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    2018 National Website Platform Knowledge Skills Competition ended successfully

    On November 30, hosted by the Central News Network Office, China Internet Development Foundation, Jiangsu Provincial Party Network Network Office, Jiangsu Radio and Television Trial Association, 2018 National Website Platform Knowledge Skills Competition final ended in Nanjing.

    After a fierce competition, a network of Wu Qian website won the Gui Guan, Vigorously Shenzhen website, Wu Yan Feng website joint team won the second prize, UC team, the Location of Henan website, Zhejiang Laba Site Awarded Third Place. It is understood that the 2018 National Website Platform Knowledge Skills Competition has been "more beautiful for the online home". For 4 months, all local Net Letter Office carefully organized, and the platform platforms participated, a total of more than 2,500 website platforms, 10,000 Many players participate directly.

    Prior to this, the competition experienced all local selection, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Guizhou, Hebei 4 resort area, and Guangdong semi-final, dedicated a fierce, exciting competition, set off a learning business, solid foundation, improvement ability A strong atmosphere. The final final was held in the "One Stop" of Jiangsu Satellite TV. Taking care of competition.

    Bounce, each team has a bamboo, steadily advancement; in the question link, the players compete for the second, doing both the "hand speed" and fight "brain", the topic has just begun, there is already a team began to answer the answer; risk problem The link is more exciting, and the challenge of the challenge will take the corresponding score from the challenge team. It is the challenge to win the corresponding score of the challenge. The scene has repeatedly reversed the thrilling moment; the speech question link, the on-site determination speech theme Although the players played, they did not see the stress, and the wonderful speech won the applause. This event has led to the form of knowledge skills competition, which not only promotes the website platform to better implement the subject responsibility, more encourages and drives website platform practitioners to strengthen political awareness, responsibility awareness and position awareness, and continuously strengthen knowledge theory learning, and improve professional skills. Level, further promotion network synthesis, maintain a good network ecological environment, to build a foundation for the network space of the Tianlang, reach the competition, to promote the good results of the competition.

    (China Net Letter Network Xie Bolong).

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    70 years behind the change of image Tibet: Ten moment

    May 23, 1951, signed the "Central People’s Government and the Local Government of Tibet on Measures for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet Agreement" ( "17-Article Agreement"), marking the theocratic "Kingdom Lama" has become history. On this day, it is the new starting point for Tibet.

    Seventy Spring Qi lightly, how many hard of sweet. After the peaceful liberation, Tibet’s social system to achieve the historical leap, take the socialist path of development. From the head of a decade in the 1980s to this century, the CPC Central Committee has held five times on Work in Tibet, make major decisions and plans to work in Tibet. Since the party’s 18, the Central has held the sixth, seventh working conference on Tibet, on the basis of successful experiences on the formation of a new era rule Tibet strategy of the party. 2019, Tibet’s historic eliminate absolute poverty.

    70 years of vicissitudes, 70 years of magnificent. 70 years ago, Tibetan society sustained and rapid economic development, people’s living standards have markedly improved, basic public services overall progress in tackling poverty comprehensive victory, the Frontier vigorously promote rural revitalization and orderly implementation of ecological security barrier increasingly solid, fine traditional culture is protected and development of the Chinese nation stronger sense of community.

    Central support, national support, hard work of people of all nationalities in Tibet, Tibet for 70 years developed into a place of years of history in the development of the best, the fastest time since the peaceful liberation.

    Looking back, a contemporary history of Tibet, is an all-round economic and social development, the history of all-round development of human development; a contemporary history of Tibet, but also a political system, social development, economic and livelihood historic leap leap history.

    In the new era, we embark on a new journey.

    70-year-old New Tibet, is a more high-spirited morale, vibrant vitality, creating a brighter tomorrow, meet a better future.

    The first moment: the signing of the "Agreement on Measures for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet" ( "17-Article Agreement") May 23, 1951, "the Central People’s Government and the Local Government of Tibet on Measures for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet Agreement" (referred to as " "signed), marking the theocratic" seventeen-Article agreement Kingdom Lama "has become history.

