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    Shanxi Province State-owned Enterprise Leading Cadres Warning Education Conference Held

      Original title: The province’s state-owned enterprise leading cadres warning education conference held Lin Wu to attend and speaking, Blue Fandan Hosting, Sanfo, hosted on November 16, and the province’s state-owned enterprise leading cadres warned the summary of the Education Conference.

    (Reporter Shi Xiaobo) November 16, the province’s state-owned enterprise leading cadres warned education conference held in Taiyuan. Lin Wu attended and speaking, he stressed that he emphasized that we must study and implement the spirit of the 19th CPC Plenary Session of the Party, and in-depth implementation of General Secretary General’s Important Discussion on Temporary Party and National Enterprise Party. At the spirit of the important speech, profoundly learn lessons such as a series of corruption cases, and do not provide important support from stronger party governance political responsibilities, leading to protecting state-owned enterprises to do strong, providing important support for all-round promotion high quality development. Provincial Committee deputy secretary, governor, Blue Fanda, presided over the meeting.

    Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee attended the meeting. Wang Yuchang, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, and the director of the Provincial Supervision Committee notified the typical case. Lin Wu pointed out in his speech that the province’s state-owned enterprises are the medium-sized column of Shanxi’s high-quality development. In recent years, the provincial party committee has always adhered to the comprehensive leadership of state-owned enterprises in recent years, and continuously promoting the comprehensive development of state-owned enterprises. It has created a new situation in the province’s state-owned state-owned enterprise reform and development. He emphasized that it is necessary to keep a clear and firm, profoundly understanding of national enterprises, corruption is the inevitable requirements of consolidating party ruling, building a financial foundation, optimizing business environment, purifying political ecology, is to prevent management of business management risks The premise and foundation, more consciously enhanced comprehensive from stricting the party to the support of the party, in-depth development of the party style and clean government construction and anti-corruption struggle in the field of state-owned enterprises, and building a clean corporate, clean and honest.

    In his speech, he said to the case, in case the case, it is pointed out that state-owned assets belong to the national and people, the benefits and value of state-owned assets are also in the country and people. The leading cadres of state-owned enterprises, representatives, managers, and caregivers, must strictly abide by the laws and regulations, to ensure the value added value added in state-owned assets. Leading cadres at all levels, especially state-owned enterprises, should profoundly learn lessons such as corruption cases, especially those in the field of state-owned enterprises, especially those who have corrupted cases, in view of the search, self-analysis, and other contractions, know the fear, save the fear, keep the bottom line, always keep refused The politics that corrodes will never face, constantly tempering the political quality of loyal and clean.

      Lin Wu emphasized that the spirit of Important Speech at Xi Jinping at general Secretary of Xi Jinping at the national state-owned enterprise party’s construction work conference, one to adhere to the party’s major political principles to state-owned enterprises, one to strengthen the national enterprise system of the country-owned enterprise reform, Effectively integrate comprehensive and enterprise development, corporate governance organically integrated, and continuously improve national corporate governance capabilities and governance levels.

      First, we must adhere to the "two maintenance" as the highest political principles, and resolutely implement the decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee and the provincial party committee on the development of state-owned enterprises, improve the implementation of major work leadership mechanisms, major decision-making and deployment mechanisms, important matters to supervise accountability mechanisms, Implementing the three-year action plan of national enterprise reform, and promoting the major reform measures of state-owned state-owned enterprises landed.

      Second, we must adhere to the party’s leadership as an fundamental guarantee. Effectively integrate the party’s leaders into the company to govern each, embedding enterprise party organizations into the corporate governance structure, continuously improve the corporate governance system, so that the party organization works role to institutionalize Satisfactively. Third, we must insist on strengthening the supervision of "one hand" and leadership as the top priority, highlight political supervision, strengthen the organism supervision of the top, deepen the reform of state-owned enterprise supervision mechanism, and through discipline inspection, audit, national-funded supervision and other supervision power. We will improve the "three major" matters decision-making mechanisms, strengthen state-owned capital penetrant supervision, and effectively transform the supervision efficiency into governance performance.

