eco-health, leisure and health, landscape gardens and Fushou Kangning culture, providing excellent services in vacation, leisure, health, elegance and business in the ink and water environment.

    “It is not necessary to have silk and bamboo, and the landscape has an unvoiced sound.

    “Golden Turtle Springs is a natural way, with heaven and earth, returning to the true, poetic home.”

    4A-level Suzhou landscape garden-style eco-tourism resort, Suzhou garden and Lingnan landscape merge with each other to hide the paradise.

    Hotel room sleep between the landscape gardens, deep sleep, health and wellness, the original forest tastes the different style of the wooden house villas in the sleep of the health, in the Golden Turtle Springs?
    There are about 15,000 square meters of wild stream hot springs in Yesi Hot Spring. There are “eighteen bachelor” mountain forest lotus ponds and “water flowing clouds” in the wild river golden turtle pool. There are more than 30 hot spring pools.

    Gently walk into the hot spring pool, the action is not too big, sit down slowly, the warmth of the hot spring rises from the soles of the feet, from Yongquan to Dantian Guanbaihui, and then spread all over the body meridians, the blood is diastolic, and the integration is complete, and the tiredness has already vanished.

    The hotel restaurant Fangzhou, the three-course restaurant restaurant’s green organic food comes from the farmer’s breeding, the pursuit of authentic origin and original flavor, the main chicken goose fish “three dishes” and the first turtle snake “Taihe health soup.”

    The restaurant adheres to the traditional food culture of “drinking and eating virtue” and “medical therapy is better than nourishing”, and adopts the dietary supplement method and the SPA catering health law to achieve health care and health purposes.

    Leisure facilities Mahjong table ▼ Nearby attractions – Shangyue Gucun – Shangyue Village is characterized by the Shangyue ancient dwellings. The entire ancient dwelling building consists of 18 “li”, a total of 37 108 ancient dwellings, each of which is carved and painted., paintings and paintings have their own characteristics.

    -British towns – exotic places waiting for you to experience If you have limited travel time, you can go to the English town to enjoy the purest European life. The beautiful street scene, quiet and comfortable atmosphere attracts many tourists who come to take pictures.!

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    Happy weight loss 2 months thin 27 pounds

    Happy weight loss 2 months thin 27 pounds

    Once a month, I still hate the word “too much” because I was still a short, fat girl.

    Now, people who know me can’t recognize me, because now I am a lot thinner than before, both beautiful and happy!

    Let me share with you my weight loss experience!

      I am a system that loves fat, and I like to eat fried food. So from the time of elementary school, it is the chubby in the class. When I go to high school, it is fat. When I go to college, no one will say that I am fat, I know.They will sneer at me behind the scenes.

    Although fat does not affect my making good friends, but fat, it seriously affects my boyfriend.

    Looking at people are all right, and my heart is also eager to love.

    In order to win the love ticket, I am determined to lose weight!

    I first developed a weight loss plan.

      In the morning, go out on time every morning, eat what you want for breakfast, but don’t eat too much.

    As soon as noon, if I feel hungry, I can eat a small loaf.

    Because breakfast is much eaten, it is easy to be hungry at noon. In order to avoid overeating because of too much violentness, eating a piece of bread at the time of being hungry is relieved.

    (After the later experience of my practice, I don’t eat much in the morning, the least likely to lead to hungry in advance, the kind of gimmick to eat a moderate, porridge don’t drink too much, eat less pickles, eat a little fruit.

    Of course, if you have a big appetite at the beginning, you can appropriately reduce the distraction of the usual diet, and then gradually reduce it, and then you will lose a lot. It is easy to cause spleen and stomach disorders and endocrine disorders.

    At noon, the amount of food should be controlled, especially the staple food such as rice. You can’t eat fried food, but you can eat boiled meat. If you want to eat your favorite food, you can eat more.

    In the afternoon, you should eat a fruit, usually pay more attention to drink water, which will promote digestion.

    After time, it is proved that it is appropriate to eat at noon, so you can’t eat more, so you will be hungry at night, and you should not eat less. Otherwise, you will be hungry before dinner. It is very effective to eat a small snack or fruit in the afternoon.It’s a lot of cream!

      Dinner, this is the most difficult one, only eat a small spoonful of rice, a small dish, fruit can eat more.

    Then you have to exercise!