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    De oude site van het zevende legerleger van China, het rode leger – rode geschiedenis, ik weet dat het rode gen ik erfen – de oude site van het rode zeven leger, het nieuwe tijdperk van tiener – I-goedkeuring voor mijn woonplaats, "( Foto’s)

    "In 1929 koude koude wintermaand, Baise stond een monument; er was een jonge man in gans, mensen noemden zijn Deng Zhengzheng Comité …" op 24 april, in de oude site van het Rode Zeven Leger, klonk het scherpe groeten, vrolijk Fastboard. 30 studenten van multi-fase multi-farao in Baise City hebben hun Allegro gebruikt om ‘baisinging’ te interpreteren. De prachtige uitvoeringen van studenten hebben toeristen aangetrokken om te kijken en foto’s te maken. Deze unieke "prestaties" is dat ik in de 2021 "5.18" International Museum Day en juni Cultural Heritage Day ben, viert de 100e verjaardag van de oprichting van de Communistische Partij van China, en het "New Era" in de nieuwe tijden van de 10-jarig jubileum van het feest – ik ben een van de gebeurtenissen van mijn hometown-goedkeuring ‘"Theme Education Activitions".

    Deze educatieve activiteit is om de algemene discussie te leren van de algemene secretaresse Xi Jinping op het bevorderen van de uitstekende traditionele cultuur van China, afhankelijk van de rode bronnen en traditionele culturele hulpbronnen van de oude site van het rode zevende leger, het spelen van de functie voor het sociale onderwijs van ons kantoor , in Baise City-basisschoolstudenten zijn actieve objecten, gezamenlijke Right River Daily Reporter Station, via ge?ntegreerd gebruik van bronnen, van rode cultuur, traditionele cultuur, collectie culturele relikwie?n om de ontwikkelingsgeschiedenis van de stad te baiselen, bevordert Baise City Cultural Relicum begeleiding, motiveer jonge kinderen om de ontwikkeling van geboorteplaats in het personeel te ervaren, en wordt de beste "woordvoerder van de woonplaats"

    De onderwijsonderwijsactiviteiten zullen worden onderverdeeld in tien problemen, en de activiteitstijd gaat verder van eind april tot juni. De activiteit zal worden "verkennen van de rode geschiedenis van de geboortestad -" de geboorte van het rode zeven leger "," het Jimei-verhaal van de revolutionaire culturele relikwie?n "," de schat van Lingnan Art "de schat van de Lingnan-kunst – de oude Oosterse Oost-hal oude gebouwen "is de kerninhoud. Op 24 april was het thema-evenement de eerste: verkende de Hong-geschiedenis van de geboortestad – "De geboorte van het rode zeven leger" begon, de eerste fase won voornamelijk de oude site van het Rode Zeven Leger, en leerde de "rode leger discipline Song ", leer de kleine Allegro" Baise verjonging "en de kennis te beginnen en de medewedstrijd.

    In het geval luisterden de studenten zorgvuldig aandachtig naar de gedetailleerde uitleg van de gedetailleerde uitleg van de oude site van het Rode Zevende Leger, één zin en zingt "Red Army Discipline Song", en leert de kleine Allegro "Baising" te slaan, Actief deelnemen aan de kennis- en puzzelcompetitie. De rijke cursusinhoud, laat de leerlingen de hand van het Rode Zeven Leger begrijpen en de ervaring van de revolutionaire hulp om te betalen, niet bang voor opoffering, voel de grote prestaties van baise opstand en waarnemen de kracht van de Baise-opwekkende geest.

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    China listed company carbon emission list release

      The Secondary of the Secondary Net News (Reporter Liu Yang) Summary of "Double Carbon" National Goals last September, the carbon and become an important issue in China’s next 40 years.