    For the provincial state-owned enterprises, it is necessary to achieve a five-year political inspection, three-year comprehensive audit full coverage, the annual financial audit is fully covered, ensuring that power is subject to supervision, and the standard is run. Fourth, we must adhere to the "three do not" integration as a strategic goal. Seriously investigate and deal with the problem of malfane duty, serious investigation and deal with corrupt problems such as enterprises, related to transactions, insider trading, interest delivery, and strict investigation and punishment of central eight The item stipulates the spiritual and harming the interests of employees, strengthens the restrictions and supervision of the power of state-owned enterprises, and effectively enhance the resistance immunity against corruption.

      The five must insist on creating a clean company as an important starting point, carrying out the effectiveness of major event internal control mechanisms, strengthen market supervision, and urge industry self-discipline, and cultivate outstanding corporate culture.

    It is necessary to strengthen the non-public party construction work, promote private enterprises to promote the spirit of Jindi, integrity and legal operation, and focus on building pro-cleaning independence relationships, and promote honesty to become the core competitiveness and persistent development of private enterprises.

      Lin Wu emphasized that the province’s state-owned enterprise leading cadres must remember the admission of General Secretary, General Secretary, always not to practice the party’s initial mission, consciously be a leader of strong enterprises, with high-spirited posture and excessive hard quality Renovation in the era.

    We must firmly believe, loyalty to the party, "two big in the mind", "the big people", and practice "two maintenance" in practical actions.

    To serve as, establish a job, deeply grasp the two aspects of our province’s industrial transformation, strengthen the crisis awareness, play a unique advantage, and actively participate in all-round promotion of high quality development.

    It is necessary to pursue enterprises to have a party, and we have to continue to deepen the reform and innovation, and continue to improve the management level, promote the comprehensive "survival line" in an all-round way, and strive to achieve the "development line". It is necessary to pay sincerely, clean and honest, honest, self-respect, self-discipline, and build a protective net to prevent and resist privileges, use clean officers, diligent and clean government actual actions, truly guarding the loyal guards of state-owned assets.

    At the meeting, Lin Wu specialized in regulating specific requirements for the management of leaders of provincial management enterprises, emphasizing the research and formulating constraint regulations on integrity and enterprises, and practically strictly set up discipline and rules.

      In the host meeting, Blue Fanda pointed out that leading cadres at all levels of the province, particularly state-owned enterprises, should comprehensively implement the general discussion of General Secretary of Popping on the comprehensive discussion of strict congregation of the party and in the national state-owned enterprise party building. Consciously put the ideological and action to the spirit of the conference, especially Lin Wu secretary. The speech is, with a high-grade group series of corruption cases as a mirror, earnestly reflect on the problem, deeply reflect on, deeply analyzed, and the three, rectified to the position. It is necessary to adhere to the party’s comprehensive leadership of state-owned state-owned enterprises, and promote the development of the state-owned enterprise party building to the grassroots, expand the departure, deepen the use of "three do not" integration, and accelerate the construction of clean enterprises. We must be brave as a government and enterprises to enter the company leaders, always maintain loyal and clean political nature, firmly reform the modern enterprise system reform, enhance the level of governance and governance, and firmly move the state-owned enterprises to do strong, The position promotes the new and greater contributions to high quality development. Before, the collective watched warning educational film.

    The meeting was held in the form of a television phone. The Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, the provincial government, the provincial government and cooperation, the relevant responsible comrades, and the provincial law inspection two long attend meetings.

    The relevant departments of the province are mainly responsible for comrades, members of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission, the Secretary of the Provincial Management Enterprise Party Committee, Chairman, General Manager, Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of the Provincial Discipline Commission, the main responsible comrades, relevant central government Responsible Comrade attending the meeting in the Provincial Landscape.

    Provincial management companies, members of other leadership teams of the central government in Jinjin participate in the meeting.

    Municipal, counties (cities, districts) set the venue. (Reporter Yang Wen).