    My sport is playing volleyball?
    Because the body is too much, running is easy to cause fatigue, so choose the light sports you like best, volleyball, I like it, although I have to run around to catch the ball, but after all, it is much easier than running.I can also exercise my body’s ability to coordinate. For me, this fat man, sports can be happy, it is the best!

      Because I eat less and experience exercise, I can’t sleep late at night. I must go to bed at 10 o’clock. I need to drink a cup of milk before going to bed. Note that it must be skim!

    After drinking, hurry to sleep, so that you won’t be hungry for the night!

    And the next morning, I will feel that my stomach is empty, and my appetite will be good in the morning, which will help to implant a day of energy!

    Oh, breakfast is my happiest time, because I can eat more, just like this, according to the plan, persisted for a month, actually lost 12 pounds!

    I feel so happy!

    Roommates saw my benefits, they helped me to celebrate, and all of them joined the weight loss plan!

    In this way, we competed with each other and encouraged each other. After the second month, I lost 15 pounds!

    God, it’s even thinner than the first month!

    It may be the reason why all the nights are joined. Everyone is supervising each other. Sometimes they can’t stand it. Just thinking about “fouling”, there are countless X-rays flying over there. I don’t want to foul.
    Everyone talks and laughs together, and many times forget the newborn.

    Anyway, I lost 27 pounds in 2 months!

      Although I am still not slim, but now, no one has sneered at me behind me. On the contrary, many people came to me, smiled and greeted me, and asked me how to lose weight!

    Of course, I finally dare to send a love letter to a boy who has long been a favorite!

    Regardless of whether he promised or not, I will still be happy, because I like my present self, relaxed and confident, lost a fat, and lost my inferiority.

    Now, I am happy every day!

      JMS to lose weight, what about you?

    Try my way, I wish you all a happy day!

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    Practice Taijiquan’s three functions, brain training, longevity and longevity

    Practice Taijiquan’s three functions, brain training, longevity and longevity

    Nowadays, more and more people like to practice Tai Chi, because Tai Chi is good for health and can also do the role of self-cultivation while exercising.
    Tai Chi moves slowly, but it makes it slow.
    Studies have pointed out that Tai Chi and slow running are also good for the heart, but the former consumes less physical strength and is suitable for anyone – including patients – to practice.
    Practicing Tai Chi should concentrate, and those who practice in the process must adjust their mindset and put down their pressure.
    Let’s take a look at the health effects of Tai Chi.
      The philosopher’s haircut about Tai Chi is based on Taoist theory.
    Taoist yin and yang theory, Taoist natural theory, Nedan theory and health theory have played a decisive and crucial influence on the emergence and development of Taijiquan, and become the basic orientation of Taijiquan.
      太极拳的养身健身机理,概括起来有三个方面  一、健脑  太极拳要求精神专一,意动身随,连绵不断,一气呵成,是对大脑很好的锻炼;太极拳全身放松、动静结合的锻炼The method is beneficial to the adjustment of excitation and inhibition of the cerebral cortex.
      二、练身  太极拳要求身体中正安舒,有助于防治颈椎病的症状等疾病;太极拳强调以腰为轴,对腰背等疾病的防治效果突出;太极拳注重节节贯穿,周身一家It can help the function of joint ligament and cartilage tissue to strengthen; Taijiquan emphasizes the transformation of virtual and real, which helps to enhance the balance and flexibility of the body; Taijiquan plays the role of venous return through the muscle relaxation and flexion and extension of the jointPromote the role; Tai Chi also requires “integration of form and spirit”, intention, hand, foot, eye, help visual nerve exercise and vision improvement.
      Third, practicing Qi TCM health advocates that “qi is blood handsome, Qi can produce blood”; Taijiquan advocates “to take care of the gas, to transport the body.”
    Practice Taijiquan can gradually deepen the breathing, through the squatting up and down, affecting the chest and abdomen movement to strengthen, play a “massage effect” on the internal organs, which helps to accelerate the circulation of blood and blood, which is the effect that drugs can’t achieve.
      Taijiquan has the effect of prolonging life. The function of health care and disease prevention of Taijiquan is obvious to all. In the past 100 years, Taijiquan has clearly developed in the direction of health preservation and medical sports.
      Yang Chengyi, the founder of Yang Style Taijiquan, asked the boxer to “the body should be right and not leaning, and the spine and the tail should be vertical and not biased.”
    The ancient books have been passed down, and the boxing masters have bowls of water and books without spilling and falling.
    Explain that the correct punchers in the posture can always maintain the balance of the body. Over time, let the wind and rain hit, and do not lean forward and tilt forward.
      ”Taijiquan is quiet and moving, although it is still quiet, so the slower the shelf is, the better.” This is the slow feature of Taijiquan, and it also shows the function of anti-fall.
    Taijiquan movements such as silking, walking like a cat, careful, step by step, over time, the boxers will develop a good habit of cautious and careful, in case of crisis, not panic.
    With good psychological quality and habits, the way of doing things is light and free, and it is not easy to fall.
      There is a message that the American Association of Senior Citizens has conducted comparative tests.
    One group of seniors practiced gym equipment, while the other group practiced Tai Chi. As a result, the latter had a good balance function, a good brain, and a stable walk. The wrestling fracture was reduced by 50% compared with the former.
    In the end, the Americans came to a conclusion that they admire the wisdom of the Chinese Orientals. Tai Chi, which does not cost a penny, is much better than the modern equipment.
      Therefore, often practice Tai Chi to prevent wrestling of the elderly, not only healthy and prolonged life.
      Slow down the speed of practicing boxing, reduce the difficulty and intensity of exercise, and emphasize that the height of the frame and the amount of exercise can vary from person to person, from time to time, etc.
    But at the same time, it still maintains five functions of fitness, recreation, life, body and self-defense.