    As the largest developing country in the world, how to achieve bumps and development, win-win, and a huge challenge for China. On November 17th, "Carbon Neutral and Summit Forum and China’s listed company carbon emission list" held in Beijing, "China’s listed company carbon emission list (2021)" is also started in this forum. This year’s list covers 100 high-carbon emissions companies listed on A-share and Hong Kong stocks, they are distributed in petrochemical, chemical, building materials, steel, colored, paper, electricity, aviation, eight key high-energy industries. It is worth mentioning that the total carbon emissions in this list account for more than 40% of the country, and the intensity industry is characterized. Baijia listed companies on the list, play an important role in China’s carbon-carbon actions.

    In 2020, China’s total carbon dioxide emissions were about 9.9 billion tons, and 100 listed companies in the list, total carbon dioxide emissions totaled billions tons, accounting for about total volume of the country.

      From the perspective of distribution, the total amount of carbon dioxide emissions in the list reflects a certain "second eight effect". The top 20 companies are faucets in their respective fields, and 2020 emissions are more than 50 million tons, and the total discharge accounts for about 100% of the total volume of funds. The top ten companies in the total carbon emissions have exceeded 100 million tons in 2020, and the total discharge accounts for 46% of the total emissions of hundreds of companies. These from electricity, building materials, petrochemical, and coal industries, the total amount of emissions is almost close to the remaining enterprise emissions.

      In combination, the three industries of electricity, steel and cement are important starting hands in the current emission reduction. On July 16, 2021, the national carbon market was officially launched, and the first batch of 2162 electric power companies have been included.

    Petrochemical, chemical, building materials (including cement), steel, colored, paper, aviation, will also be included in the trading system.

    In order to support the national carbon market construction, the eight key industries have been carried out for many years. Under carbon, in context, listed companies’ performance in low carbon, increasingly become important investment decision-making factors, and public disclosure of its own carbon circuit data on listed companies also has higher expectations.

    In the current national carbon market, about 50 yuan / ton of carbon prices, the company has to increase the cost of 500,000 yuan per purchase of 10,000 tons of carbon emissions. The importance of carbon emissions data is self-evident.


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    Chengdu Public Resource Trading Platform Innovation Measures Improved Business Environment

    Chengdu Public Resource Trading Platform Innovation Measures Enhanced Business Environment Source: [] At the same time, establish a government procurement process "Chengdu Standard", all Chengdu City Trading Rules, unified business process, uniform operation, implementation of procurement documents and procurement process Templates change. Unified planning, unified construction, unified operational government procurement full process electronic system, embed 18 sets of standardized procurement file templates in the system, 21 sets of review form.

    Suppliers have no need to pay any system usage, without having to register and log in, download free download of free download, no need to purchase paper procurement documents or submit paper response documents. All government procurement projects are transferred to bidding margins, encourage purchases to avoid banks, reducing the proportion of payment, allowing suppliers to pay the performance margin in various ways such as electronic security. In the procurement documents, the government procurement contract credit financing policy and channels will help SMEs effectively solve the problem of "financing difficult" "financing". It is understood that the municipal trading platform innovation initiatives, through the online full process electronic collection system, the whole city, all-round government procurement projects, the assessment team and suppliers are processed from remote consultations and negotiations, and the purchase of whole process sound video And data automatic archiving, suppliers do not need to submit paper bidding documents, decrypt bidding documents or participate in on-site consultations, completely break the regional barrier, and realize the "zero run" in the transaction.

    As of 2021, as of June, the city implemented 783 "no visits" projects in the city, involving 10,000 households, a single project with a maximum of 2605 suppliers to decrypt online, solved the end of the market, the market, the supplier queuing the decryption site, difficult, consumption Duration, epidemic prevention and control pressure is high, realize the "zero waiting" of the transaction.

