“Then don’t we play this??”

    “Now we are not to establish intelligence networks,The devil knows。”
    “So you simply make makeup?”
    “Jiaxiang Sister,If my identity is exposed,You will be very dangerous in Chongqing,It’s better to go to my hometown, do you look??”
    “Don’t forget that I am your team member.。”
    “It certainly can’t forget。”
    http://www.tjjielian.cn “Ouyang!”After Yu Xiaowei, she pulled her sister, Zhang, who saw Ouyang Dolings, shouting。
    “Little night,Zhang is coming from you.!Tell you a few friends。”Qi Rui specially called them to be a purposeful,Ouyang Du knows that they will never be because they are beautiful women。
    “Fang Qi!How do I see you so familiar??”Because 锐 并 并,Yu Xiaowei and Zhang have seen this person.。
    “I am right.,Because I have a brother called Fangrui。”
    “It turns out that you are the brother of Fungui.!No wonder。”
    “Who is killing your brother??”From,
    “Kill his devil spy is dead,I saw the beautiful friend of my brother today.,Don’t mention those unpleasant things.。”
    Rui Rui, a woman, a pretty woman,Music sounds a lot of men, come over, please dance,But I don’t want to be rejected.。
    “Little night!Why didn’t you tell http://www.diandianfan.cn me?。”A unfamiliar face appeared in the short night,Not Zhouhai tide?,This kids are not scattered, and the little night is entangled.。
    Rui Rui looked at Zhouhai regret,Which of the special training camp is not a resistant hero with him with him?,Only he kills,If not he kills Xiao Zhengguo,Washen, there is no chance to send Chen Shan to the military.。
    “Why do I want to tell you?!How to hurry?。”Yu Xiaowei said the hand of Fang Qi’s:“Fang Qi we go dancing。”
    Look at Qi Rui and the little night to go to the dance pool to dance,Ouyang Due whispered to Fu Yingxue:“Yu Xiaowei is already married,Husband is a military Xiao Zhengguo。”
    “Then this person knows that she is married and is entangled.?”Fu Ying Xue saw Zhou Hai Chao 痴 小 小 小 小 小 晚 晚,
    “The thief is not dead.。”
    Zhou Hai is not color,He is really a little night.,I have already arrived.,So he will shoot Xiao Zhengguo,He never cares about Zhuang Zhengguo,I can kill the second time in his kills,For the rest of the little night, he is willing。
    Qi Rui knows that he is an idiot,But he is not all the way with the small night.,Because the small evenings will wear eight road military uniforms,But Zhou Haibang is getting more and more,Finally, don’t hesitate to be a traitor,This time,Solving this Zhouhai tide is also one of the auspetent purposes。
    “Little night,I heard that you are married.?”Qi Rui asked when dancing,
    “I am married.,Marrying is not like people。”
    “Is a parent?”
    “Now you can divorce,The big beauty like a lady is still afraid that no one is pursued.。”
    “You said that Zhou Hai tide,He is very good for me.,Can accompany me crazy,Can also play with me,Always appear when I need it,But I don’t like it.。”
    “There is still someone staring at you.,who is he?”Qi Rui saw that Chen Yam wearing military uniforms in the bar, asked,
    “He is my current husband Xiao Zhengguo。”Yu Xiaoshi said in some contempt,
    NS603 Who is my comrade?
    It seems that the rest of the small night is still in love with fake Xiao Zhengdang.,After jumping this dance,Rui Rui and Blue Love,Ouyang Dou jumped a song,Finally, Fu Ying Snow。
    “I finally turned to me.?”Fu Yingxue is a bitter jealous,
    “Wife,We seem to have never skipped together.?”Qi Rui, Qi Fu Ying Xueyu, please,
    “What do you call so many beautiful women??”Fu Ying Xue asked,
    Rui Rui continued to stick to Fu Yingxue whisper:“Zhang is our own comrades,She may be dangerous in these days,We have to find a way to help her.。”
    “How do you know that she is our comrade??Uh……never mind,I don’t ask.,Change a problem,How do you know that she is dangerous??”It’s no longer http://www.diaoyiwang.cn twice.,Fu Yingxue knew the first question asked.。
    “The military grabbed a person called Horse,He explained what heard he heard his brother and said the underground party.,And also said that this accurate connector location of your heart coffee house,It is also said that it is a code dandelion’s comrades to pick up。”
    “Is it dandelion??”A code that has a code can be helpful.,Fu Ying Xue asked,
    “You can confirm the organizational query,I guess it should be her.。”Ritual,

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