Xia Jian’s suddenly broke in,Surprised these people。But Xiong Yongqiang, who was playing positively, glared at Xia Jian and said:“Are you the fucking wrong door?!Tong Jie is on the second floor“

    When the others heard Xiong Yongqiang say this,So scared to wink him,But this guy just sticks his note,I don’t even look at the expressions of these people。It turns out that Xiong Yongqiang did not attend the welcome ceremony this morning,So he didn’t know Xia Jian at all。
    “Do you work like this?“Xia Jian’s voice is as cold as ice。These people are a little panicked,They look at me,I see you,No one dared to say a word。
    Xiong Yongqiang only tore off the strip of paper on his face,He looked at Xia Jian and laughed:“I said you are not beaten up?Why do we have to work?I can tell you,Even if the mayor is here,He dare not say a word。Have you heard of Ma Xiaofeng?!How good she is,But she still dare not control Laozi“
    Xiong Yongqiang gets more and more cowhide,I feel like he is the king of heaven,No one in Pingyang Town can control him。Which of his colleagues,Some people can’t stand it anymore,Whispered:“He is the new mayor“
    Xiong Yongqiang heard this from his colleagues,He was stunned,But then he laughed:“So you are the new Mayor Xia!I heard you are great,But I advise you,You just need to figure out how to develop your Pingyang Town,As for other things, you’d better ignore it,After all, you are still hired,They said they wouldn’t let you do it,Just one sentence“
    Which of Xiong Yongqiang’s colleagues heard Xiong Yongqiang talk nonsense,They were really frightened,But Xiong Yongqiang saw Xia Jianyue and didn’t speak,He thought Xia Jian was really scared,So what a bad word,All hello to Xia Jian。
    The offices are all connected together,Xiong Yongqiang made a noise like this,The whole office building heard almost everything,Some brave people even ran out of the office to watch the fun。
    I don’t know who told Secretary Wang,He and Tong Jie also ran over。
    “Xiong Yongqiang!shut up,Don’t talk nonsense here。Comrade Xia Jian is the mayor of Pingyang Town specially approved by the city,What right do you have to talk nonsense here“When Secretary Wang comes over,He shouted。
    Xiong Yongqiang saw that the trouble had reached this point,He simply said boldly:“Secretary Wang!Don’t scare me here,I’m just that,Whoever comes, I also have this working attitude“
    “Assistant Tong!Notify the family planning director,Immediately asked him to stop Xiong Yongqiang from me。And these few people,Let them write inspection and reflection“Xia Jian finally spoke,His words are like a*,Everyone is shocked。
    Xiong Yongqiang,Rushed over immediately,He deliberately waved his arm with the big black snake in front of Xia Jian’s eyes and roared:“you dare!“
    Xia Jian did not show weakness,He stepped forward,Whispered in Xiong Yongqiang’s ear:“Don’t do it,You are not my opponent at all,You should know about today noon。If not for my mercy,I’m afraid someone has been in the hospital by now“
    Xiong Yongqiang,I couldn’t help but take a step back,Yes!Seven or eight people are not Xia Jian’s opponents,Not to mention him。
    Everyone saw Xiong Yongqiang a little bit perplexed,This is his first defeat。Although this guy has only one or two years to come to Pingyang Town,But he relied on his tough backstage,In the town government of Pingyang, no one dares to control him。Unexpectedly, the new mayor would make him unable to get off stage the first day。
    “Tong Jie,Notify all personnel to have a meeting in the large conference room。If anyone can’t come,Then deduct the bonus for this month“Xia Jian finished,Turn around。
    Xiong Yongqiang snorted coldly:“Accessibility,The person who dares to compete with me is not born in Pingyang“
    Xia Jianyi returned to his office,Immediately called Qin Xiaomin,He told Qin Xiaomin all the things he had just seen at work from beginning to end。
    “What do you want me to do,You just say,I support you anyway“Qin Xiaomin made a statement if he didn’t even want the result,This made Xia Jian confident。

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