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    China Space Ontdek het enorme universum ("13e vijf-jarig plan", we passeren op deze manier)

    Op 12 februari heeft het National Space Agency de eerste Mars Detective Task Day van mijn land uitgegeven, een probe Mars Capture Process Image, met de detector vloog in de buurt van het hete punt en brak de ontsteking. Deze afbeeldingen nemen het volledig op het gezichtsveld, en de lichte vibratie van de detector nadat de motor ontbreekt en de detector vloog van Mars overdag. De zonvleugels, ori?ntatie-antenne, MARS-sfeer en oppervlakte morfologie zijn duidelijk zichtbaar. Tian Qian No.1 Bezocht Mars en werd een levendige scène in de bouw van ruimtevaart van mijn land. General Secretary Xi Jinping wees erop: "Ontdek het enorme universum, de ontwikkeling van het bureau, de constructie van het beveiligingsland is onze niet-gemonteerde ruimte." Sinds het "13e vijfjarenplan" heeft de lucht- en ruimtevaartindustrie van mijn land continu vernieuwd records, En de lanceringscapaciteit van de Aerospace is aanzienlijk verbeterd. Spring-forward-ontwikkeling, van de stappen van de lucht- en ruimtevaartkracht naar het spatie sterk land.

    Diep-ruimtedetectiecapaciteit blijft verbeteren, de verkenning van exploratie en brand cre?ert een aantal eerste keer, op 17 december 2020, in handen van het hoofd van de mensen, de 23-daagse ruimtevlucht, en de grond, stabiele stabiele landing De vier zoon van Binnenmongoli?, de vier zoon van Inner Mongoli? is gepland op het landgebied. Dit is een prestatie die is geretourneerd van de Moon-sampling na meer dan 40 jaar, gemaakt 5 "China voor de eerste keer." De succesvolle implementatie van de missie van Chang’e No. 5, markeert het perfecte einde van de driestappenplanning van het project "Wikkelen, vallen, terugkeren" drie stappen in China, en legde een solide basis voor de toekomstige maan van mijn land en Planeetdetectie voor China. Base. Sinds het "13e vijfjarenplan" is het ruimtebesprekingsbereik van My Country dieper geweest en blijft de diepe ruimtedetectiecapaciteit toenemen.

    Het exploratieproject is constant innoveren en er is steeds meer maanafdrukken in China. Op 3 januari 2019 landde de nr. 4-detector met succes op de achterkant van de maan en passeerde de "mindbrug" om ‘s werelds eerste nabij-afstandsfoto’s te volgen, onthulde het mysterie van de maan.. Dit is de eerste keer dat de menselijke detector eerst de maan implementeert en opent een nieuw hoofdstuk in de menselijke maan. Tot nu toe heeft Yu Rabu No. 2 Moon meer dan 600 meter geaccumuleerd om een ??maanauto te worden in de langdurige maan. Mars detecteert om de integriteit van de ster te openen, en de planeetdetectie vormt het algemene concept.

    Op 23 juli 2020, is de eerste MARS-sonde-taakdag van mijn land 1 detector officieel gelanceerd in Wenchang Space Transportation Field.

    Dit is een wereldwijde opvallende ruimte-exploratie, door een lancering, het realiseren van Mars-surround, landing, patrouille detectie, drie taken, in de geschiedenis van de World Aerospace, is de eerste keer. Een reeks belangrijke kerntechnologie?n zoals meer dan 100 miljoen kilometer metingen en besturingstechnologie, zodat elke actie van de dag wordt uitgevoerd.

    Op het gebied van Mars heeft mijn land de volgende richting, Jupiter, Saturnus, etc. ge?dentificeerd op het gebied van diepe ruimteverklaring, wachtend op ons om tot één voor één te gaan.

    In de nieuwe fase heeft het ruimtestation het "13e vijfjarensproducten" geopend, dat het bemande ruimteproject van mijn land in de zeven, Tiangong No.2, Shenzhou 11, Tianzhou No.1, lang 5 maart, enz. . Major Missie, continu verfrissend de nieuwe China bemande ruimteruimte, "de droom van" iets is altijd in de slaap. " "Shenzhou" is perfect tot "tiangong", voltooi de spannende "kus" in de ruimte.

    "Het ruimtevaartuig is 30 meter, het ruimtevaartuig is eindelijk dichtbij, de staat is normaal, het dokmechanisme wordt vastgelegd, de gewrichtsring begon terug te trekken, het dockingmechanisme is vergrendeld en voltooid …" 3:31 op 19 oktober, 2016, met een richtlijn de SHENZOU 11 bemande ruimtevaartuigen en het Tiangong nr. 2 ruimtelijk laboratorium realiseerden met succes het automatische rendez-vous en docking.