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    Autumn is the best season to eat fish. 11 kinds of fish are most suitable for nourishing.

    Autumn is the best season to eat fish. 11 kinds of fish are most suitable for nourishing.

    The improvement of the quality of life has made people’s diets more and more abundant. From the previous rough tea to the chicken, duck and fish, the food on the table is getting richer and richer.

    Of course, the diet can not just eat spicy and spicy, but also should eat some whole grains, only a reasonable diet can ensure good health, fruits and vegetables can not be less, chicken, duck and fish also eat.

    Fish is a common food on people’s table now. It is rich in nutrients. Whether it is for the elderly or pregnant women to eat fish, there are certain benefits. Then, is autumn tonic suitable for eating fish?

    Do these fish have some kind of health benefits?

      Cuttlefish – nourishing serum stomach has nourishing liver and kidney, qi and blood, clearing the stomach and removing heat.

    It is a health food for women. It has the functions of nourishing blood, eyesight, passing through, helping the fetus, prospering, stopping bleeding, and prolactin.

    Li Shizhen said that cuttlefish is a “blood medicine” and is a good medicine for treating women with anemia and blood deficiency.

      Squid-Yiqi Yangxue is beneficial to qi and nourishing blood, and it is easy to strengthen bones and other functions.

    Squid has a variety of nutrients, with nourishing and nourishing blood, dampness, anti-caries and other effects, is a good nutrition for patients with chronic illness, weakness, anemia, tuberculosis and other patients.

    The scorpion contains a very rare Xihe Lockin, which has a good effect of strengthening the kidneys. It is a health food for young couples and middle-aged and old people.

    Squid is a calcium-calcium aquatic product that is often eaten to increase blood calcium levels and strengthen the body.

      Huangqi-strong bones and bones into the liver, spleen and kidney three meridians, there are tonic deficiency, rheumatism, strong bones and other functions, also have a certain regulation of blood sugar.

    Both qi and blood deficiency can be eaten with yellow squid pork, scutellaria (gauze bag) and boiled seasoning.

    Children with hoarding, thin and thin food can be used as a scutellaria, cut into sections and chicken fried in deep-fried cooked food.

    Internal hemorrhage, uterine prolapse can be used to cook jaundice, long-term effective.

      Loach-Buzhong Yiqi has the function of supplementing Zhongyiqi, removing dampness, removing phlegm and removing phlegm, reducing swelling and protecting liver.

    Loach and garlic cooked quickly can cure malnutrition edema.

    Loach with phosphate to Jiaohuang plus boiled soup can cure children’s night sweats.

    Loach stewed tofu can cure damp heat and jaundice.

    Loach and shrimp yellow with the same clothes, can cure impotence.

      Grass carp – Wenzhong tonic contains vitamin B1, B2, niacin, unsaturated fatty acids, as well as calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, selenium, etc., is a health food tonic in the warm.

