Why do men easily indulge in online porn?

    Why do men easily indulge in online porn?

    Case: Desperate wife, eager husband, 8 o’clock, dinner is over, Yu Qing is as usual, sitting impatiently in front of the computer and going straight to the porn site, another pop-up window in a pop-up window, step by stepPut Yu Qing on a dateless sensual bottomless pit.

    Seeing Yu Qingxin staring at the screen without a doubt, Hui Shan, whose sex life is quieter than standing water, once again questioned her charm, her confidence crumbled in Yu Qing’s growing indulgence.

      Hui Shan wondered, how could Yu Qing, a decent and decent lawyer during the day, have such a stingy preference at night?

      Why do men indulge in online erotica?

      Mature and normal men watch pornographic works, it is recognized that the direct feeling brought by the picture and sound, “watching” itself is the ultimate purpose.

      If it is boring for men to browse erotic works occasionally, then men who watch pornographic sites regularly and need pornographic websites need the wife’s deep care.

    Experts believe that usually, interpersonal relationships are uncoordinated, and men who do not work well often seek vents through erotic works.

      Other men are physically tired, and sometimes purely physical stimulation can’t arouse their sexual desire, so the mental stimulation of adult films becomes their “stimulant”.

      Recently, sociologists in the United States have sounded alarm bells. After the spread of the Internet, pornographic works have become available.

    Men don’t have to go to those vulgar corners of the city.

    As long as they turn on the computer in their home, they can watch pornographic videos and browse pornographic pictures without worrying about being discovered by acquaintances.

      Psychologist Al?

    Cooper divided men in porn sites into three categories. 70% of men belong to the first category. They are just “entertainment” and “casual”, just like scanning advertisements for lingerie with their eyes or flipping through the Playboy magazine-for curiosityThe heart is driven and tempted, but not deliberately.

      The second category accounts for about 20%. They have just set foot in this trap. If pornographic sites disappear one day, they will be on the cliff and get lost.

      The third category accounts for about 10%. Going to pornographic websites has become their daily compulsory requirement.

    Porn sites are like drugs to his life and addicted to him, which can be described as “porn poisoning”.

      If you have “pornosis”, you can only ask for help from a psychiatrist!

      Hui Shan once took some higher postures under the encouragement of Yu Qing, and both of them rushed to retreat. Either Hui Shan’s pain was unbearable or Yu Qing’s action was not in place.

    At this point, Hui Shan became more foul to Yu Qing on the Internet, and Yu Qing also blamed Hui Shan, “Why can you do it?

    “, The husband and wife continue to quarrel, and they become more divided when they have sex.

      In fact, adult movies are not sexual mentors.

    Although it can open the door to sex for couples, adult films have overstated the proportion of sex life in normal life and distorted the relationship between men and women. It seems that the true meaning of life lies in the climax.

    In particular, some adult films also provide some tactile and thrilling sexual stimulation methods, which are enough to provoke social science research.

      Every couple trying to learn sex from porn should think about it: After watching martial arts, will you be as brave and fearless as the martial arts in the movie, and jump down a few floors?

    Obviously not, because you know, all movies are branded by “DreamWorks”, and the jokes and scolds are manipulated by the screenwriters just to surprise you.

    The same goes for adult movies.

    The ups and downs of this period were directed by the director, the result of starring in “hard work”. Of course, those good shows that break through the limit of human physical strength cannot of course be easily performed in your bedroom.

      Who is susceptible to pornosis?

      The term “poisonous poisoning” originally appeared in the United States.

    Professor Susanna of Cornell University in the United States said that the symptoms of pornography include: finding sexual partners everywhere, masturbating, obsessed with pornography, making pornographic calls, etc.

      According to the United States Child Protection and Family Alliance, the following types of people are considered to have “pornosis”.

      职员 company employees who travel frequently.

    Before each business trip, I vowed not to watch paid pornographic programs in the hotel, but in the end, I still didn’t keep my mind.

      Housewife with sexual fantasy reading romance novels.

    “Insert” the romantic plot in the novel into real life.

      ⒊Sinking at office workers on adult websites.

    Although always regretful and determined after going online, the “last time” can never be fulfilled.

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