    Tijdens deze bemande vluchtmissie, Jing Hai Peng, was Chen Dong willekeurig om 33 dagen te houden en cre?erde het grootste record van de veerkracht van China’s Astronaut-ruimte. Tianzhou No. 1 voltooide het eerste "spatiebijtoever", vulde de spatie van de luchtvaarttechnologie. In april 2017 werd het eerste ruimtevaartuig van My Country Tianzhou No. 1 gelanceerd en voltooide de tak van het Tiangong No. 2 Space Laboratory in the Railway, de eerste propeller werd toegevoegd in het railupplement. "Ruimte" is met succes ge?mplementeerd, waardoor ons land het derde land in de wereld is geworden om deze sleuteltechnologie te beheersen. De constructie van het ruimtestation is geopend en de lucht- en ruimtevaart van China betreedt het ruimtestation-tijdperk.

    "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ontsteking!" Op 5 mei 2020 lanceerde Long 5 maart een raket om uit te spruiten, rechtstreeks naar de lucht.

    Een paar dagen later retourneert een nieuwe generatie bemande ruimtevaartuigen met succes, en de test is een volledig succes geweest. Als de eerste vluchttaak in de derde stap in het Manced Space-project van China, markeert het succes van deze taak de opening van het Chinese ruimtestation, China Space Time Ik ging het ruimtestation binnen.

    Qi Pan Peak Self-Reliance, ruimtetechnologie realiseert de springende ontwikkeling van "13e vijf", de luchtvaart- en technologieniveau van mijn land heeft een reeks belangrijke onafhankelijke innovaties bereikt, zoals heersende ontwikkeling, raket, Beidou-navigatie, hoge score satelliet … Inspirerend de gelanceerde, een verbazingwekkende prestatie, gecondenseerd het zweet en wijsheid van Chinese ruimtevaart, toont de sterke en moed van China om wetenschappelijke en technologische zelfverbetering te bereiken.

    De Carrier Rocket-technologie heeft een nieuw hoog.

    Het raketontwikkelingsproject houdt zich vast aan onafhankelijke innovatie, en heeft een separatietechnologie met hoge gelijkrichter. De cabine-scheidingsstechnologie met grote diameter, en een grootschalige directe invoerafwijking precieze controletechnologie heeft veel belangrijke kerntechnologie?n, het draagvermogen bereikt de wereld eerste niveau.

    Op dit moment lanceerde de "lange maart"-serie van mijn land vliegtuigen: lang 11 maart lanceert raket in gele zee, de eerste lancering van de eerste lancering van mijn land met succes ge?mplementeerd; Chang Zheng No.8 Eerste vlucht succes, en lang 5 maart, lang 6 maart, lang MAART EEN NIEUWE GENERATIE VAN DE LANCERT-raketypen die een redelijke lay-out van de lay-out vormen.

    "China’s Beidou" werd de "Beidou" in de wereld. Op 31 juli 2020 werd Beidou No. 3 Global Satellite Navigatiesysteem officieel geopend.

    Vanaf nu overal op elke plaats, kan de navigatie, positionering en timing van het Beidou-systeem worden verkregen.

    Sinds het "13e vijf-jarige plan", concurreert China Ruimte om de tweede, het onderzoek op en de binnenlandse standaard van de Beidou-navigatie-satelliet- en sleutelcomponenten bereikt 100%. Mijn land is het derde onafhankelijke land van de wereld geworden. Mijn land is het derde onafhankelijke land van de wereld geworden met wereldwijde satellietnavigatiesysteem. China Beidou realiseert zich echt dat de ster glorieus is. Aerospace Science and Technology Hui en Minesheng.

    Sinds de "dertien vijf" is de civiele ruimte-infrastructuur van mijn land voortdurend verbeterd.

    De "High Score-familie" wordt sterker en sterker, satellietcommunicatie, satellietnavigatie, satelliet remote sensing in veel velden.