    There are warm stomach and Zhongping liver hurricane and other functions.

    In the autumn diet, you may wish to buy more grass carp to eat, which is cheap and beneficial food.

      With fish – make up the five internal organs have warm stomach, tonic, skin, hurricane, insecticide, fill the five internal organs and other functions, transfer protracted hepatitis, adjuvant treatment of chronic hepatitis.

    Hepatitis patients use steamed fresh fish to take the upper layer of oil, and long-term service can improve symptoms.

      Squid-Yiqi and spleen are good for qi and spleen, diuresis and swelling, clearing away heat and detoxification, and functioning under the collaterals.

    Patients with ascites are treated with fresh squid and red bean soup.

    Use fresh squid and pig’s trotters together, even soup to eat, can cure maternal milk.

    Salmon oil is good for cardiovascular function, lowers blood viscosity and promotes blood circulation.

      Squid – spleen appetite has spleen appetite, diuretic swelling, cough and asthma, fetus through the milk, heat and detoxification and other functions.

    Squid and melon, scallion and boiled soup to treat nephritis edema.

    The big squid stays in the scales and goes to the intestines to get rid of the sputum.

    Use live squid, pig’s trotters soup to treat pregnant women with less milk.

    The squid and Chuanbei end-to-end soup are taken to cure cough and asthma.

    Fish can provide rich glial protein, which can be fitness and beauty. It is an ideal food for women to nourish the skin.

    It is an irreplaceable food for women’s beauty because it has rough skin, desquamation, and easy to add hair.

      Squid-Wenzhong Yiqi has the functions of warming the body, warming the stomach, moisturizing and so on. It is a warming qi and health food.

    Fish can provide rich glial protein, which can be fitness and beauty. It is an ideal food for women to nourish the skin.It is an irreplaceable food for women’s beauty because it has rough skin, desquamation, and easy to add hair.

      The herring – qi and nourishing the stomach has the functions of tonifying the qi and nourishing the stomach, diluting the wet water, removing the wind and removing the trouble.

    Its trace elements such as zinc and selenium help to fight cancer.

      Black fish – Bugan Yishen has spleen and water, to the new, heat, phlegm, liver and kidney benefits.

    Black fish is cold, sweet, spleen, stomach; treatment of five sputum, treatment of dampness, facial edema, can “fill the heart and nourish the yin, eliminate kidney water, water soaking, detoxification to heat”; with spleen and water,Go to the new, clear heat and other effects, attending edema, wetness, athlete’s foot, hemorrhoids, sputum and other symptoms.

    Black fish and ginger jujube cooking have an auxiliary effect on the treatment of tuberculosis.

    Black fish and brown sugar stew can cure nephritis.

    Maternal food steamed black fish can promote milk and blood.

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    How is benzene poisoning caused?

    How is benzene poisoning caused?

    Benzene is an aromatic hydrocarbon compound obtained from fractional distillation of coal tar and petroleum decomposition. It is an oily liquid with a colorless and aromatic odor, which is very volatile, flammable, and uses solvent substitutes and chemical raw materials in the explosive industry.

    So how is benzene poisoning caused?

    What is the daily treatment, how to treat it?

    Causes of benzene poisoning 1. Environmental factors (50%): Poisoning caused by inhalation of benzene vapor or skin contact with benzene.

    There are acute, chronic points.

    Acute benzene poisoning mainly produces anesthesia to the central nervous system, coma and muscle twitching; high concentrations of benzene have a stimulating effect on the skin.

    Long-term low concentration of benzene can cause chronic benzene poisoning, hematopoietic disorders, early reduction of common white blood cell count, reduction of platelet count and anemia in the elderly, patients may have nosebleeds, bleeding gums, subcutaneous hemorrhage, menstruation and other clinicalwhich performed.
    2, accidental service (30%): acute benzene poisoning is mostly caused by accidental or acute inhalation of organic solvents containing benzene, such as paint, thinner, industrial glue and so on.

    Chronic benzene poisoning is caused by long-term inhalation of low concentrations of benzene and metabolite phenols.

    How to deal with benzene poisoning 1 if it is inhaled benzene vapor immediately to the place where there is fresh air, or wearing a mask of activated carbon.

    Activated carbon can absorb benzene in the air.

