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    The 13th China (Chongqing) Hot Pot Food Culture Festival opened on October 29

      Data map.The organizer is mapped to this year’s hot pot festival, the event site will hold 仟 味 · International hot pot procurement conference and clouds South · 2021 explosive ingredients preferred hot pot banquet, through selection of specialty ingredients, the form of the scene, the form of the product,Help hot pot companies and ingredients are efficiently docked.At that time, Zhou Migan Chongqing Hot Pot, Chongqing Liu Yipha Hot Pot and other head brands, will jointly distribute the joints of hundreds of hot pot companies with more than 100,000 tons of procurement needs, and promote the innovation and development of China ‘s hot pot and catering enterprises.It is understood that the Chongqing hot pot in Chongqing, the Chongqing Hot Pot, opened the store in Chongqing, and became the most hot pot brand in Chongqing hot pot.

    In addition, 2021 Zhou Dynasty brothers entered Shanghai, Shenzhen opened 4 straight door stores.

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    Premier League synthesis: Three stroning wins

    Xinhua News Agency, December 11th (Reporter Zhang Wei) Premier League ranked 3rd Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea wins on the 11th, thus continued to maintain formation on the standings in the standings of 38, 37 and 36, and the three victories All is inseparable from the penalty.

    The defending champion, who has been ran in two consecutive rounds, Wi-Wolf. The wolf’s striker Xemenne came to the end of the first half, and the two yellow cards were connected, and the less than one person gave Mangcheng more difficult to play with a more determined defense.

    However, after a long VAR (video assistant referee) involved, Mutnio was identified by the handball, Sherva passed the handball, the 66th minute of Sterling presiding into the ball, with the 100th Premier League of the individual Going to help Manchester City break the deadlock. Manchester City eventually win 1: 0 wins, Liverpool will take the Aston Villa, who is the same score.

    Villa’s performance is not good, successfully curb the powerful Liverpool, but Sarah is protected into the restricted area in the confrontation of Minshen, the referee sentenced the penalty, and the Egyptian personally fed.

    Chelsea’s victory is more difficult than compared with it.

    In Stanford Bridge, Leeds is leading a leading point in the 28th minute of Rafinia. In the 43rd minute, Mentat took front of Alonso under the restricted area, and the blue army will score the score.

    In the second half, Chelsea rely on Rudyge creation, Ji Nio’s penalty of the penalty of 2: 1, but the 83rd minute Leeds parked in the frontcourt, the exquisite cooperation, from the teenage Gelhat shovel equal score . At the end of the terminal, Rudyg was kicked by the other party in the penalty area, Chelsea won the ball again, if Nieno was a 3: 2 lock win.

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    Shanxi Municipality: Brand leads the market green transition

    "How much is this bottle of honey wine?" Before the booth of Guan Demnshan Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd., the crowded, crowded with customers being purchased.

    "In order to participate in this agricultural fair, we deliberately brought the company’s special honey rose wine, attracting many customers to taste the purchase, and we also negotiated with interested merchants, and cooperates in the next step in cooperation Good pavement. "Yan Pingping, the staff of the Guanmihan Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd., Jiacheng County, said. The fruit of the fruit is fragrant, when he is rich. It is also a year of harvest season, in order to participate in the agricultural fair, grab opportunities, boost development, Many enterprises in the city with high quality products, strong attack on the Agricultural Expo, from different levels, unique The county agricultural characteristics and new achievements in modern agriculture.

    It is understood that there are more than 50 kinds of more than 50 kinds of products in the city of Jiaocheng County. Director of Jiaocheng Agricultural Rural Bureau said that the agricultural products of this exhibited have highlighted the theme of "brand leading to the market, green transformation of the new road", and each agricultural product has highlighted the characteristics of the city, I hope to make full use of the Agricultural Expo Platform, show brand image, promote trade exchange, strive to let more people see boutique, taste delicious, promote brand cultivation and production and sales of Mingcheng agricultural products, and then enhance the popularity of the county characteristics.