    Meer dan 2.000 aerospace-technologie-prestaties hebben een diepe cultuur van transplantatie gerealiseerd, waardoor slimme steden, ruimtevoeding. Het meest gedenkwaardige ding is het weerstaan ??van de epidemie van Neozopene, High-profile, Beidou Combination Precision Standard, High-Precision Positionering, All Network Getuige The Fire Godshan Hospital, Rayshan Hospital Bouw "China Snelheid", en het anti-antitroopeffect van de wetenschap en technologie.

    Ster is enorm, voor altijd verkennen. Het "14e vijfjarenplan" gestart, China Aerospace blijft reizen in de nieuwe reis.

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    Cangzhou Yuzhen District pursued "Pavilion Satisfaction, Yu" business brand

    Since this year, Zhangzhou City is striving to create a "pavilion satisfaction" business brand, providing efficient government service, creating an excellent business environment, all-round, all-weather resolving corporate business problems, effectively improving economic and social development. Lend down the "top grid" listening.

    The area established a leading group of the "four most" business environment work, led to the residential personnel, set up "five specialists" such as education, judicial, skills, help, and hotline to achieve corporate life cycle services. Full coverage. The establishment of 9 people involved in the enterprise service team, with 36 project assistants, set up 65 corporate liaisonrs, and visited 244 survey companies (projects).

    Through the "reception" of the service hotline and other platform lines, there is more than 17 years of online visits, and more than 17 years of collecting enterprises, and solve the EIV of Jiuhua Pharmaceutical Project, Xiangning Medicinal Cross-region expansion. 85. Take the sleeve "high efficiency". A total of 5104 individuals in the district and administrative licensing mats, which is currently fully realized.

    Increase all kinds of government service terminals to achieve government service 7 × 24 hours without hunt "ready to do".

    The integration process improves efficiency, 9 "packaged office", 22 "speed-up office", continuously optimizing window settings, realizing "a window" comprehensive acceptance, this year, the window has actually handled 246 business, "speed up "The business is 856 pieces, the completion rate is 98%." Accelerate the promotion of cross-provincial events, open a long triangle special procedure window in the government hall, and 21 individual matters, and 30 cases of legal persons.

    Kaikou "Innovation" service. Precise positioning policy financing guarantee company service function, strengthening silver, adheres to the development of "snow in the snow", and bank loan implementation rate has dropped a percentage point in the same period last year, and 2021 accumulated 89 companies and personal guarantee loans 193.99 million yuan, saving Corporate financing cost is 10,000 yuan. Carry out pilot work of the first credit park in the province, jointly and Eastern Rural Commercial Bank of Commerce Innovation launched the "Golden E +" series credit products, the weighted average interest rate of the small micro enterprises in the park reduced a percentage point, as of now, 48 companies have approved Credit the amount of 100 million yuan.

    (Liu Pengfei Zhao Xuechun) (Editor: Huang Yan, Zhang Lei) Sharing let more people see.

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    Probiotics to prevent new coronal pneumonia? Mosquito can spread virus? Truth is here

    Recently, probiotics that improve the intestinal function are grouped to treasure. Probiotics can be planted in the human intestines, and withstanding gastric acid, bacteria, which are beneficial to human health, such as bifidobacteria. Professor of Public Health School of Nanjing Medical University, Department of Standing Director, China Nutrition Society, Tip: After food residue enters into the intestinal fermentation, probiotics can stimulate intestinal peristalsis, by regulating the intestinal flora, improve intestinal micro ecology, and then let Our body better absorbs nutrients. Under our intestinal mucosa, there is a large amount of immune cells, probiotics through the stimulation of intestinal immune cells, and stimulate the immune system against bacterial violations. If probiotics in the intestine are more beneficial for preventing intestinal infections. At present, there is not much recognized probiotic strains in academia, and many of the so-called "probiotics preparations" sold in the sale, there is no sufficient evidence to show suspects for treating diseases, promoting health, and hotspots. Although the research and development of drugs and vaccines currently for new crown viruses is being carried out, as of now, there is no vaccine and special medicine for new crown pneumonia.

