Qing Town: Give full play to the first industrial agglomeration effect to promote high-quality development of industrial

    Guizhou Huaying exterior. In recent years, Qing Town City has tight around the high-quality construction "Strong Provincial Association" practice innovation zone objectives, and the new industrialization as the first driving force of development, relying on rich aluminum resources, with economic and technology development zones, and continuously accelerating project investment. Falling and consolidating the elements of the park, depth into the aluminum industry aggregation and development, and unswervingly promoting industrial powers. Recently, in the Qing Town City Economic Development Zone, the annual production of 300,000 tons of regenerative aluminum project (Phase I) officially started construction. One year later, the project will produce 150,000 tons of aluminum raw materials, and the utilization efficiency of aluminum resources will be greatly improved.

    In the next 2nd to 3 years, the project is initiated in the second phase of the project. It is expected to reach 300,000 tons of regenerated aluminum capacity. This not only effectively relieves the urgency of the ignition of the ingredients in the Qingtou City, but also marks the city’s distance of the town to build a hundred billion-level ecological circulation aluminum. The goal of the industry base is closer to one step.

    Zhao Yujie, deputy director of the Industry and Technology Development Zone Management Committee of Qingzhen Economic and Technological Development Zone, introduced that through this 300,000-ton regenerative aluminum project, can meet 160,000 tons of aluminum supply of profiles from the downstream enterprises. At the same time, the aluminum liquid is used for the lowermost product production by regenerating the regenerative aluminum industry.

    In addition, it is also possible to introduce new die-casting industries through regenerative aluminum, developing some industries such as auto parts, automotive wheels, and constantly do the industrial chain of strong aluminum industry. The aluminum ore resources in Qingzhen have proven to reserve billions of tons, and the vision reserves are more than 60% of the total reserves of Guizhou Province, accounting for the national%. Rich mineral resources, outstanding location advantages, increasingly perfect park supporting and policy elements, is the main cause of Huashi Aluminum Industry, Guang Ali Aluminum Industry Selection. Two companies have a total of 2.5 million tons of alumina projects, attracting China and aluminum "retreating into the park" project – Guizhou Huayin’s new material chooses to be close to raw material origin.

    Due to the close to the upstream alumina production base, as the "Central Capital Column" of the Qingzhen Aluminum Industry Chain, the production and operation of production and operation will be produced from 2017.

    "Our factory is close to the resource rich, and the development of the company is very helpful. The benefits of the enterprise have also increased year by year. We have gradually increased to local governments. The tax rewards per year will increase year by year, and this year is expected to reach 300 million yuan this year. .

    Li Yuping, deputy general manager of Guizhou Huayuan New Materials Co., Ltd. said. And Hua Ren Company’s 500,000-ton electrolytic aluminum, also derived from the gathering of downstream companies such as China Aluminum, Guizhou Shuntai Aluminum, China Aluminum High Square. At the Huayuan production workshop, the original busy aluminum ingot casting mill has been stopped for a long time.

    The electrolytic aluminum stock solution produced by the company is to make the production of aluminum ingots that are easier to transport by cast mills.

    With the deposit enterprises in the park, Hua Ren Company and the downstream enterprises achieved direct supply of aluminum water.

    Hua Ren Company went to the casting and rolling process, and the downstream company saved the melting process and realized the profit work and the enterprise had a total of long.

    Li Yuping said: "Now all aluminum water has been transformed in Guiyang City. Under the guidance of development ideas, Qingzhen City accelerates the transformation of the product structure system led by alumina and electrolytic aluminum. On the one hand, we will focus on the development of the existing aluminum building materials, aluminum wire, abrasive abrasive, refractory materials and other downstream industries.

    On the other hand, focusing on aluminum profiles, aluminum die casting and aluminum rods, rods, plates, belts, foils, and introduce leading international industry-leading high-tech enterprises, vigorously developed food and drug packaging aluminum foil, battery foil, electric capacitor foil, industrial aluminum The basic supporting industry represented by the products, and the aluminum industry construction chain will be made. Guizhou Nanfan Semiconductor Technology Co. In May, I entered the Qing Town in May, I entered the test production stage in September, and the first batch of goods was produced in October.

    The previous project quickly landed so quickly, and quickly saw it, so that the company was full of confidence in Qingzhen’s development. "There is a rich aluminum resource in Qing Town. We are not only prepared to introduce all the headquarters to this side, but also want to go directly in Qing Town." Jiang Tao, General Manager of Guizhou Nanfan Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd., said.

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