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    Shaanxi: "Six Integration" builds a new era minor protection system

      In order to further promote the effectiveness of the child welfare guarantee and minors care protection laws and regulations, it is necessary to create a strong atmosphere of healthy growth in the minors in the whole society. According to the relevant requirements of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the reality of Shaanxi, from now until February 1, 2022 On the day, Shaanxi Provincial Minor Protection Work Leading Group, Shaanxi Provincial Civil Affairs Department launched the "Guardian Protection Law" propaganda activities in the theme of "Guardian Children". During the event, Shaanxi Province will give full play to the Internet media characteristics and advantages through the "Minor Protection Law" publicity, public welfare short video production, WeChat friends circle public service advertisement, subway bus public service advertisement and expert symposium, etc. PC, Weibo, WeChat, News Client, Internet Live, Outdoor Advertising, Metro Trains and other platforms and carriers, multi-angle, all-round, and three-dimensional "minor protection law" propaganda work.

      On June 1 this year, the latest "Minor Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China" has been formally implemented, of which six integrations in the construction of families, school protection, social protection, network protection, government protection, and judicial protection of minors. "The new era minor protection system, cracking the problem of hardships of minors protection work. In addition, the minor protection hotline officially incorporated into the "12345" government service convenience hotline, timely accepting, disposing in minors protection.

      It is reported that in order to effectively protect the physical and mental health of minors, protect the legitimate rights and interests of minors, on May 24 this year, the General Office of the Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government has established the leading group of minors in the provincial minors, formulated the issuance of the "Leading Group Work Rules" "Office Work Rules" "Division of Responsibilities of Member Units" "Implementation Opinions on Strengthening the Protection of Minors", from the system level to the leading group and office rules, member unit responsibilities, minors All aspects conducted a comprehensive norm, providing a comprehensive and effective development of minor protection work, providing institutional support and basics. At present, there are 18 children and welfare institutions in Shaanxi Province, 23 minor rescue protection agencies, 1950 children’s houses, 1416 children’s supervisors, 20149 children’s director, and realize the full coverage of minor protection mechanisms.


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    Shandong issued 27 specific measures, complementing rural pension shortboard as soon as possible

    Original title: Shandong introduced 27 specific measures, complementing rural pension short board Shandong introduced 27 specific measures to strengthen rural pension work as soon as possible to supplement rural nursing short board November 15th, reporters from the Provincial Government Information Office It is learned that Shandong Province has made an overall planning of the province’s pension service system during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, and rural pension has become a key task.

    The 11 departments of the Provincial Civil Affairs Department jointly issued the "Guidance Opinions on Strengthening Rural Pension", from 8 aspects of the basic service system, improve rural pension service network, proposed 27 specific measures to strengthen rural pension.

    Zhang Mengqiang, deputy director of the Provincial Civil Affairs Department, said Shandong Province is a large province of agricultural, and is also a rural elderly population, and the province is 60-year-old and higher rural people have reached 10.4 million. The "Opinions" is to further attach support, guide and promote the development of rural pension, and promote the resources of rural pension services, and make up the rural pension shortboard as soon as possible, and promote the problem of "pension".

    "Opinions" clearly, at all levels should be included in rural pension in rural resolution strategy and the important content of grassroots social governance, and is included in the construction of private practical projects and county pension services. In the improvement of the basic pension service system, "Opinions" will be carried out around 5 aspects, including: Improve the trade service system of the elderly, ensuring that the temporary elderly people who have concentrated support will realize their own health, wish to enter the whole, 2022 At the end of the year, the concentrated end of the older is reached and maintained at more than 60%; the subsidy system of the economic difficulties, before the end of 2023, all through the benefit of the farmers subsidies "a pass"; encourage the conditions, There is an economic difficulty of concentrating the willingness, and the family planning special family severe disabled elderly provide unpaid or low-fee traotulent services; improve the retiring of the old-age people to visit the care system, clearly clarify the gang responsible person, implement caring service measures; accelerate the promotion of urban and rural The long-term nursing insurance system of the residents, requested the system to fully establish a system in the top 16 cities at the end of 2025. "Do a good job in rural pension, we must establish and improve rural pension service networks.