    There is no research or clinical evidence that probiotics can prevent new crown viruses.

    The human body’s own immunity is really important to prevent virus invasion. I want to improve immunity, I need to pay attention to nutrients, strengthen sports, ensure sleep, work and rest, ensure healthy lifestyles. Some experts say that during the epidemic, you can strengthen diet nutrition, eat more foods rich in protein, vitamins, and mineral elements, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, meat, eggs and milk, etc., to ensure sufficient sleep, try not to stay up again Strengthen physical exercise, carry out indoor physical activities. In addition, maintaining a good mental state and pleasant mood is also an effective way to improve resistance.

    Is there a special medicine for treating neoguanponic pneumonia? .

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    Anhui Anqing: Water Central Shore Green Yicheng Yiju

    Cast urban water system, promote water environment rectification, Anhui Anqing – Water Qing’an Green Yicheng Yiju (Xiaocang Road on Green Power) Anhui Anqing City, Don’t call "Yicheng", there are 10 lakes 46 rivers, the rivers and lakes are 225 square kilometers, accounting for25% of the total local area.

    Water is the characteristics of Anqing, but also the valuable resources of Anqing, but the water environment here is very "troubles".Renovation of black odor, strengthen law enforcement supervision, build a lake wetland, open the urban water system … In recent years, Anqing has included all lakes and rivers into governance, gradually constructing a ecological water network.

    Today, all the water systems in Anqing City run, "Yicheng" has also become more livable.

    The water is connected, the water is still active, and it is an important river connected to the Anqing Old Town and the New Town.

    Today, more than a dozen ponds along the river, the pool is crystal clear, and the water swaying the reeds, and the lily. However, the initial plan is not the case.

    Li Jun, a residential department of the housing project, the construction of the key project, and participated in the whole process of comprehensive management of the new river.

    He recalls that these ponds earlier are fishing ponds. They have professional institutional planning, and they will fill them with these ponds, widen, harden, and river. But later, Anqing City vetoed this design.

    At the end of 2015, Anqing hired a professional team led by the Institute of Environmental Sciences, the Ecological Environment Department, with a focus on water ecological environmental protection, and launched a resident tracking study to provide scientific recommendations for precision pollution.

    At the same time, it is integrated with rainfall, intercepting vessels, shoreline repair, ecological dredging and other projects. Since 2016, Anqing has built 450 kilometers of sewage pipes and 76 rainwater pipelines, investigating 1864 water pollution problems, and 8 new ends of the new end. Open the distribution map of Anqing ecological water network system, clearly see that there are different lakes in the north and south of East and West. Among them, "a lake Jiuhe" is a pen. "One Lake Jiuhe" refers to the nine rivers, Bai Zhuhu and including Huaihu River, and Qinquan River. "One Lake Jiuhe" governance project started in April 2017, governing the lake area square kilometers, the length of the river, with a landscape green area of ??about 10,000 square meters.

    Through the implementation of the project, Anqing City connects all the rivers and lakes, forming two water-based aorta – the main rivers of the main river and the main rivers of the main rivers and the main rivers of the Eastern North and South, and eventually connected the Yangtze River. The water is connected, and the water is still active. "In the process of comprehensive management of water, there is a lot of problems such as the black stink, river sedimentation, and insufficient drainage capacity, because the water flow is not smooth, let the water flow, it is an inevitable requirement of ecological pollution.

    Jiang Kuitang, Party Secretary of Anqing Ecological Environment Bureau, Director Jiang Kuitang, said. By running through the entire urban water system and connects to the Yangtze River, from the two-wire water supply of the Yangtze River and Shitang Lake, the daily hydration of Anqing City is 300,000 tons, which solves the flooding. Drainage demand, which solves the problem of environmental pollution caused by broken head.

    The investment is fine, the effect is not discounted to the winter of Shitang Lake, along the coast of grass, although the reed is a little yellow, but the lake is blue, the mountain lake is reflected, still the scenery.