    (Surdy Li Junjie) (Editor: Zhao Fang, Zhang Linshan) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

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    Technology is "addition", the venue is more "smart" (sports guanlan)

    When the technical achievements apply more yuan, more in-depth integration into the national fitness scene, when the national fitness public service is getting more and more perfect, efficient, convenient, I believe there will be more and more people happy, fall in love with fitness, the unit gym is opened. Site line reservation and scan code authentication service, simplify the queuing registration process, which makes people feel "convenient"! In addition to the appointment applet, smart wardrobe, face recognition gate, smart light control temperature, wisdom big screen … often go to the fitness people will find that the fresh things in the fitness venues are more.

    Don’t underestimate these details, "smart" venues will make fitness more attractive. Real-time, facilities, facilities, and exercise in time before exercise, timely feedback on body data, exercise after exercise, strengthen software construction through technical applications, upgrade the new skills, new equipment, new equipment, and new equipment, new equipment, and new equipment, Be "addition" to the service, becoming a trend.

    In Zhejiang Shaoxing, Xinchang County Sports Center unified management in the basketball hall, badminton hall, and outdoor basketball, football and tennis courts, realizing the people’s booking "one time you don’t have to run," From the order, payment to the admission, open the light, can be completed online, self-service processing. In Fujian Xiamen, a number of gym is launched a game, immersive fitness service, and the exerciser wears a smart bracelet. On the large screen of the wall, the personal information will be displayed immediately. According to real-time body data, the operating range is magnitude, the exercise movement is scored. Also compare the motion data in history.

    More interesting interactions, more detailed services, so that the venues are more "smart", which will also make people involve the enthusiasm of sports and fitness. According to reports, Jiangsu Nanjing Wutai Mountain Sports Center Wisdom System is online, the Internet order rate is over 90%, and the self-purchasing rate is over 80%, and the use efficiency of the venue is 30%. Nowadays, more and more gym, the gymnasium through technical achievements, reduce the cost of manual service, management management, improve the fun sports, scientific exercise, and harvested consumers and exercise, improve the national fitness Public services intelligent, information, and digitized levels. In the future, this trend is expected to further expand, in October, "The 14th Five-Year" Sport Development Plan ", clearly put forward" promoting national fitness and wisdom development "," Internet + fitness "" Internet of Thunder "and other technologies The results will continue to expand in the future in the masses, venue facilities, events, fitness guidance, equipment equipment, etc..

    When technical achievements apply more divers, more integrate into the national fitness scene, when the national fitness public service is getting more and more improved, efficient, convenient, I believe there will be more and more people happy, fall in love with fitness! Originally published in "People’s Daily" (13th edition, November 25, 2021) (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Share more people see the recommended reading.

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    Space station construction highlights technology self-reliance (new language)

      Future, foot-on-ground, we must find more universe mystery, starting new brilliant April 29, 2021, is another important moment worth writing in the history of my country’s aerospace.

    Depart from the China Wenchang Space Transportation Field, the South China Sea, the Long March, the B big thrust carrying rocket takes the power of my country’s space station in the core of China. Looking up at the starry sky, the core cabin named "Tianhe" is flying along the earth track, and the Chinese explore the new pace of the vast universe, letting people cheer. The day and core cabin successfully entered the space, and the "space construction" of the China Space Station has handed over the perfect first stick. The sky and core cabins are the largest spacecraft so far, and the first block built by the Space Station is also the most important "building block". It enters the space, marking the China Space Station in the rail assembly construction. The core compartment has been capable of supporting the astronauts to stay in space and live for a long time.

    This also means that my country’s manned space project "three steps" strategy has steadily opened the third step – the construction of the space station.

    Since last year, the Long March 5 b Rocket first fly opens the spatial station construction, to this core cabin launch, my country’s manned space flight truly welcomes the era of space station.

      The completion and operation of the space station will become an important indicator of innovative national construction. In the nearland rail construction space station, it has great challenge and has a rich harvest. After the completion of the China Space Station, it is both a "space of space" of astronauts and the "space laboratory" of scientific research.

    First-class space experiments and scientific exploration platforms, unique and precious space environments and resources will provide a powerful guarantee for scientists.

    The leap of aerospace technology, accelerates human exploration, development, and uses the pace of the universe, driving progress and breakthroughs in the field of scientific and engineering technology, and promoting aerospace achievements in the field of economic and social, benefiting people’s better life. my country’s manned spaceflight is a hard-sized science and technology self-supporting road, highlighting the Chinese wisdom and courage, condense the hearts of countless people.