    According to the "Opinions", the county level, at least 1 county-level nursing homes are based on the professional care of the elderly. The township level, actively developed a centralized support, on-site service, and under the rural regional integrated pension service center.

    The village level, vigorously develop rural happiness courtyards, etc. for old service facilities. Family level, support development of home pension services, encourage conditions for places to develop ‘family pension beds’.

    Zhang Mengqiang said that before 2025, the rural regional comprehensive pension service center township coverage should reach more than 60%, urban and rural day care services achieve full coverage. For the level of careless service capacity and medical intensity combination of pension institutions, " The comments "requires the implementation of the public pensioner to ensure the reform of the nursing home, according to the principle of" Yi Gong, Yibei people "principle, promote the socialization reform of the nursing home, encourage professional pension mechanism chain, scale, cross-regional The operation of the operators and other facilities such as nursing homes, rural happiness, and promote professional services to rural areas.

    At the same time, actively promote township hospitals and nursing homes "two hospitals" models, establish a tight partnership, to carry out pension services to the township health centers, and share fund subsidies with pension institutions. Encourage medical institutions to build a distance medical service center that supports rural medical binding, and provides home medical services through families, online patrol, family doctor signing, etc. The provincial capital subsidy focused on the rural pension service facilities Toetr today (15th), I learned from the press conference held by the Provincial Government Information Office. This year, Shandong Provincial Faculty has issued a new fund subsidy policy, focusing on rural pension service facilities .

    "In the Construction Award, we have developed the establishment of the nursing home renovation and improvement subsidies, 8,000-12,000 yuan for each newly built nursing bed subsidy, and enhance bed subsidies 2400-3600 yuan.

    In terms of operational prize, implement the operational prize mechanism for the race of pension facilities, and give the nursing home to 1-5 stars to give a differentiated subsidy, and give 6,000 yuan, 7,000 yuan, 7,000 yuan respectively, 7,000 yuan respectively. 8000 yuan subsidy. Song Kun, Director of the Pension Department of the Provincial Civil Affairs Department, said that hopes to adopt the principle of "good multi-subsicular, general less than, poor non-complement", to promote the end of the nursing home, rural happy hospital, upgrade, optimize the endogenous power of services .

    (Qi Jing) (Editor: Nie Jun, Liu Yingxi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

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    Shandong Zaozhuang vigorously promotes digital rural construction

    Shandong Zaozhuang will implement digital rural construction as a core project that implements significant strategy of national rural vitality, and overse integrates the advantages of all parties. Through the "Digital Implications", promote the development of rural governance and digital industries, and fully promote the digital transformation of agricultural rural areas. Actively explore the "Zaozhuang path" of digital rural construction. Establish a network letter, agriculture, finance, telecom operator cooperation with linkage work mechanism, and formulate the main points of digital rural work, build a digital rural integrated service platform, explore the establishment of a data center, N country micro brain, N-sets application "1 + N + N "construction mode, build the party committee government leading, multi-party participation, and resource sharing work pattern.

    Adhere to local conditions, highlight the characteristics, one town, a town, to solve the rural governance hotspot, difficult problem, and focus on building a wisdom party building, smart village administration, rural broadcasting, cloud row, etc. Applying a number of application scenarios.

    Recently, the flood control intelligent alarm system is widely deployed, achieving the combination of "civil air defense + technical defense", effectively enhances the digital control of flood prevention; the digital village APP developed by Tengzhou City, meets rural party affairs, government management, rural governance, village management, Various demands, etc. The hardware and software management system implements intelligent management to create a high level of intelligence agricultural demonstration base. Incorporate digital villages into the city’s high-quality development comprehensive assessment system, the work mechanism, scene applications, etc. , The municipal digital rural pilot joint construction project, 21 finalists (streets) actively explore the application innovation, multi-channel promotion work experience and typical cases, form a strong atmosphere of digital rural construction.

    (Shandong Net Letter Office).

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    Putian City organizes party members and cadres to concentrate on watching the red film "Changjin Lake"

    Southeast Network Putian November 18 (this reporter Li Jianjun internship reporter Chen Chen Huang Yi Jowen / Figure) On November 18th, the first part of the Ministry of Propaganda Department of Putian Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the second part of the municipal party committee Organize party members and cadres to visit Putian Wanda Studios to carry out the theme party day activities, concentrate on watching the red film "Changjin Lake", further promoting the education of party history and learning and educating, motivating party members and cadres love party love.

