Science and technology innovation is the live water source 2021 Guangqi Technology Day releases a number of black technology

      On April 9, 2021 Guangqi Technology Day (Gactechday2021) theme (Gactechday2021) was held at GAC Research Institute with the theme of "Smart Low Carbon Future".

    Zeng Qinghong, Chairman of Guangqi Group, General Manager Feng Xingya, and many netizens paying attention to the live broadcast platform, participated in this year’s Guangqi Science and Technology Day, and experienced the future beautiful mobile life prospects under the driving of GAC technology.

    Feng Xingya, general manager of Guangqi Group, introduced the results of GAC and future prospects.

    Xinhuanet issued a new energy, intelligent network, concept and modeling design, wave motivation, vehicle development and verification, chassis body technology, digital Guangqi, and innovative Guangzhou Automobile (IGA) eight major exhibition areas, exhibition There are ten technology exhibits, and the full-scale display of GAC Group is in the latest outcomes in various fields.

      For future high-quality development needs, this conference The new power assembly "era, realizing" small volume "contains" large energy ", leading low-carbon future. Wu Jian, Dean of GAC Research Institute, introduced "Zhongzi Star Strategy." Xinhuanet issued the Guangzhou Gulun Technology Co., Ltd., which has been established within China, China, is committed to promoting the landing of super fast charging battery technology. One of the focus of work is super fast charging technology and a new generation of breakthrough energy storage technology.

    Leading technology also needs to industrialize, and the Guangzhou Automobile Group will push multiple versions of fast chargers to meet different users’ fast-charged demand, bringing users to the ultimate fast charging experience.

      Science and technology innovation is the fire of China’s car people to realize the dream of auto power, and also the internal growth of the Guangzhou Automobile Group to the mobile life value creator.

    In the face of the urgent needs of science and technology innovation, the Guangzhou Automobile Group continued to increase its independent research and development, in the field of new energy, the intelligent network field continued to break through.

    In the intelligent system, the new generation of intelligent operating system G-OS is launched, and the system is independently developed by the Guangzhou Automobile Group and Kobe Xunfei jointly established, through hierarchical optimization, AI, big data empowerment, Bring friendly interface interaction and personalization, reaching thousands of thousands of people, thousands of people, providing users with "new perception, big wisdom" scene service.

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