    2, if benzene is eaten because benzene is volatilized at room temperature, some will evaporate from the skin or the liver and kidneys, and the other part will remain in the blood and bone marrow.

    Lightly ingested food should drink plenty of water, wear loose clothes, exercise more perspiration, eat food that is good for the nervous system, blood and marrow, and help benzene to replace the body earlier.

    3, Chinese medicine treatment of benzene poisoning kidney and liver, detoxification blood and blood circulation drugs: Salvia, red peony, licorice, rehmannia, black beans, yam, spatholobus, angelica, Ejiao, black fungus, pig liver and so on.

    4, Western medicine treatment of benzene poisoning to improve white blood cells: shark liver alcohol, white blood, blood, B12, ribonucleic acid and so on.

    5, food treatment benzene poisoning eat more on the nerves, bones good food: high protein food, animal lean meat, animal liver, quail eggs, sea cucumber, duck blood, bone marrow, animal brain and so on.

    Eat more foods containing vitamin C, B1, B6, B12: kiwi, sweet potato, lemon, carrot, tofu, nuts, beans, Chinese cabbage, millet, wheat germ and bran, meat and eggs.

    What does it recommend to contain benzene?

    How to deal with the harm caused by benzene poisoning after benzene poisoning How to deal with benzene poisoning after benzene poisoning is simply a stealth killer!

    Does benzene poisoning have some clinical manifestations?

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    Sleepy in the spring, Xiaomiao to help you refresh

    Sleepy in the spring, Xiaomiao to help you refresh

    Sleeping in the spring is an invasion by many people. Why is this?

    No matter what causes you to be sleepy, but the offender is indeed old and wrong, so you need to learn some refreshing methods. For example, these Chinese medicine practitioners are quite good.

      In the spring, what kind of Chinese medicine refreshing method is good, drinking tea and refreshing tea can help refreshing, which is known to everyone.

    Spring is easy to get sleepy. If you want to refresh yourself, it is recommended to drink some herbal tea. This will help you refresh your body and nourish your body.

      1, ginseng tea bubble method: Prepare a proper amount of ginseng tablets and chrysanthemum into the cup, then pour into boiling water for a few minutes.

      Benefits: Ginseng is a famous tonic. Because it is rich in vitamins and saponins, it uses the tea that it soaks out to help regulate the nervous system and help drive out fatigue.

    Chrysanthemum has the effect of removing fire, and at the same time it smells fragrant, puts the two together and brews into tea, and the refreshing effect doubles.

      2, lotus leaf tea method: put half a fresh lotus leaf, wash it and cut into pieces into the pot, then add the right amount of water to boil the soup, then take the soup into the cup, let the temperatureThen you can have tea.

      Benefits: Chinese medicine believes that the use of lotus leaf decoction soup, drink another heat effect, but also help rickets health.

    Therefore, office white-collar workers can get up early at home to pick up lotus leaf soup, then add the soup to the quilt with insulation effect, and then take it to the company as a tea instead.

      3, mint tea bubble method: wash 5 pieces of mint leaves and 5 rose buds (dry) together, and then put them into the cup.

    After brewing directly in boiling water for ten minutes, wait for the tea to cool slightly before you can put it in.

      Far-end: Mint has the effect of refreshing and refreshing, and it is combined with the rose that helps to relieve liver and relieve depression. It can make you feel refreshed and get rid of sleepiness.

      If you want to get rid of the spring storm, you have to act. So, let’s say that some of the Chinese medicines that are shared above are refreshing methods. You may wish to try it.

      Second, many people move a lot of people in the spring, which is very common.

    Especially when you are working, once you are in trouble, it will affect your work efficiency. Therefore, it is recommended that you move more.

    These little tricks have great potential to help you refresh yourself.

      1, when the toes are weak, if you are sleepy, you can choose to lift your toes.

    That is, whether you are standing or sitting, you can naturally lift your toes, then let your eyes look into the distance, straight back, hold on for about a minute, rest and repeat the action, do moreAfter a few times, you will find that sleepiness has slowly disappeared.

      Second, the limbs white-collar workers have been sitting, facing the computer, often a posture to maintain a long time, so that the body will have a stiff feeling, a long time, more likely to be sleepy.

    Therefore, at this time, it is recommended that you step on the limbs, which will help loosen the muscles and eliminate the discomfort.

    For example, if you feel sleepy, just on the semi-lounge, imitate your legs, then lift your hands and make a big character.