    After nearly 30 years of unremitting efforts, the manned spaceflight passed the "Shenzhou" "Tiangong" "Tianzhou" and other passenger mission, successively broke through the key technologies such as the world’s round trip, space outages, rendezvous, "space refueling", Lined a solid foundation for the construction of the space station.

    The "three steps" strategy of manned space projects is based on its own conditions, and it is not only the proposal for the future development trend. This allows the China Space Station to adhere to the size, safe and reliable, advanced technology, economic efficiency, and strive to stand in a higher starting point, complete more space science research and exploration.

      The construction space station is a feat of my country’s exploration of near-site space, the success of the core cabin, is a good start, and it is also more challenges.

    Soon, the days and core cabins will first accept the visit of the freight spacecraft and the manned spacecraft; until 2022, the space station is completely completed, and it is also facing 10 high-density launches and high-risk space in the rail built task … Space exploration, the space station is just a new starting point in the future journey.

    For the future, the foot is ground, we must find more universe mystery and create new glories.

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    Under the online subscription, a number of private equity products is newly banned.

    [] The China Securities Industry Association revealed the first public issuance of shares (No. 6, 2021).

    The announcement shows that in order to standardize the first public issuance of the stock online investor and its placement objects, according to relevant regulations, decided to presence the new shares of Keloda, Kelda, etc., existence "Science Board’s first public release of the stock offline investor management rules" Organizations are included in the shares list.

      Specifically, there are five agencies that are listed in the new "blacklist", four of which are private equity.

    The limited placement target is Zirun Capital Management Co., Ltd. – 润 本 本 基 有限 有 公司公 公司Stock Neutral No. 2 Private Equity Securities Investment Fund, Guo Dishui Property Insurance Co., Ltd. – Self-funded.

    These five placing objects will be suspended for six months new shares.

    According to the regulations, during the restricted list, the Placing objects must not participate in the inquiry board and the main board, the small and medium-sized board, and the GEM start stock network.

      It is worth noting that hundreds of billion quantified private equity investment is also included in the list of stock placement targets, mainly due to discard.

    According to the "First Public Denubs and Listing Announcement on the Listing of Science Board" released in the pendant, Monteri Investment has received the preliminary placement of the online investor or not paying in time or not paying, the Placing target is the No. 15 Private equity securities investment fund, abandoned 1809 shares, and the amount of discards is Yuan. In October, Monteri Investment has repeatedly appeared in the new shares.

      Also included in the net "blacklist", there is also national financial insurance. On October 14, in the publication of the online placement results announced by Huiyu Pharmaceutical, the national financial insurance is subject to effective quotation but not participated in the online purchase.

    Celda online placement results also show that the Placing Object "National Civilian Property Insurance Co., Ltd. – Self-funded" does not carry out online subscriptions in accordance with the issuance of the announcement, and the number of purchases should be 3.9 million shares, but the actual purchase amount is zero. All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.

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    Set "traffic light" for capital

      The Central Economic Work Conference is proposed on the principle of conducting and grasping the characteristics and behavioral rules of capital, setting traffic lights for capital.

    This image is metaphor, which releases clear and clear policy signals, and the capital should be intertwined and considering the development and the law. After decades of continued development in decades, the Chinese economy has accumulated huge capital energy. Under the conditions of socialist market economy, how to play a positive role of capital, suppressing its negative effects, is a new topic facing our party.

    How to guide capital stabilization and orderly development, healthy and benign operations, is one of the major theories and practical issues that must be correctly recognized and grasped.

      Setting the traffic lantern to boot the capital under the system framework of laws and regulations.

    Containing capital disorderly expansion, not do not capital, but to develop orderly in capital.

    Whether it is state-owned or private, domestic and foreign capital is an important part of my country’s socialist market economy. While promoting my country’s economic development, it should eventually serve the people’s better life and improve the people’s well-being. Light red light, clear rules to define the bottom line.