    The film "Changjin Lake" is based on the Battle of Changjin Lake in the Second Battle of the United States and Aid DPRK. It tells the Chinese People’s Volunteers in the extremely cold and rising environment, and the righteousness has no refund to fight, with steel will and the heroic fearless battle spirit. Finally capture the touching story of Changjin Lake Battle.

    In the film, the revolutionary ancestors on the party and the unlimited loyal touching deeds, and the indestructible revolutionary beliefs deeply impressed every watching party cadres. "It was because of the bleeding sacrifice of countless revolutionary martyrs, he exchanged today’s home country peace.

    With the peaceful age, we have to cherish the happy life, remember the martyrs, and pay tribute to the great Chinese People’s Volunteers! "The Putian Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Putian Municipal Committee said. The development of activities also invested new power for the future work of party members and cadres.

    Hoshiko, the cadre of the municipal party committee, the office of the municipal government, said that it is necessary to carry forward the older generation of revolutionary people, and go forward, dedication to death, unforgettable, 砥 砥, in the ordinary position, the extraordinary performance.

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    Qing Town: Give full play to the first industrial agglomeration effect to promote high-quality development of industrial

    Guizhou Huaying exterior. In recent years, Qing Town City has tight around the high-quality construction "Strong Provincial Association" practice innovation zone objectives, and the new industrialization as the first driving force of development, relying on rich aluminum resources, with economic and technology development zones, and continuously accelerating project investment. Falling and consolidating the elements of the park, depth into the aluminum industry aggregation and development, and unswervingly promoting industrial powers. Recently, in the Qing Town City Economic Development Zone, the annual production of 300,000 tons of regenerative aluminum project (Phase I) officially started construction. One year later, the project will produce 150,000 tons of aluminum raw materials, and the utilization efficiency of aluminum resources will be greatly improved.

    In the next 2nd to 3 years, the project is initiated in the second phase of the project. It is expected to reach 300,000 tons of regenerated aluminum capacity. This not only effectively relieves the urgency of the ignition of the ingredients in the Qingtou City, but also marks the city’s distance of the town to build a hundred billion-level ecological circulation aluminum. The goal of the industry base is closer to one step.

    Zhao Yujie, deputy director of the Industry and Technology Development Zone Management Committee of Qingzhen Economic and Technological Development Zone, introduced that through this 300,000-ton regenerative aluminum project, can meet 160,000 tons of aluminum supply of profiles from the downstream enterprises. At the same time, the aluminum liquid is used for the lowermost product production by regenerating the regenerative aluminum industry.

    In addition, it is also possible to introduce new die-casting industries through regenerative aluminum, developing some industries such as auto parts, automotive wheels, and constantly do the industrial chain of strong aluminum industry. The aluminum ore resources in Qingzhen have proven to reserve billions of tons, and the vision reserves are more than 60% of the total reserves of Guizhou Province, accounting for the national%. Rich mineral resources, outstanding location advantages, increasingly perfect park supporting and policy elements, is the main cause of Huashi Aluminum Industry, Guang Ali Aluminum Industry Selection. Two companies have a total of 2.5 million tons of alumina projects, attracting China and aluminum "retreating into the park" project – Guizhou Huayin’s new material chooses to be close to raw material origin.

    Due to the close to the upstream alumina production base, as the "Central Capital Column" of the Qingzhen Aluminum Industry Chain, the production and operation of production and operation will be produced from 2017.

    "Our factory is close to the resource rich, and the development of the company is very helpful. The benefits of the enterprise have also increased year by year. We have gradually increased to local governments. The tax rewards per year will increase year by year, and this year is expected to reach 300 million yuan this year. .