      3, when doing finger exercises in the spring, many people are easy to feel sleepy.

    If you want to avoid this problem, please do your finger exercises.

    This is the case: hold your hands into fists, then slowly open your fingers, starting with your little finger and straightening one.

    It must be quick and powerful when straightening your fingers.

    After the fingers are straightened, hold them back one by one, starting with the little finger.

    After the whole action is done, once you start to get trapped, you may wish to put down your work and do a few finger exercises.

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    This way, your lower abdomen will no longer swell.

    This way, your lower abdomen will no longer swell.

    1, reduce salt intake, reduce daily intake of salt can help slow down edema and bloating, in fact, 80% of the daily intake of sodium in the human body is not gradually in the kitchen salt tank, or from processed food,A nutritionist from the University of Toronto drew such an indicator in the study.

      2, drink plenty of water every day must take enough water to help your body discharge excess salt to help your body stop expanding.

    Be careful to add at least 2L of water per day.

      3, add soda and lemon in water, put a teaspoon of roasted soda in the water, can neutralize stomach acid, help relieve stomach flatulence.

    Add a little lemon to remove some of the gas as it moves to the stomach.

      4, eat fewer meals a day, the number of meals increased, the number of meals per meal decreased.

    If possible, eat five meals a day, enjoy the beauty of each meal, and reduce the speed of eating can help you to relieve the bloating.

      5, cooking with anise in the Roman period, the last dish of a feast, people often provide cakes made of fennel to help digestion and fresh breath.

    Anise is a plant with a fragrance that helps digestion, helps to alleviate digestive problems, while slowing down nausea, bloating and swelling of the lower abdomen.

      Add roasted fennel seeds and garlic. The vegetable soup made with onions is quite good. At the same time, it can also be used to brew the ground fennel seeds with hot boiled water. It is best to drink such a cup of tea after a meal.

      6, drink more mint tea experts recommend mint tea can help improve abnormal inflation and swelling, while mint tea can also help improve retching, while allowing the body to warm up and sweat a lot.

    Mint tea can be made from fresh flowers from the garden, one of the most easily grown herbs.

      7, control of allergic bowel syndrome bloating is in fact a typical manifestation of irritable bowel syndrome, followed by constipation, diarrhea and abdominal pain.

    If you can control your irritable bowel syndrome well, you can effectively reduce stomach upset.

    In order to control this symptom, doctors often recommend to stop the supplement of dairy products and foods with high levels of impurities. It is best to use foods that replace fiber.

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    Operating perfect sex

    Operating perfect sex

    [Guide]You are a beautiful and mature woman. You have a marriage that everyone envied. However, there is an unspeakable mist around the bed, you love him, every time you try to do it.Better, but always not that good.

    In fact, perfect sex is on your side. The key is whether you are really a beautiful and mature woman. You have a marriage that everyone envied, but there is an unspeakable cloud-like surround.You, you love him, every time you try to do better, but always not that good.
    In fact, perfect sex is on your side. The key is whether you really pay attention to it and concentrate on “managing” it.

      Want to know 20, 30, 40-year-old women, have some of their own sex secrets?

    How do they cultivate love and love roses with love and ability?

    Let us hear what they say.

      Figure 20: Nana 25-year-old teacher 30: Fall in love with 31-year-old civil servant 40: Xiaoxia 42-year-old individual owner’s best question 1: What do you feel the best one-off experience in your impressions?

      Nana: It was a business trip home. It was already late at home. My husband was already asleep. I gently went to bed and was afraid of waking him up. I didn’t expect that when I was on the road, my husband hugged me tightly from behind.

    Maybe it’s a long time, maybe the hug is too warm, I feel warm and wonderful that I have never had before. From that day on, I have a new familiarity with sex.

      Fall in love with love: The beginning of the day seems to be no different from usual. My husband gently strokes my body, and suddenly I feel like an electric shock. It may be the so-called G-point. I feel very relaxed and have a very deepFeeling of demand, it feels really wonderful.

      Xiaoxia: It was a gathering at a friend’s house. My friends were in the living room. My husband and I quietly hid in the bathroom. The air seemed to solidify in the small space. My husband kissed the sweat on my body. My heart.The desire to break out.

    Someone walked across the door, and the more dangerous it was, the more exciting it felt.