    Here, it is an alternate water source in Anqing. In order to improve the water quality of Shitang Lake, Anqing’s 980,000 square meters of fish ponds in Tong retreat, the daily purification capacity reached 10,000 tons. Liu Gang, deputy manager of Shitang Lake Project, said the water flowing upstream through the gate, introduced into the pretreatment zone, and the preprocessing zone is connected to the net water channel, and the water flows into the table flow through the clean water.

    The surface flow and wet areas are serially connected in series with aquatic plants and the sultime, through a variety of aquatic plants and microorganisms, the common effects of soil, and the functions of wetland interception, purification and other functions. The water flowing from the surface flow wet area enters the depth purification area, and the area is used to store purified water, and the other hand is further purified by aquatic plant to stabilize the water quality.

    In addition, the complete ecological purification system is formed by reasonably configured the seasons of evergreen plant communities.

    "This project officially started in 2019, and ended in the second half of 2020." Liu Gang said, now, the stone lake, the water quality has reached Class III standard. In many projects in water environment governance, Anqing is based on ecological management as a concept, and the cost is low, and the cost is low.

    According to Li Jun, Xinhe retains more than a dozen ponds, only one, saving at least 30 million yuan investment.

    Although it is finely calculated in investment, the effect is not discounting.

    Take the "one lake Jiuhe" as an example, the current water quality has increased to class standard, and the water quality of the Qing Dynasty water country control section is 100%. The two section water quality of the Yangtze River is in the class, the city surface water is basically eliminated. V.

    In the rectification of the new river, there is no plan for the initial filling of the pond and hardened roads, but planted the riverside, 660,000 square meters of flowers, 540,000 square meters of lawns and 10,000 square meters of aquatic plants, let it It became a local well-known green ecological corridor.

    Will fully promote rural sewage remediation in Anqing, many rivers have experienced the changes in the new river. In the winter, the artificial buoy in Hunting River is still lush. But many years ago, Hunting River was a famous "stink". "Hunting River has grown again and smelly, after governance, also raise the fish, the floating island is still a lot of flowers, very beautiful, and very comfortable nearby.

    Huang Industry, Hunting North Village, Grand View District, Anqing City.

    After a targeted comprehensive rectification, Anqing size river lake is new.

    Li Jun said that he also wanted to understand that if many areas can make a lot of money, why should you stay for environmental rectification? But now he understands. "Next, we will continue to focus on the in-depth governance of key pollution sources, and further enhance existing urban industrial governance standards.

    At the same time, we will fully promote the pollution control of agriculture, through the adoption of local conditions, the rural sewage rectification is fully promoted as the next work. "Jiang Kuitang said.

    Wei Xiaoming, secretary of the Anqing Municipal Party Committee, said that Anqing will continue to grasp the key projects such as rivers and lake governance, one hand to grasp the innovation of institutional mechanisms such as Lin Changzhi, the Heavy System, and Lake, and promote the continuous improvement of ecological environment. (Reporter Zhu Si Xiong Xu Jing).

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    The National Health Committee responds to the doctor’s three hospital doctors to reflect the problem of tumor treatment: never avoid

    People’s Network Beijing April 27 (Zhang Wenting) For online hot discussion, "Northern Medical Treatment is not standardized to reflect the treatment of tumor treatment", the Secretary for Health and Health of the Ministry of Health and Health, the Ministry of Health, one side and the North Hospital Get contact, please contact the North Hospital and the doctor and ask the doctor to provide more detailed information, investigating verification for the problems reflected. For the case of clearly mentioned in Qinghai patients, the national health and health committee also organizes the authoritative experts in the National Cancer Center and the domestic sectors to conduct experts and peers for experts and peers for the process of the whole treatment. The comments are considered to be in the process of treatment, the principles of treatment are basically in line with the norms. For problems reflected, such as gene sequencing, gene detection, NK cell therapy, whether there is inappropriate interest exchange in this process, Jiao Yahui said that the Shanghai Municipal Health Committee has been investigated, and now the results of the investigation have not come yet. . If it is found that there is a violation of the illegal violation of interests, it is never guarded, never avoided, will be dealive according to law, it will be seriously processed.

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