    Li Yuping, deputy general manager of Guizhou Huayuan New Materials Co., Ltd. said. And Hua Ren Company’s 500,000-ton electrolytic aluminum, also derived from the gathering of downstream companies such as China Aluminum, Guizhou Shuntai Aluminum, China Aluminum High Square. At the Huayuan production workshop, the original busy aluminum ingot casting mill has been stopped for a long time.

    The electrolytic aluminum stock solution produced by the company is to make the production of aluminum ingots that are easier to transport by cast mills.

    With the deposit enterprises in the park, Hua Ren Company and the downstream enterprises achieved direct supply of aluminum water.

    Hua Ren Company went to the casting and rolling process, and the downstream company saved the melting process and realized the profit work and the enterprise had a total of long.

    Li Yuping said: "Now all aluminum water has been transformed in Guiyang City. Under the guidance of development ideas, Qingzhen City accelerates the transformation of the product structure system led by alumina and electrolytic aluminum. On the one hand, we will focus on the development of the existing aluminum building materials, aluminum wire, abrasive abrasive, refractory materials and other downstream industries.

    On the other hand, focusing on aluminum profiles, aluminum die casting and aluminum rods, rods, plates, belts, foils, and introduce leading international industry-leading high-tech enterprises, vigorously developed food and drug packaging aluminum foil, battery foil, electric capacitor foil, industrial aluminum The basic supporting industry represented by the products, and the aluminum industry construction chain will be made. Guizhou Nanfan Semiconductor Technology Co. In May, I entered the Qing Town in May, I entered the test production stage in September, and the first batch of goods was produced in October.

    The previous project quickly landed so quickly, and quickly saw it, so that the company was full of confidence in Qingzhen’s development. "There is a rich aluminum resource in Qing Town. We are not only prepared to introduce all the headquarters to this side, but also want to go directly in Qing Town." Jiang Tao, General Manager of Guizhou Nanfan Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd., said.

    (Figure / Wen Li Jinting, Dai Shengqiang) (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

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    Science and technology innovation is the live water source 2021 Guangqi Technology Day releases a number of black technology

      On April 9, 2021 Guangqi Technology Day (Gactechday2021) theme (Gactechday2021) was held at GAC Research Institute with the theme of "Smart Low Carbon Future".

    Zeng Qinghong, Chairman of Guangqi Group, General Manager Feng Xingya, and many netizens paying attention to the live broadcast platform, participated in this year’s Guangqi Science and Technology Day, and experienced the future beautiful mobile life prospects under the driving of GAC technology.

    Feng Xingya, general manager of Guangqi Group, introduced the results of GAC and future prospects.

    Xinhuanet issued a new energy, intelligent network, concept and modeling design, wave motivation, vehicle development and verification, chassis body technology, digital Guangqi, and innovative Guangzhou Automobile (IGA) eight major exhibition areas, exhibition There are ten technology exhibits, and the full-scale display of GAC Group is in the latest outcomes in various fields.

      For future high-quality development needs, this conference The new power assembly "era, realizing" small volume "contains" large energy ", leading low-carbon future. Wu Jian, Dean of GAC Research Institute, introduced "Zhongzi Star Strategy." Xinhuanet issued the Guangzhou Gulun Technology Co., Ltd., which has been established within China, China, is committed to promoting the landing of super fast charging battery technology. One of the focus of work is super fast charging technology and a new generation of breakthrough energy storage technology.

    Leading technology also needs to industrialize, and the Guangzhou Automobile Group will push multiple versions of fast chargers to meet different users’ fast-charged demand, bringing users to the ultimate fast charging experience.

      Science and technology innovation is the fire of China’s car people to realize the dream of auto power, and also the internal growth of the Guangzhou Automobile Group to the mobile life value creator.

    In the face of the urgent needs of science and technology innovation, the Guangzhou Automobile Group continued to increase its independent research and development, in the field of new energy, the intelligent network field continued to break through.

    In the intelligent system, the new generation of intelligent operating system G-OS is launched, and the system is independently developed by the Guangzhou Automobile Group and Kobe Xunfei jointly established, through hierarchical optimization, AI, big data empowerment, Bring friendly interface interaction and personalization, reaching thousands of thousands of people, thousands of people, providing users with "new perception, big wisdom" scene service.

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