      Question 2: What is your favorite foreplay?

      Nana: I like my husband to gently stroke, his hands and lips, slowly moving on me, I can feel my body is gradually heating, and can even hear the heartbeat.

      Fall in love with love: We will get some drinks and fruits to go to bed, while eating, while opening some innocuous colored jokes, sometimes even female body, male body Sheng.

      Xiaoxia: A slow and long-lasting foreplay that can completely mobilize my passion for sex.

      Environment and erotic questions 3: Does the environment have an impact on the quality of sex? Does an environment make you feel the most romantic?

      Nana: The environment is really very important, I can’t stand to flirt in dirty places.

    The romantic environment is best to have dim lighting, soft music and a big bed.

      Fall in love with love: I don’t like the unfamiliar place. As long as it is clean, the environment is not very important to me.

      Xiaoxia: Influential, the most romantic place in my dream is a large white bed, strewn with rose petals, and the air is filled with a touch of scent.

      Question 4: Have you used sex toys, how do you feel?

      Nana: I used an oscillator and a luminous condom.

    The effect of the oscillator is even more amazing and exciting than I thought.

    The luminous condom is very interesting, flashing in the dark, but I heard that it is not good for the body, don’t use it often.

      Fall in love with love: bought a set of sexy lingerie, red, with rhinestones, and long feathers, soft touch of clothes, can provoke her husband’s wild original desire.

      Xiaoxia: I only used a scented condom and I didn’t feel anything very much.

      Like ML location question 5: In addition to the bed, where do you still like ML?

      Nana: The bathroom, two people taking a bath together, can put aside all the constraints.

    I also have a private recipe, which is to use the water spray of the shower to masturbate. The gentle stimulation of the water will make you quickly reach the exciting tip.

      Fall in love with love: I like to be in the car, the engine’s low roar, stimulating the human heart and nerves, creating excitement, the body has regular vibration, and the rhythm of sex is similar, making people think. Xiaoxia: beach, snow whiteThe beach and the blue waters are used as backgrounds. A wave of white waves hits the rocks. The sound of the waves is so sweet, and we played the best music for us, which relieved the pressure of accumulation for a long time.

      Sexual Views Question 6: Do you think the most perfect sex is something?

      Nana: Perfect sex is done by two people. A man who loves and loves his own, the right time, place and environment, can interpret the perfect sex.

      Fall in love with love: give each other unconditional love, the husband must love his wife wholeheartedly, let his wife feel a sense of security, and the wife must believe and love her husband, not suspicion, but only in the case of love and being loved, sexWill be happy.

      Xiaoxia: The cooperation between the two parties is very important, not controlled by one party.

      Question 7: When you have sexual needs, how do you express your wishes?

      Nana: I will tell my husband directly, what is this good to cover, just say what you want.

      Fall in love with love: I saw a piece of news, how many cockroaches can be burned in a one-time life. From then on, every time I want it, I will rub his face and say: I have to burn calories today.  Xiaoxia: I don’t have too much time when I take the initiative. I think if there is enough tacit understanding between the husband and wife, maybe you don’t need to say it directly. He will understand it with simple actions.

      Question 8: Do you communicate your husband’s thoughts about sex?

      Nana: Of course, we will discuss it through the game and treat what I want to say as part of the game, so I never worry about hurting his “self.”

      Fall in love with love: I will tell him directly, but I pay attention to the method and tone of speaking. Don’t let my husband feel that he is a failure. Men are very self-respecting in this respect.

      Xiaoxia: I will feel very embarrassed when I say it directly. I will write my thoughts on paper and show it to him.

      Everyone needs perfect sex. Perfect sex can completely melt a woman, let her open her heart from the depths of her soul, feel love, and remember it.

    Perfect sex allows women to get the alternative requirements and satisfaction in the enthusiasm of love and being loved.

      Perfect sex can detonate a man’s hidden sense of accomplishment, and men can taste the fruits of their efforts in the most primitive and direct way of perfect sex.

    Through the satisfaction of a woman, a man can feel that she is so grateful for her imprint and love.

      Perfect sex is a great gift from God to those who work hard to create love.

    It has enormous power and can make us intimate.

    To achieve the perfection of sex, only sustainable instinct and habits are not enough.

    As long as you are willing to understand and grasp the perfect sex, and make some small changes, the situation will be completely changed.

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