    In recent times, for the problem of platform monopoly, competition and sequence, the stock market cut leeks, insider trading, control market, etc., strengthen anti-monopoly and prevent capital disorderly expansion to play a series of combined fists, which fully reflects the party and national protection The attitude and determination of the legitimate rights and interests of the market.

    By tangible hand, it is promoted to the economic and social development overall situation, promoting scientific and technological progress, prospering the market economy, facilitating people’s lives, participating in international competition, rather than competing with community traders to compete for the last copper board.

      The green light should give full play to the positive role of capital as an important production factor of market economy.

    Encourage capital compliance and development, use the rule of law of the rule of law to deepen reform, promote effective markets and better combine for the government, further enhance investors’ integrated and stability, create a good market environment, further stimulate various market subjectivity . Socialist market economy is a great creation, and there are various forms of capital in the socialist market economy. At present, all departments must unify our ideological understanding to the spirit of the conference. We must always adhere to the two unswerving, from building a new development pattern, promote high quality development, promote common prosperity, pay attention to system, correctly And grasp the characteristics and behavioral laws of capital, help the economy, health, and sustainable development.

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    US Overseas China Support Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games

      On November 12th, according to the US "Overseas Chinese News" report, the US prosper Huayi will hold the "Overseas Chinese Support Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games" in New York, and agreed to promote the promotion meal at the meeting, promotion of cultural evenings and culture. Three major events promoted Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics to the mainstream society and the Chinese community. Ten Shi Rui, the administrative director of the US Prosperity Huayuan Association, presided over the meeting. He said that this meeting invited Chinese community college leaders to participate, support Beijing Winter Olympics promotion activities, and agreed to arrange and division of activities. The general meeting will celebrate the promotion meal at Faya on November 20. In addition to the dragon dance show, the main situation will be invited to attend the mainstay of China Boxing Team.

    Celebrating the promotion of literary evenings is scheduled to be held on January 8, 2022 at the Farase City Hall Literary Center, welcome the overseas group, and the literary groups. Ten Shi Rui also said that every day, the activities of Huaying New Year cannon will attract 5 to 60,000 people. This time they will join the Overseas Chinese Community to support the theme of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Cultural Festival, so that Beijing Winter Olympics A larger platform is promoted.

    (Zhang Jing).

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    The villagers of the village, the villagers (the people of the folks)

    Original title: The village of the village, the village of the village (the people of the folks 6) garbage is clear, the leisure has a place, the folks are happy and full of early winter season, Ning Xiaowang, Gucheng Town, Yucheng District, Zhangzhou City, Anhui Province, village straight, green trees Years, the farmers between gray, stand on both sides. After the home of the household, the house is full of vitality: the front flower is open, and the garden green in front of the house.

    On the cultural square, the villagers Cui Zhengjie Zheng and a few old people chess. It is mentioned in the environment in the village. Cui Zhengjie shook his head.

    "Ning Xiaowu’s butterfly is benefited from the human environmental remediation action. In 2018, the Dongfeng of the rural resolution strategy, Ning Xiao Village launched the village cleaning action, the folks handed over, change the water to the toilet, unified and clear garbage, Trunge the people and village roads. "There are 7 cleaning people in the village, and every morning and evening must be cleaned. "As soon morning, the cleaning staff Cui Ju Jiyin started cleaning the village. He will go to the house to take care of the domestic garbage.

    "After the garbage classification, transs the power plant to incinerate power generation, and have done Nissan, Niki, and the cloud.

    "Cui Zhiquan, secretary of the Village Party Branch. The garbage is clear, and the value of Ning Xiaowei is improved.

    What makes the villagers comfortably, the village has made the village as an important part of the human environmental remediation, and the folks bid farewell to the dry toilet and use the water-shaped toilet.

      Cui Zhengjie’s bathroom, flushing toilet, Yuba, water heater is available.

    "In the past, the drought is too odor. There are many mosquitoes in the house. Now go to the toilet water, convenient and hygienic, hot bath can be washed at any time, and the quality of life has improved.

    "Cui Zhengjie said with a smile. Ning Xiao Village is a minority of the national rural people’s environmental remediation. Xia Thaisheng, deputy director of the National Rural Zhenxing Bureau, 2018, has solidly promoted the three-year action of rural human living environment, currently 95% The above villages have carried out cleaning actions, and the penetration rate of rural health toilets has more than 68%, and the proportion of administrative villages in the transportation of domestic garbage has exceeded 90%.

