Xia Jian is not stupid,I quickly understood Hu Huiru’s true intentions。Her circle is a bit big,Xia Jian almost didn’t understand what she meant。

    But in front of so many people,Xia Jian is not easy to refuse,I nodded and said:“it is good!”
    In order not to cause misunderstanding, Xia Jian,Xia Jian said to Yan again:“Mayor Ma!You accompany Mr. Hu on a trip,You two go home for dinner!it’s getting dark”
    “OK!Then let’s go”Ma Yan reacts faster。Xia Jian talks out,She rushed to say。
    Hu Huiru doesn’t want Ma Yan to follow them,But Xia Jian and Ma Yan both said it,She was too embarrassed to directly refuse,Otherwise her intention is too obvious。
    When the three people walked into the door of Xia Jian’s store,,Sun Yuejuan is busy making lunch,And Xia Zecheng didn’t know where he went,The entire compound is extremely quiet。
    “mom!President Hu is here”Xia Jian deliberately shouted in a high voice。Sun Yuejuan walked out of the kitchen after hearing the sound。She saw that Xia Jian brought back a woman she didn’t know,The brows frowned involuntarily。
    “Hello auntie!My name is Hu Huiru。Is your friend of Xia Jian。Come to Xiping Village this time and take a look,I came here to visit you”Hu Huiru is really exquisite。Xia Jian could not introduce her well,She came by herself。This is a strong woman。
    Sun Yuejuan listened to a general idea,She smiled busy and said:“Hurry in,A bit cold outside”Sun Yuejuan said,Wiped his hands on the apron,He called Hu Huiru into the house。
    In the main hall,Zhengwang。The whole room is like heating,Makes people very comfortable。Hu Huiru changed the norm,It’s almost like a different person,She let go of the boss,Sit in front of the stove without restraint。
    “Xia Jian!Your house is really nice,Feel warm as soon as you enter the door”Hu Huiru directly called Xia Jian’s name,Even changed my name。
    Xia Jian laughed and said:“What warm,Compare with the high-rise villa you live in,I don’t know how bad it is”When Xia Jian said this,,Thinking about what this woman wants to do?
    Sun Yuejuan made a cup of tea and brought it over,She handed it to Hu Huiru,Then I looked at Hu Huiru from head to toe。Only then smiled slightly:“Looks really good,Like on TV”
    “Thanks auntie!I am here in a hurry,I didn’t even bring a gift to Auntie,But next time I come,I will remember”Hu Huiru smiled calmly,Very nice。
    Xia Jian panicked,He just about to speak。Sun Yuejuan rushed to say:“I can see Auntie,What gift to bring,Auntie is not such a snob”
    Ma Yan pulled Xia Jian quietly and said:“You come outside,I have something to ask you”
    Xia Jian hesitated,But still followed Ma Yan out。In the main hall,Hu Huiru deliberately asked to talk to Sun Yuejuan。Sun Yuejuan is also happy,The two said a happy moment。
    “Hey!what do you mean?Bring one today,Bring one tomorrow,Do you want to tell the people of Xiping Village,How good is my Xia Jianpao woman??”Ma Yan hit Xia Jian,Asked in a low voice very unhappy。
    Xia Jian snorted coldly:“Don’t talk about it。She is the boss of Dongsheng Group,I am the consultant hired by their company,She came to Xiping Village to check her work”
    “Check a ghost,She just came the day before yesterday,Come again today,Isn’t there a lice on this bald head??All right,Your business has nothing to do with me,Whatever you like。Just remind you,Play with fire**”Ma Yan finished,Turn around。

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