    The situation in rural dirty in the country has been reversed, and the village is basically clean, tidy, ordered.

      "Now the village is like a park. We naturally have to pack your family, you can make your family drift." Cui Zhengjie will clean up his own room, "develop it habits, now see which The place is not clean, and it feels particularly blind.

    "Cui Zhengjie also opened a small garden next to the house." It has solved the problem of usual vegetables, and also beautifies the environment. "The environment is beautiful, the folks have higher requirements for life. Ning Xiaowu uses waste air, planting flowers, lawns, with leisure seats, built more than 60 square meters of small tour, became folies and relaxation ideas.

    "After the people ‘s environmental remediation, our village was rated as a provincial-level beautiful village, and the folks were happy." Cui Zhiquan said proudly.

      In the scene, people are in painting, human living environment rectification, let Zhangzhou rural are shifted from "a beauty" to "a beautiful". "This year, the city launched the rural people’s environmental remediation to improve the five-year action, continuously promoting the extension of the abstament, from the basic reached the standard to improve the upgrade, from point demonstration to fully advance, so that the vast village is more beautiful and inexpensive.

    "Director of the Agricultural Rural Area, Zhangzhou City, said. Estate ecological meals at the entrance, a good environment into the production forces to enter the three conference villages in Wulong Town, Cangxi County, Sichuan Province. Kiwi, rural tourism and other ecological industries, three convinced villages to take off the poverty, last year, per capita pure income reached 10,000 yuan, village collective economic income is 1.65 million yuan. "The door is ecological rice, and she can’t think about it before! "The country is rigging, and the villagers Yang Dongsheng are busy picking kiwifruit. He told reporters that the local sea level, the water is difficult, the villagers have dug a drought pool, and the domestic sewage directly row the pond, and the production irrigation," now Our domestic sewage has been effectively treated, and the irrigation is no longer a card. "In Sanhui Village, Yueqing Sewage Treatment Station, Wei Guangyong, secretary of the Village Party Branch, opened the glass cover of the water," You see, the water after the treatment is clear, no odor, reach the farm irrigation standard. " We also have access to domestic wastewater treatment and farmland irrigation, fisheries water, to meet the demand for production water. "" Due to local conditions, it can treat life sewage. " "Wei Guangyong introduced that 725 households in the village, the villagers lived, the village gathering point, the rural tourist area is suitable for concentrating the construction of sewage treatment stations, more scattered farmers by installing the three-graphic pedicure, biogas tank treatment sewage, nearby farmers around the town Then, the extension of the sewage pipe network is now greatly improved. The water environment is good. The water environment is good, the rural development potential is released. Zhang Xingzhong, Party Committee Secretary of the Wulong Town, said, in the town, the town promotes farm travel Integrated development, village ensemble, pastoral park, farm-changing guest house, national development of kiwifruit, Cangxi pear and other special industries, open farmhouse, more than 40 bobes, more than 100,000 tourists receive more than 100,000 people.

    "I contracted more than 20 acres of pear gardens. This year, I just happened, sold for more than 10,000 yuan.

    After entering the fruit period after the next year, the income can also rise a big cut! "Villager Kant Yingmei said, optimistic about the prospect of rural tourism development, this year she rented two idle houses to the village collective unified home and B & B, which increased more than 4,000 rental revenue." The environment is better to drive ‘development beauty’, We advance in the rural people ‘s environmental remediation, and further promote green mountains and green hills into Jinshan Yinshan.

    Through vigorous development of rural tourism, forest contributions, etc., so that the lives of the folks are more running. "The deputy magistrate of Cangxi County said. Everyone has worked, and the township civilization will move towards" all the beauty "from" one time ". We went to the Taikong Village to find the problem. "In the morning, there were a cultural square in the urban town of Dingnan County, Jiangxi Province, several villagers together, to complete their" work ". It turns out that villages must engage in" Mercure Village Strike ", villagers voluntarily Registration, cross-to other villages look for problems, and check the results of the problem directly related to the home of the mobile red flag.

      "You hop! We jump the audio equipment of the extension is the prize of the mobile red flag in the last village." Xiazhuang Village, the villagers, Li Zulan, took out the mobile phone to show the photos, explain the good practices and deficiencies of other villages, "supervise People, the key is to do it.

    This year, we will take the red flag again, you can participate in the annual award! "The rural people should be good. In addition to rectification, it is also important to do a good job in daily management. In order to mobilize the enthusiasm of the villagers, this year, Dingnan County has focused on human residential environment, and the problem will list the list. The list of "" Fighting Hongqi "and other forms were submitted to test supervision, check the shortage, and ended 1965 in total rectification issues, and the villagers were satisfied.

      "’The effect of’ walking" is good.

    "Introduction to Zong Jianfeng, secretary of the Town Party Committee, the town of the cadres in the town launched the" hand shot "activity." Everyone can shoot a photo of the people’s environmental issues, sent to the village affairs public group supervision and reform, exchange points , Exchange prizes.

    "Everyone is in power, the village is more beautiful.

    In Wangdou Village, Wangdian Township, Huaiyang District, Zhoukou City, Henan Province, played a big role.

      "The villagers pay 5 points per day, and the village collectively invest in some funds. The village has opened love supermarkets, and the villagers can exchange daily necessities with ‘beautiful points’.

    "Wang Xiang, secretary of the party branch of Wang Tower Village," Village Environment is closely related to everyone, everyone’s enthusiasm is very high.

    "After packing your home, the correct classification, village cadres and village representatives can get points."

    Although there is 18 yuan a year, it is far more than this money. "Last month, the villagers Zhang Wei just exchanged the edible oil and rice from the" beautiful points "from the love supermarket. In the village affairs in Wanglou Village, the" beautiful points "of each household, the farmers who ranked forward I gave a glory list of civilized families. According to the "Beautiful Points", the village is based on the "good mother-in-law", "good wife" evaluation and good people, participate in public welfare volunteer activities, etc., publicly commended the list of civilized families.

    "The glory list, wearing big red flowers, everyone participated in the strength.

    Wang Xiang said.

      "Continue to improve the rural people’s environment, but also cultivate civilized towns, promote the environment and beauty, ‘Towards’ movement to ‘long-drying’." Zhang Jian Demo, Secretary Huaiyang District, said that in increasing people’s environmental remediation At the same time, it is also a typical tree, standing the benchmark, and drive everyone to create a civilized new style with an example of the folks. "Improve rural homage environment is a key task for implementing rural resolution strategies, and is also a deep expectation of farmers.

    "Xia Tsi said, the next step to adhere to the main status of farmers, mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative, and inspiring the construction of beautiful homes, and adhere to the construction management, building systematic, standardization, and long-standing policy system System and work propulsion mechanism. (Editor: Zhou Yuting, Jiao Long) Sharing let more people see client download.

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    The Organization Department of the Party Committee of the Third Province of Shanghai, Su Zhe, Henan Province, held a symposium to promote the exchange of the Yangtze River Delta integrated cadre

    People’s Network Shanghai March 10 On the morning of March 9, the Party Committee organized by the three provinces of Shanghai, Shanghai, held a symposium to promote the Exchange of Changda Integrated Cadres in Qingpu District, Shanghai.

    The Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, the Minister of Organization Hulan Hu Wenlong attended the meeting and speaking.

    The meeting emphasized that in-depth study of General Secretary General Xi Jinping in the Suggestion of the National Triangulation Development Symposium, in the Central Organization Department, and the third provincial party committee strong leadership, loyalty to the new era of the Party organizational route Continue to deepen the innovation of cadre management mode, actively explore the cadres exchange mechanism and the integrated development of the cadre communication mechanism, motivate the cadres to work, struggle to strive to promote the greatest motivation to develop the greatest motivation to implement a long triangulation to develop national strategies to provide strong Organizational guarantee. The relevant departments of the Central Organization Department are responsible for comrades to guide. The relevant responsible comrades of the Party Committee of the Three Provincial One Municipal Party Committee jointly signed the "Memorandum of Promoting the Cooperation of the Exchange Work of the Heart Integrated Cadre".

    (Editor: 邬 迪, Xuan Shuangqiang).

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